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The 4 Best Modular Helmets to Buy in 2018

The 4 Best Modular Helmets to Buy in 2018


Are you a motorcycle enthusiast who’s looking for a new helmet, but isn’t quite sure which new model to try? When there are so many features, colors and so on that, you can’t quite make up your mind, hasn’t it always been easier to just pick the one you’ve always picked before out of habit?

Today we’re going to help you make up your mind. If you’ve heard of the modular helmets out there but never tried one, you’re likely curious to see how such a helmet will work for you, right?

Well, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve got some best modular helmets up for review here with a fairly wide price range to choose from. Take a look and see what you think. If this doesn’t help you towards a decision, we’re not sure what will.

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1Storm Motorcycle Street Bike HelmetThis helmet is for a lower budget, you might not think this modular design’s got anything going for it.

But it’s sturdy enough that you can take it on long journeys and it will likely work out fine.

The padding is removable and washable, so if you’re finicky about sweat not building up in your helmet, this feature’s for you.

Make sure to know your measurements and order a size larger than what you normally do as this design tends to run on the small side.

ScorpionExo EXO-GT920This dashing modular helmet pretty much has it all: looks, safety, features from here to there.

It’s really hard to even for a non-rider to dislike it, especially if you’re planning on gifting it to someone who does have a motorbike.

This helmet apparently was designed on the small side, so make sure you know your measurements and maybe order a size up.

It’s a fabulous purchase for the price. So it would make a great first helmet for someone who’s just starting out with the motorbike hobby.

Schuberth E1 Adventure HelmetThe third helmet in our lineup today comes from the German company Schuberth, and they’re a solid bet when it comes to their helmets.

Named a favorite last year and this year by motorcycle gear site RevZilla, the aerodynamic E1 Adventure Helmet packs a punch with features.

It includes a BlueTooth antenna so you can listen to music or chat with friends while out on the open road, plus their Anti-Roll-Off system keeps the helmet in place. Removable cushions allow for keeping the inside clean.

Nolan N104 Evo Solid HelmetThe Nolan N104 made this list because it’s a favorite that’s been around from season to season since 2011.

Money-wise, it’s pretty mid-range. But there’s a reason they call this the “solid”.

For what you pay, the features on this modular design are a win-win combo of style and safety.

The helmet itself is not that light (around 6 lbs), but it’s designed to fit up to a 3XL.

You also can’t go wrong with its ultra-wide eye port, either.

Highlighted Features Of These “4” Modular Helmets:

  • All the helmets feature removable padding for washability.
  • Good ventilation on all helmets for each one’s price point.
  • ​The Scorpion’s “KwikFit” cheek pad design makes it easy to put on/take off most pairs of eyeglasses.
  • ​Bluetooth capability in the Schuberth, possible room for speakers in the 1Storm.
  • No-tools-needed removable/replaceable shields in two out of four helmets.


  1. For each price point, all the helmets here are nice solid choices.
  2. The 1Storm, Nolan, and the Schuberth are all favorites
  3. ​Scorpion and 1Storm make great starter helmets in each of their price points
  4. Schuberth’s high price point is worth it as it’s loaded with features.


  1. The 1Storm, feature-wise, lives up to its low price tag.
  2. The Schuberth’s a little pricey for many riders.
  3. ​The Nolan’s not the lightest helmet. Could be problematic for lighter-weight people.
  4. The cheek region in the Scorpion is reported by many on RevZilla to be too tight.

How to Choose Your Best Modular Helmet?

Modular HelmetsThere are some options available in the market when it comes to modular helmets. Several reputed companies across the globe, including Arrow, Nolan, Schuberth and Zeus, manufacture flip-face helmets. However, it is prudent to carry out informed research before opting for a helmet, rather than just picking up the first one you see on a shelf.

Word of mouth and user reviews is a good place to start. But remember that it is important to try out the helmet beforehand since convenience levels and preferences differ from rider to rider.

It is great if you can put on the helmet and move about for five minutes to check whether the helmet is comfortable and sits snugly. It is even better if you can wear the helmet for a short test ride.

Best Modular Helmets – Factors to Consider:

Apart from their weight and comfort levels, the following factors should be considered while selecting best modular helmets.

  • The Latching Mechanism:

The latching mechanism is what sets the modular helmets apart and hence should be carefully examined. They should be located conveniently so that in the event of a crash the rescuer can quickly identify how to take the helmet out. Riders usually prefer swift action latches which can be operated even with one hand.

  • Noise Levels:

Even with the facial section down, modular helmets tend to be less efficient in canceling ambient wind noise during a ride compared to their full-face counterparts. This proves disconcerting to many riders used to full-coverage helmets and thus, must be carefully checked.

  • Anti-fog Arrangements:

To avoid the helmet cover from getting fogged up on chilly evening rides, look for anti-fog arrangements. Some manufacturers incorporate little wind vents into the helmets for this purpose.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

  • How does a modular helmet differ from a traditional full-face? A modular helmet allows you to raise the chin bar and eat, drink and talk like normal while keeping the helmet on.
  • Are modular helmets just as safe as traditional ones you have to completely remove? Yes. By law, all helmets are required to pass the DOT’s strict safety guidelines, and many pass the European and British tests, too.
  • How heavy are most modular helmets? It depends on the materials used, especially in the outer shell. Most companies try to blend safety with comfortable wear.

Final Verdict

It’s easy to see that with each price point, there seemed to be a tie for pros and cons. So depending on how many bells and whistles you want for the price, also taking proper fit into consideration, it’s totally up to you, the reader.

But if you’re truly up for a new helmet, take a serious look at our overall winner: the Scorpion GT920. Others are also a very good choice for the rider. It’s got the good looks and safety all without completely denting your wallet.

However, depending on your needs and your budget, you really can’t go wrong with any of the helmets listed, at any price point or feature list.


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