How to Clean Your Motorcycle Helmet?

To ride a motorcycle is to expose oneself to the various dangers in life. Today bike racing is no less than a career choice in itself. People who love this adventure sport risk their lives for the very thrill of it. Adrenaline junkies and sports enthusiasts always expose themselves to dangers. Today accidents happen more […]

Do Motorcycle Helmet Laws Work?

Several countries around the world have motorcycle helmet laws in effect. These laws aim to act protectively to the rider, particularly when the latter is driving through roads that have many obstacles along the way. However, despite the existence of such laws, several people deny following them. For some, the reason for this denial lies […]

Hit the Rocks with Trials Helmets in Mind

A trials helmet is a helmet that is worn while motorcyclists are doing motorcycle trials. These helmets are not all too different from normal motorcycle helmets. They are usually lightweight, very sturdy, are fashionable (as far as motorcycle helmets are concerned), and can be colored either brightly or neutrally, depending on the taste of the […]