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Bell Sanction BMX / Downhill Helmet – Review 8.9

Bell Sanction BMX / Downhill Helmet – Review


Bell Sanction Helmet


When it comes to riding then how can we forget Bell Sanction helmet? It is a great helmet specially designed for kids.

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Value Rating8.7
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Kids always try to follow and copy their elders. Growing kids want to do everything their elder brothers and sisters do. This also includes riding. When it comes to riding then how can we forget Bell Sanction helmet?

It is a great helmet specially designed for kids. It has a soft lining and it also provides extra safety so that your kid may not get injured while playing. Keeping its features aside, it also has a reasonable price.

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Features and Specifications of Bell Sanction Helmet:

Bell Sanction full face motorcycle helmet has got an edge from other helmets due to its extraordinary features and specifications.

If you have any doubt then you may simply compare its features with other helmets. Following features makes it the best helmet.

  • Light Weighted: Most of the people are not aware of the fact that using heavy weighted helmets for a long time can cause pain in the neck and also in the head. So, it is very important to buy a light weighted helmet just like Bell Sanction helmet. Its total weight is just 950 grams.
  • Full Face Racing Helmet: Do not confuse Bell sanction helmet with an ordinary helmet. It is a full face racing helmet which means that professional motorcycle racers may also use it.
  • Fiberglass Shell: This helmet has a fiberglass shell and this shell is hand laminated. This makes it more durable. It also adds comfort and most importantly it provides extra security from any injury.
  • The Visor is Adjustable: This helmet has an adjustable visor which is also a unique feature. You may cover your full face with it or cover just your eyes. You may even keep your face open. The visor can easily be adjusted at any point.
  • Ventilation Mechanism: A helmet is useful without an efficient ventilation mechanism. This is because the head starts to pain if it does not receive fresh air for a long time. This helmet is designed in such a way as to give space for air to pass. It is fully vented which makes it more comfortable to use.
  • Highly Stylish and Adorable: This helmet is not only best for its features but also in its looks. It has a moo inspired design. Its shape and cut are also stylish that is why young motorists love it. Here, it is important to mention that this helmet is basically designed for young riders.
  • Available in Different Colors: This helmet available in 9 different colors from red to black and gray to white. You may select the color which your kid likes most.

Bell Sanction BMX-Downhill Helmet

Bell Sanction Pros:

  1. Affordable;
  2. Extraordinary inner lining;
  3. CPSC certified;
  4. Well construct;
  5. Fits well;
  6. Available in different sizes;
  7. Great finishing.

Bell Sanction Cons:

  • Upper inside liner is a bit loose for kids

What Customers Say about Bell Sanction Helmet?

I was amazed to read the customer reviews as every customer showed his likeness for this helmet. Most of the people bought it for their 4 to 8 years old kids and they acknowledged the fact that this helmet saves their kids for serious injury several times.

I tried my best to find even a single review mentioning drawbacks of this helmet but I failed. This helmet received the highest feedback score of 4.4 out of 5 at Amazon which clearly means that it is worth buying.


There is no reason to think now as it is already clear that this helmet is great but still if you are confused then you may compare it with other helmets. I am sure; you will not be able to find any other helmet having all the features at such a low price.


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