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What is the Best Quiet Motorcycle Helmet?

What is the Best Quiet Motorcycle Helmet?


Fed up with wind noise? Read this guide to find out which is the best quiet motorcycle helmet.

Buying a helmet is easy, finding out if it is a quiet motorcycle helmet can only be done after buying it, so many owners only find out that it is noisy once they have taken it home.

Most motorcycle stores allow helmets to be tried on before purchase but don’t allow the helmet to be worn out on the road, so it’s impossible to check to see if there is any wind or road noise.

Your Tolerance for Noise:

It’s very easy to find contradicting reviews about how noisy a helmet is. It all depends on the rider and the bike that they ride.

Some people won’t notice any wind noise but there will always be someone who thinks that same model is the noisiest helmet they have ever bought.

If you already own a helmet and are thinking of buying another one because the current one is too noisy, read on to find out how to reduce noise for any motorcycle helmet.

Wind Tunnel Helmet

What Causes Wind Noise and How to Stop It:

Wind noise is mainly caused by the design of the helmet, but before replacing it make sure that it’s not the motorcycle screen causing it.

A quick test is to either try a friends’ bike or remove the screen on your own bike and go for a test ride to see if the wind noise is still present if it’s not then trying replacing your screen.

There are so many parts to a helmet that it can be difficult to find out which section is causing the extra noise. The main features that may be causing the noise are:

  • Air Rushing Over Vents or Stabilisers:

Stabilizers are points in the helmet shell that don’t follow the same shape of the rest of the helmet shell so that the air is forced to change direction. This feature helps to reduce wind buffeting but can also cause wind noise.

  • Air Rushing Through the Bottom of the Helmet:

A common problem that causes extra wind noise is a large gap between the rider’s neck and the front of the helmet. This can easily be corrected on any helmet with a helmet wind stop (also known as a “WindJammer“). They are cheap to buy and very effective.

Motorcycle Helmet WindJammer

  • Peaks:

If your helmet is an off-road or dual style then the peak may be creating the noise. Try riding without the peak before trying anything else.

  • Visor:

To stop air from rushing through the edges where the visor meets the helmet, the seal must be correctly adjusted. Some helmet models are not well designed and it is difficult to set the visor correctly.

A good model with has a visor adjustment mechanism to allow the visor to be accurately fitted so that it meets the seal. To correct this try visiting the dealer that sold you the helmet or a local bike shop.

I’ve seen some owners put tape around their visor to fill the gap, but this isn’t a permanent fix. You can buy rubber seal from a DIY store and add it to the helmet where the visor closes. Quite often this fixes the problem.

  • Earplugs:

Obviously, these don’t cause wind noise but it’s important to always wear earplugs while riding. Even a really quiet motorcycle helmet will have wind and road noise that can damage hearing.

Quiet Motorcycle Helmet – Manufacturers and Models:

Helmet manufacturers spend a lot of time on safety, fit, comfort and ventilation when designing their helmets, quite often wind noise is at the bottom of the list.

It’s very difficult to design a helmet that has both good ventilation and reduced wind noise.

For more information, click on the helmet name.

Shoei Men's Rf-1200Shoei is one of the top helmet manufacturers in the world and there is a good reason for it. They have been producing great helmets for years and their newest addition, the RF-1200, is just another example of that.

Shoei took the vastly popular RF-1100 and made it smaller, lighter, quieter and most importantly safer to create the all-new RF-1200.

The RF-1200’s extremely strong shell is made of fiberglass along with other fibers. There is an added accent line to the side of the helmet which not only improves the appeal but makes the helmet more aerodynamic too.

Arai Signet-Q HelmetSome of those great features include the simple but strong design of the outer shell. This helmet won’t wow you with looks like some other cooler helmets, but that’s not for lack of creativity. The smooth and simple design helps maintain the integrity of the shell strength and energy dispersion.

Inside, the multi-density EPS liner does a great job of absorbing impact while keeping the overall size and weight to a minimum. The Signet Q is set with an exceptional ventilation system, along with an extra 10mm of eyeport opening for better visibility.

So if you are someone who is struggling to find a helmet that is designed for a long-oval shape head, then the Arai Signet Q should be at the top of your list.

AGV HorizonThe Horizon is one of AGV’s newest additions replacing the Stealth SV. It was designed for racing and long high-speed rides.

The sharp lines, narrow chin and sleek side edges make this helmet as aerodynamic as they come. The outer shell is a mix of fiberglass and carbon fiber, giving it much stronger structure while keeping it lightweight.

A back spoiler is added to reduce turbulence and increase stability. The AGV Horizon also features a built-in IVS ventilation system, maximizing airflow to keep you cool.

Inside, the multi-density EPS foam keeps you safe by absorbing high energy impact. A new liner was added improving comfort and fit as well as reducing noise.

Shoei Neotec Modular HelmetIf you are an avid motorcycle rider, you may surely want to check out this new helmet called Shoei Neotec. The helmet is among the ones that are a bit pricier, but the price is justified because this model has an increased safety level.

If you really want a helmet that is able to save your life during an accident, you have to spend a little more.

The truth is motorcycle helmet manufacturers are not always focused on saving the life of the rider. They sell all sorts of items, from low-end and high-end products, with prices that are established according to the quality of materials used, the features of each helmet and the gadgets that may be implemented.

Such toys and the awesome looking designs are usually meant for promoting the product.

Schuberth C3 ProSchuberth is the only helmet manufacturer that really address the issue of wind noise. They make the ultimate in quiet helmets, this company actually lists “anti-noise technology” in the features of their helmet models!

Schuberth takes great care to reduce the wind noise in their helmets. Each model is wind tunnel tested to make sure that the noise inside is reduced.

I have tested Schuberth helmets and they truly are extremely quiet. To some extent, I find them so quiet that I have to open the visor to hear my exhaust note when accelerating!

There is no particular Schuberth model that I would recommend over another, but the ones I am most familiar with are the S1 and C3 models. I’ve spent a week riding while wearing an S1 and it was awesome to not have to hear constant wind noise while riding.

Schuberth really does make quiet motorcycle helmet models!


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