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The Ultimate Arai RX-Q Helmet – Review 9.3

The Ultimate Arai RX-Q Helmet – Review


Arai RX-Q Helmet


The Arai RX-Q represents one of the finest combinations of comfort, fit and refinement available in a street bike helmet.

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The Arai RX-Q helmet is marketed as the ‘ultimate street helmet’ which means that they have combined the technology used in race spec top of the line Corsair V, with the elements that make a more friendly helmet for everyday use – such as ventilation and comfort.

The RX-Q can be thought of as a toned down version of the Corsair V helmet. Whereas the Corsair V is happiest at high speeds and track days, the RX-Q is intended for a street use which probably means slower speeds. Slower speeds require improved ventilation for cooling the helmet.

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  • Arai RX-Q Helmet Comfort and Sizing:

With the arrival of the new Arai RX-Q to replace the old Quantum 2 helmet, we knew that the build quality would be second to none. This is confirmed by the fact that J.D. Power ranks Arai highest in customer satisfaction for the last 12 years.

The RX-Q is more than just a replacement for the Quantum 2 helmet – it is a completely new model that has been added to the Arai helmet line. The Arai RX-Q hit the US market at the end of 2009.

  • RX-Q – Helmet Ventilation:

Arai Rear VentBecause the RX-Q is intended for road riding as opposed to tracking days, the top vents have been positioned towards the back of the helmet which allows more airflow when the helmet is upright (not in a tucked-down-chin-on-tank race position).

The side vents on the Arai RX-Q helmet are also larger to allow a larger volume of air to be scooped into the helmet.

The brow vents work with the side vents to drive air around the temple area of the head. This system really helps to keep the head feeling cooler than when wearing the Corsair V on the street.

These improved vents make the Arai RX-Q an ideal helmet for summer rides, especially down here in South Florida. For those riders venturing to colder climates (that’s north of Jacksonville), the vents can be closed for a good seal from the elements.

Although the face-shield is prone to fogging unless the chin vent is kept open. There is also a chin spoiler that helps keep out cold air in winter.

  • Safety Rating:

The Arai RX-Q meets Snell M2010 standards for helmet safety.

  • RX-Q Face-shield!

Like the Corsair V, the RX-Q has a wider eye-port for improved peripheral vision. Both helmets share the new Arai SAI Face Shield which provides an additional 5mm of vision on either side for improved safety.

Arai RX-Q Helmet

  • Arai RX-Q Helmet Shape!

Arai helmets are manufactured in 3 shape styles. The Arai RX-Q helmet is classed as Intermediate-Oval (like the Corsair V, Vector, and RX-7 helmets). The internal shape and comfort have been improved with the use of 12 piece cheek pads.

With more cheek pads, the RX-Q increases the surface area of the padding in contact with the head, reducing pressure points and improving comfort. The foam used in these cheek pads is now more comfortable than the Quantum 2. These cheek pads also help to reduce wind noise entering the helmet.

  • Arai’s Emergency Cheekpad Removal System:

The RX-Q features Arai’s cheek pad removal system which allows emergency personnel to remove the cheek pads, and remove the helmet more safely.

“Emergency Release Tabs”

  • RX-Q Inner Lining:

The helmet features a fully removable and replaceable inner lining and neck roll. This makes it convenient to remove and wash the lining – a great benefit down here in South Florida.

The helmet weighs just 3.5lb which helps to make the RX-Q a comfortable helmet for longer rides.

  • Arai RX-Q Summary:

For street riders looking for the quality that comes from a company that has been manufacturing helmets for the Race Track, using the latest helmet technologies and innovations, combined with the comfort to be able to wear a helmet all day, with adequate cooling, ventilation, and noise levels, then the Arai RX-Q is an excellent choice of helmet.

The Arai RX-Q helmet is available in a range of color choices to suit most riders.

  • RX-Q Solid Colors: Aluminum Silver, Black Frost, Black, Diamond Black, Diamond Blue, Diamond Gray, Diamond White, Silver Frost, White.
  • RX-Q Graphics: Spencer Replica, Oriental, Gothic, Urban, Flag Italy, Flag UK, Talon, Ace.
  • Arai SAI Face Shields: Blue Mirror, Light Smoke, Purple Mirror, Dark Smoke, Silver Mirror, Clear, and Pin Lock lens.


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