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Reasons for Using Biker Helmet Stickers

Reasons for Using Biker Helmet Stickers


Many motorcyclists will select and adhere a biker helmet sticker to their motorcycle helmets to set them apart from the rest of the pack or to simply express themselves with an attractive helmet decoration.

Biker helmet stickers can be used to make an inexpensive helmet look like a top of the line Shoei or Arai helmet, can enhance safety by being made of a reflective metallic material, or can simply make the helmet look cool.

Whatever purpose they’re serving, these stickers are cheap and easy to obtain and will make a motorcycle helmet look like it is a one of a kind creation.

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Styles of Motorcycle Helmet Stickers:

Typical styles of biker helmet stickers include all sorts of designs which we associate with modern biker culture. These may be corporate logos like those of the Harley Davidson and Indian motorcycle companies, the always popular Jack Daniels label, or the famous Chevrolet 1.

The available decal designs surpass the traditional biker motifs by far, however, and, today all manner of stickers for bike helmets are available for sale in all sorts of places, including the internet which probably has the most extensive of these decals available for purchase.

Reflective helmet stickers are increasingly popular. These decals still sport some of the most impressive and eye-catching designs but serve double duty by adding night time visibilities as they will reflect the headlights of an oncoming vehicle back at the driver, letting her know that there is someone ahead on a motorcycle.

Reflective Motorcycle Helmet Stickers

These stickers are most often found to look like flames and other such styles that emphasize the helmets cool factor as much as possible while being safety conscious at the same time.

Reflective pinstripe decals are also available. These allow the biker to unleash his creativity and create numerous patterns and tribal designs with the thin reflective adhesive stripes.

Pinstripes are not only available in reflective material, but in multiple colors which will be chosen dependent on the color of the helmet.

The owner of a black helmet may choose white or yellow pinstripes for their helmet decorating purposes while a white helmet may look good with pinstripes in black or blue. Those who want to really go all out may opt for hot pink pinstripes on a black helmet or black pinstripes on a hot pink helmet. It takes all kinds.

We usually think of bikers as being exclusively male and as motorcycle riding as an exclusively male domain. There are plenty of female bikers out there as well, however, and there are plenty of motorcycle helmet stickers designed with these ladies in mind as well.

Some of them are definitely effeminate designs like flowers and hearts and other girlie motifs, while others lean toward the darker side of femininity and include slogans that use a usually derogatory feminine term as a badge of honor.

We won’t say it here, but it rhymes with the itch and one lady biker the writer knew personally had a biker helmet sticker claiming that she was 100% one.

Women Helmet Stickers

Reasons for Using Biker Helmet Stickers:

There are several reasons that a biker might use a bike helmet sticker on their bikes. Some of the reasons are logical, while most are personal. Just like motorcycle jackets, customized biker helmet stickers help bikers put their own personal flair on their motorcycle accessories.

  • Safety:

This is one of the reasons bikers use biker helmet stickers. Most stickers made specifically for the helmet are reflective. These stickers can come in many different colors and logos. All of them, however, offer a safety feature, especially for drivers at night.

It is often more difficult for bike riders to be seen at night by other cars. These stickers will just help bikers be more visible by other drivers and keep them a little bit safer.

  • Hobby:

Many bike riders take a more personal aspect to their helmet decor. Many are also big fans of sports and will use specific sports team logos or player numbers on their helmets. This is a very popular look for today’s bike helmet.

Riders who like fishing or have another hobby might get a sticker that represents that on their helmet. It is really a matter of personal preference in this area.

  • Patriotic:

American patriotic stickers are becoming more and more popular through the years. Many bikers have served in the military or simply want to honor their country.

American flag stickers are popular as well as stickers that say the USA. During the war, soldier support stickers have become popular as well. These stickers are classy and offer a personal touch to the helmet.

Patriotic Stickers

  • Name:

Sometimes bikers will get stickers with their name or their nickname on their helmets. These bikers are often in riding groups and will also use stickers of their group’s name on their helmet. It helps identify them with their group and makes it easier to identify each other on the road by bike and name. This is a popular option for bikers who want to use motorcycle helmet stickers.

  • Phrases:

Many bikers have a favorite phrase that they choose to put in sticker form on their helmet. These bikers might have a life slogan or simply want to get attention with a bold phrase. Nevertheless, these phrases are well noticed.

Other drivers will more likely read something printed on a helmet than look at a picture on a helmet. Some bikers who have lost biker friends might use a sticker memorial to remember their buddy. This is popular when the friend died to riding a bike.


As you can see, the biker helmet sticker is used for many different personal reasons. Most of the time the biker is the only one who knows the true significance.

However, bike helmet stickers allow the biker to make their helmet their own. They can take a regular helmet that is probably owned by thousands of bikers and create a unique and original looking helmet. It is up to each biker to make his or her mark!


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