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Why Airbrush Your Motorcycle Helmet?

Why Airbrush Your Motorcycle Helmet?


Ancient wisdom says, “create a surface and someone will want to decorate it.”

This is true of cars, vans, even city buildings, all irresistible to an artist with an airbrush or a spray can. Motorcycle helmets, by comparison, may seem like a small canvas for the talents of an airbrush artist, but that has never stopped anyone decorating them.

Airbrushing motorcycle helmets first became popular in the 70s, when flower power decreed that everything should be decorated. But though a few motorcyclists succumbed to the lure of glitter and daisies, true bikers stuck to familiar themes.

The one aspect of the counter culture that did appeal was fantasy – dragons, wizards and well-built warrior maidens became as popular on motorcycle helmets as on Kombi vans.

Detailed Fantasy Art HelmetToday’s designs suit the sleek styling of modern motorcycle helmets, as well as the desires of those who wear them. Some helmets simply sport leaping flames or lightning bolts, while others are miniature masterpieces of detailed fantasy art.

If you want to have your motorcycle helmet enhanced, there are three main options.

Top of the list would be an airbrush artist. Like a tattooist, an airbrush artist has a selection of designs you can choose from or will paint a one off design to your requirements.

An airbrush artist will paint fantasy scenes, your nickname, classical gods or anything your imagination can come up with. You can even have a brain airbrushed on your helmet – perhaps as a reminder of its real purpose.

You can find airbrush artists on the Internet, in the Yellow Pages, or through artists’ groups and motorcycle accessory shops. If you have the airbrush artist paint your own design, you know it will be unique. You can have a motorcycle helmet airbrushed with a stock design for around $75.

If you buy a ready made airbrushed motorcycle helmet, you will still have a vast range of designs to choose from.

You can buy motorcycle helmets enhanced with airbrushed eagle heads, patriotic designs, fantasy wizards and dragons, Spiderman’s web, shark’s teeth, Native American designs or heavy metal logos. However you want to express your personality, you will find a ready made airbrushed motorcycle helmet to suit.

HJC RPHA-11 Pro Marvel Spiderman Helmet

HJC RPHA-11 Pro Marvel Spiderman Helmet

You will find ready to go airbrushed helmets on the Internet and through motorcycle accessory shops.

The third option is to do it yourself with ready made Decal stickers. These stickers are available in a range of designs, including lightning bolts, black widow spiders, racing flags and slogans like If It Ain’t Broke Fix It ‘til It Is (perfect for the motorcycle owning computer nerd).

You can also choose from a range of fantasy decals, including dragons and unicorns; Native American dancers and designs; Chinese astrological symbols and calligraphy; and religious symbols. Decals also come as reflective tape for an added safety measure.

You can get decals customized to make the design more uniquely yours. Decals are a low-cost way to enhance your motorcycle helmet.

Whether you chose to airbrush a motorcycle helmet or use decals, there is no reason why your motorcycle helmet should not reflect who you are!


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