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Bell Helmets – The Coolest Styles Around

Bell Helmets – The Coolest Styles Around


Bell helmets from Bell Sports are some of the most popular and best-known motorcycle helmets on the market today.

The company’s famous attention to details of material, design, and styling has won them the allegiance of a great many riders over the past decades.

Available in multiple lines and models for both street and off-road riding, Bell helmets have a reputation among cyclists for quality, dependability and simple, stylish design.

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Bell Helmets – Prices and Reviews

Bell Helmets: A Brief Company History:

If you think Bell helmets have been around forever, then you are just about right. In 1923, George Wight opened the first Bell Auto Parts in California. This single store was the beginning of a business legacy. The shop operated successfully as strictly an auto parts store.

Ten years later, however, Roy Richter went to work at Bell Auto Parts as a pattern maker. He was interested in racing and built the Bell Special which was a miniature race car.

Richter went on to purchase Bell Auto Parts in 1945 for a mere $1000. Continuing to do what they had been doing since opening, Richter also decided to manufacture helmets in 1954. The helmets were such a success that Richter formed the Bell Helmet Company.

The first helmets were very heavy however and were uncomfortable to wear. Drivers began asking for lighter helmets and Richter developed the 1960s Bell motorcycle helmet called the Shorty.

Bell Helmets History

After the initial release and forming of the Bell Helmet company, sports participants everywhere wanted one. After Bell made their helmets lighter, they became the official supplier of helmets to the US Ski Team. This was a huge endorsement and Bell really took off after that.

The company that had started as a small auto parts store in California was growing larger each year.

Not only did Bell continue making racing helmets but they also made helmets for skiing, hockey, skydiving, baseball, football, police, and firefighters.

The Bell racing team won several races and started making its mark in the racing world. Evil Knievel, who also used Bell helmets, crashed and went into a coma. When he woke, almost a month later, he credited his survival to Bells helmet.

With a successful racing team and positive endorsement from the US ski team and Evil Knievel, this was one company going nowhere but up.

Evel Knievel Crash

After Richter retired and then later died, Bell Helmet company kept growing and is still one of the top helmet companies around today. Richter and the Bell company have been recognized nationally many times and received many honors and awards for their designs.

High-Quality Builds and Innovative Designs:

Bell helmets are known to riders for their extremely high-quality builds and innovative designs. Bell has been a pioneer of new materials and enhanced safety since the 1970s, and for this reason, their helmets have been popular with a cyclist at the top of the racing world.

Bell helmets are still purpose-built for particular applications, so rather than generic models the company offers a wide variety of designs for different types of cycling, ranging from open-road cruising to motocross racing.

Although they were once known for their simple and austere styling, today Bell employs a number of artists who create unique and eye-catching artwork for their various helmet.

Bell offers motorcycle helmets for both street and off-road cycling. Street helmets range from the well-known Star, a classic full-face racing helmet, to the Rogue, an open street-helmet with a specially designed muzzle for face protection.

Less expensive, simpler helmets are also available, such as the Shorty, but even these feature Bell’s well-known quality production.

Helmets for dirt-biking and motocross include the Moto series and the SX-1. Finally, Bell produces a line known as their “Artist Series,” helmets of various types with specially-commissioned designs from well-known artists.

“Bell Motorcycle Helmets Factory Tour”

Why A Choose Bell Motorcycle Helmet?

Bell motorcycle helmets are ranked within the top three sellers in the United States, based on these features: safety, quality, design, craftsmanship, comfort, and versatility.

Like all motorcycle helmets sold in this country, Bell helmets meet or exceed the safety standards outlined by the federal Department of Transportation (DOT).

Bell retailers and those selling Bell helmets online offer a huge array of choices. Shoppers can choose any model of helmet they want: new, one-of-a-kind, discontinued – even vintage. These helmets have the prestige that goes along with the Bell name. They are manufactured by a company that has a long and trustworthy history.

Some of Our Favorite Bell Helmets are Shown Below:

For more information, click on the helmet name.

Bell Rogue Half HelmetFor those looking for the best motorcycle helmets available, there can be no doubt that the Bell Rogue Helmet fits perfectly into that category.

Most users are very satisfied with the look of the helmet and also with their own image when they are using the helmet.

Because of the composite shell which is used in the manufacturing process they helmet is light and comfortable while it still provides optimum safety for its user.

Like most other high-quality motorcycle helmets the cheek pads and other liners could be removed so that they could be washed. The Bell Rogue Helmet comes with a five-year warranty.

Bell MAG-9 Sena HelmetGet ready for the next big thing! The Bell Mag-9 Sena helmet was designed specifically to be used with the Sena SMH-10 Dual Bluetooth Headset, a device that won web bike world’s best product of 2010.

The Mag-9 Sena is an open face design and offers a convenient drop-down sun-shield. The liner is removable and washable and the cheek pads are contour style for an excellent fit. This gorgeous lid is offered in several classic colors as well as a “rally” graphic.

For touring riders, this helmet will reinvent your ride with its convenience and awesome Bluetooth capabilities. With superior comfort, great volume and sound quality, the Mag-9 Sena helmet offer it all!

Bell Arrow HelmetIf you’re on a tight budget the Bell Arrow is a superb choice for a full face helmet. At under $100 the Arrow provides an excellent level of protection in a stylish package.

The shell is polycarbonate alloy and is tremendously lightweight with the Arrow weighing in at under three and a half pounds. Ventilation is good, the visor is anti-scratch and UV protected and the interior linings are fully removable and washable.

Overall we find the Arrow to have decent construction and most of the features the basic rider should be looking for. Naturally, it’s DOT certified and pretty comfortable. Highly recommended for all riders with limited funds.

Bell Revolver EVO HelmetThe Bell Revolver EVO is an excellent modular helmet which is very much affordable for most riders. Bell has improved on the original Revolver series and introduced leading edge technology and features in the Revolver EVO.

You’ll find a redesigned seal for the eye ports which minimizes overall noise, an improved sun shade which flips up and down effortlessly and all in a lightweight composite polycarbonate alloy shell. The Revolver EVO weighs just under four pounds which are not bad for a modular and carries the DOT certification which is a must these days.

The Revolver EVO has received favorable reviews from many riders and shows that Bell really does continue to push the envelope when it comes to innovation and performance at a real value-for-money price point.

Bell Custom 500 HelmetSafety comes first when we use any form of transportation apparatus and helmets were made to protect our best assets, our heads.

With great speeds comes the possibility of high impact injuries and the Bell Custom 500 Open Face Helmet is a product which was made with the sole intention of protecting its user.

It is made up of custom fiberglass and a specially designed EPS foam layer yet the helmet is lightweight, boasts of a narrow profile and is also DOT compliant.

Many seem to appreciate the protective combination of safety materials and the compact less bulky nature make the Bell helmets so popular. This helmet simply put is great for highway riding as it is engineered not to shift with high winds.

Bell’s the One!

Whether you’re a first-time buyer or whether you’re want to replace the helmet you already have for one to go with your new bike, a Bell helmet is an excellent choice.

Favored by Harley riders and thousands of others, these helmets offer everything you need: safety, quality, affordability and dozens of other attractive features. Choose Bell – you won’t be disappointed!



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