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AFX FX-39 / AFX FX-41 Dual Sport Helmets – Review 8.8

AFX FX-39 / AFX FX-41 Dual Sport Helmets – Review


AFX FX-39 / AFX FX-41


If you are looking for both comfort and a stylistic looking helmet at an affordable price, the all new AFX FX-39 / FX-41 dual sports helmet can be your option.

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AFX FX-39 Dual Sports Helmet:

If you are looking for both comfort and a stylistic looking helmet at an affordable price, the all new AFX FX-39 dual sports helmet can be your option.

It comes with a highly improved quality and innumerable latest features for passionate riders. This variant does not come with an exceptionally extravagant rate, yet, it meets all the criteria that a compact helmet should have.

It is made to satisfy you with its utmost quality, comfort, and performance. Read on to know more about the exciting features of the new AFX FX-39 helmets.

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  • Graphics, Design and General Qualities:

The AFX FX-39 is an increasingly popular helmet variant that is designed to offer off-road looks coupled with on-road features and a full face-shield all the way.

They come with a wide range of colors variant that includes white and silver, basic solid black and five different shades of attractive graphics. These helmets also come with a limited edition color with MARPAT graphics and Wood and Urban cloak pattern.

These patterns are generally used by the U.S Marine corps, but the variant is also available commercially. The camouflage pattern looks perfect on the helmet and gives it an absolute off-road adventure look.

If you choose a matte finish color pattern in the FX-39 Helmet, it could give even more of a military look. As you can see the graphics look so attractive along with the other features, it seems like it’s worth more than $150 bucks.

AFX FX-39 Dual Sport HelmetIf you have used the FX-37 previously, you will definitely experience a slight glitch on the optical quality of the visor, but the FX-39 has been tested and no such problem has been found yet. Also, you will get a comfortable feeling because of the liner padding of the helmet.

According to the AFX, these removable padding of FX-39 is made with an anti-microbial and anti-allergenic nylon material. You will also get to see some unique and exciting features like dual lift labs at the center of the face-shield coupled with a European style quick release micro-click chin strap.

The AFX FX-39 helmet meets all the DOT safety standard criteria and it is tested and passed ECE 22.05 test too. So, all we can see is, it is a highly improved quality product from the AFX group that is priced with a value for money.

  • The Internal Shape and Liner:

These helmets are made with a standard size that fits almost in any head. However, you may ask for a custom fitting size to your retailer and get it within a couple of weeks.

According to the AFX size chart list, the large size of FX-39 helmets fits perfectly fine for a 60-61 cm head and fits best in 61-62 cm head. And a 58-59 cm or 60-61 (for roomy sizing) head requires a medium sized one. Its neutral internal design and shape fit perfectly on medium and large sized head with no such major problem.

The material used in the helmet offers a soft sensation and a comfortable feeling with a texture of polar fleece and microfiber. You will never experience a scratchy feeling during a long or short ride because of the liner material used in these helmets.

You will find a spacious ear pocket in the new FX-39 with a plastic section fitted that will perform like an overhead headphone. You can wear your sunglasses with the helmet quite easily because of the spacious fit with a fine adjustment.

AFX Helmet Sizing Chart

  • Face-shield Design, Visibility quality, and Eye port:

With a 2.09 mm thickness face-shield, it offers excellent visibility quality all the way. The company also claimed that the shield is made with an anti-scratch and UV protected coating.  So, you can clean the face-shield with no such doubts of putting scratch marks on it.

It is also having two lift labs, that is fitted on the lower central part of the face-shield on both side of the curve that covers the drawn-out chain bars. This is quite a nice feature that offers the riders to lift the shield with any of the free hand whenever required.

The chin vents are quite effective on the FX-39 helmets that help keep the air flows up from underneath the extended chin bar.

  • Sound Isolation of AFX FX-39 Helmet:

Unlike the inexpensive helmets with poor ventilation, the noise levels are exceptionally low in the FX-39 dual sport helmets.

Due to its comfortable padding and liner material, the AFX Helmets has able to manufacture this product successfully with great sound isolation. You will experience well-controlled noise isolation especially when you are in highways. However, it is highly recommended to use hearing protection while riding a two wheeler.

Overall, it is an excellent quality helmet that every young rider would prefer.

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AFX FX-41 DS Dual Sports Helmet:

The new AFX FX-41 DS  dual sports helmet is an angular designed helmet with innumerable and extensive features compared to previous AFX dual sport helmets.

The apex is new and is mounted separately from the face-shield rotating system which is quite remarkable compared to the very popular FX-39 dual sports helmet.

Additionally, the face-shield removal mechanism has been improvised on the new AFX FX-41 DS helmet for a convenient and smooth removal. The face-shield design of this helmet comes with a Google-like eye port in front of the rider’s eye; however, the rest of the shield is angular.

An integrated sun visor is also provided for a hassle-free ride even on a bright sunny day.

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  • Paint, Graphics and Built Quality:

The FX-41 DS made its position on the AFX FX line up with its latest design and paint. The helmet looks more profound than the earlier FX-39 DS model for its sharp angular design.

FX 41DS Multi Color HelmetThe AFX FX-41 DS helmet comes in a varied color that includes matte black, black, silver, white and safety orange.

The safety orange has a high visibility and is quite easily visible in fog and even in bright sunlight. So, the AFX has chosen a new variant of color to add a new look to the FX-41 DS helmet and an important feature too.

However, the silver paint looks pretty decent with a clear coat to ensure the durability of the paint. A thicker liner is used in this helmet which is quite more comfortable than the FX-55.

The thicker liner padding provides a quieter riding environment too. The quality of the sun visor and face-shield of the latest FX-41 DS has been revised and is quite a satisfactory improvement from the AFX Company.

  • Ventilation and Air Flow on AFX FX-41 DS:

FX41 VentilationThe chin vent is nearly same to the FX-39 DS one and it is having a plastic screen inside the chin bar on the nice chin bar liner. Therefore, the air flows directly through and provides a good airflow right away.

Due to the airflow, you might experience some noise generating from the split between the cheek pads and the rear of the helmet. Vibration can be experienced too from the peak vent which is quite a common issue in most of the helmets.

Overall, the ventilation and airflow system is quite acceptable on the FX-41 DS; however, the peak ventilation isn’t remarkable as compared to FX-39DS.


What else can you expect with lots of features and a decent price from the AFX FX-41 dual sports helmet? If you like the style of this helmet and satisfied with the provided features, go for it. These helmets come with an outstanding 5-years warranty and parts support too.

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  1. Poor quality helmet and service
    i bought an AFX fx 39 ds helmet and the visor does not seal properly, there is a gap of between 2mm and 3mm at the top of the visor between the seal and visor.. this lets in freezing cold air in onto the face around the eyes.. I contacted the retailer, the retailer told me to contact AFX direct, then AFX rold me to contact Parts Europe, then Parts Europe tell me to contact the retailer I am going round in circles and getting nowhere, 2 months of contacting them and still not sorted out. Overall.. I am dissasified with AFX helmets and their so called customer service.. I will stick with HJC helmets in future..


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