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What is the Best Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet?

What is the Best Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet?


When it comes to riding motorcycles, some consider it a sport and some consider it a way of life. There is nothing like riding down the open road with the wind blowing your face and body. You feel a sense of freedom and some riders will say it’s sometimes feel like flying.

However you can never compromise your safety on the road. That’s why motorcycle helmet manufacturers spend countless of dollars to perfect the motorcycle helmet. One type of helmet available to riders is the Bluetooth motorcycle helmet. Bluetooth helmets provides a safe way for riders to stay connected to others while on the road and operating their motorcycle without ever having to remove the safety of their helmets.

We know there are countless of Bluetooth motorcycle helmets in the market. But which one is the right one for you? Which brand gives you the features and also the price that you can afford? You can spend from the hundreds to the thousands of dollars to purchase the Bluetooth helmet that will suit your needs.

Top 5 (Bluetooth) Motorcycle Helmets:

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  1. TORC T27 Full Face Modular Helmet
  2. HJC CL-MAX BT II Bluetooth Helmet
  3. GLX Modular Helmet with Sun Shield
  4. BILT Techno Bluetooth Full-Face Helmet
  5. HJC Helmets IS-MAX BT Helmet

So What is Bluetooth?

Bluetooth is a wireless technology that is designed to exchanged data over a short-range of distance. You can find Bluetooth chip in all major computers, mobile devices and now digital cameras.

It works by creating a short-range network and special radio frequency to transmit data such as voice, music and files. The technology in chip production is now greater than ever, Bluetooth chips are now getting smaller and increasingly powerful. It can connect up to 8 devices at the same time and is known to be a secure device.

Using the technology, motorcycle helmet and helmet accessory makers have created great products for riders. With a Bluetooth motorcycle helmet, riders is able to listen to their favorite music and also communicate with their pillion riders as well as other riders who are within the Bluetooth range. Bluetooth devices and range from 30 meters up to 1000 meters.

Motorcycle Intercom Headset

Riders can purchase a motorcycle helmet with a Bluetooth device installed or Bluetooth devices that are designed as an add on to their motorcycle helmet.

What are Your Bluetooth Motorcycle Options?

When it comes to purchasing a Bluetooth motorcycle helmet device, there are 2 major options.

  1. Motorcycle helmet with built-in Bluetooth capabilities.
  2. Bluetooth devices that are designed as an add-on to existing motorcycle helmet.
  3. Motorcycle helmet that is ready for Bluetooth device.

Bluetooth Motorcycle HelmetsThe Bluetooth device in the helmets is able to connect to most electronic devices such as mobile phones, MP3 players and in some cases even GPS systems that are Bluetooth compatible. The rider needs to make sure that the devices that he/she wants to connect needs to be compatible.

Many add-on Bluetooth motorcycle helmet devices features a flexible boom mic that can be installed in either open face and flip-up helmets. The microphone types are generally better suited for flip-up helmets but some are designed for full face helmets. These devices are powered by batteries and needs to be charged by the rider in order to operate daily.

  • Motorcycle Helmet with Built-in Bluetooth Capabilities

These motorcycle helmets come with pre-installed Bluetooth devices that are designed to fit the helmet.

They are generally more expensive and comes with various design. The rider does not need to go through complicated installation and they can be used straight out of the box.

These helmets are great for first-time users or just for riders who wants an easy solution provided they are willing to spend the money!

  • Bluetooth Devices that are Designed as an add-on to Existing Motorcycle helmet

These devices (like scala rider g9xare generally designed as a clip on and attached to the side of the helmet. The rider needs to ensure that the devices are properly installed, some even requires drilling holes directly into the helmet.

Although these devices requires more work, nonetheless the user can keep using the same helmet they have worn and that fits their head.

  • Motorcycle Helmet that is Ready for Bluetooth Device

These motorcycle helmets are built with modules that are ready to be installed with a Bluetooth device. The Bluetooth device are not included with the helmet and generally needs to be purchased separately.

Riders need to make sure that the Bluetooth device they choose is compatible with the helmet.

Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet Options

Advantages of Using a Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet:

The biggest benefit of Bluetooth is wireless communication and also wireless connection with other compatible electronic devices. There 4 major uses that the Bluetooth motorcycle helmet is designed for:

  • Freedom

This has to be the most beneficial thing from the Bluetooth technology. This device can give you all the freedom that you deserve. It has rechargeable batteries and functions perfectly in wireless mode. It also connects to almost any advanced communication tool while at the same time offering hands free conversations among busy people anywhere in the world.

  • Communication

When you are using a Bluetooth motorcycle helmet, you can communicate effectively with other riders who have the same accessory and your family members or friends through your mobile phone. This is helpful, especially if your job entails a lot of traveling and frequent communication with your supervisor or head office. All you have to do is synchronize your mobile phone with your Bluetooth headset and receive call automatically as they come in. If you want to call or text (available in advanced versions) someone, you only issue a specific voice command, and the device takes care of all the intricate details. One of the biggest advantages of this accessory is that it is hands free and works using wireless technology. You do not worry about the police flagging you when talking on the road.

  • Entertainment

Biker ConnectivityWith a Bluetooth motorcycle helmet, riding is no longer a boring event. If you like trail or off-road riding, you can add spice to your adventure by listening to your favorite band, as you manoeuvre the thickets and or challenging sections of your course. Instead of contending with the constant loud rumbling of your motorcycle engine, you can simply synchronize your iPod or Smartphone with your headset and listen to your favorite beats. Moreover, in addition to protecting your head while going for a long drive down the highway, a Bluetooth helmet can also help you to break the boredom, commonly associated with these long and grueling journeys.

  • GPS Handling

This is another impressive feature from the new Bluetooth technology that can greatly help bikers. The GPS navigation control devices can connect to the headpiece of the helmet, thereby giving bikers turn by turn navigation or in ear. Therefore this means you will never have to stop every now and then by the road to ask for directions or to check your map.

The Main Disadvantage of Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets:

Some online reviews mentioned that there is only one disadvantage of this Bluetooth connection: since a person is driving, there can be noises in the background. My brother advised that I should purchase the latest models of motorcycle helmets with Bluetooth. This is because the new models are equipped with detectors of noise levels which can adjust volumes of both speaker and microphone.

Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet Systems Manufacturers:

These systems are made by companies dedicated to designing and manufacturing Motorcycle communication systems to fit any helmet and any rider.

  • Autocom

Known as the ‘Professional’s Choice’ for Motorcycle Communication Systems, Autocom is used for racing, engineering and touring. They offer a wide range of systems, from the standard Rider to Passenger system all the way up to a complete, fully expandable system that includes Bluetooth and Bike to Bike radios. These systems are very reliable and robust and have been given excellent reviews by the Motorcycle press.

  • Cardo (Known as Scala Rider)

Cardo make a very handy system called the which can be used to communicate between 2 bikes, it has a range of 1 mile! It’s a small kit that can easily be added to any motorcycle helmet.

You can also connect to your phone through this system and answer calls while on the move, which makes it useful for commuting, motorcycle couriers and touring.

  • Starcom1

Starcom are leaders in helmet communication systems and their designers have experience working for companies such as Kenwood and Mission. Their whole range can connect to a bluetooth adapter so that it can connect to phones and sat nav.

“Motorcycle Helmets With Bluetooth”

Things to Consider When Buying a Bluetooth Helmet:

When you are looking for a Bluetooth motorcycle helmet, you should keep several things in mind, to find a quality accessory. These include:

  • Sound Quality

The sound quality of your Bluetooth motorcycle helmet is very important. Make sure that you can hear your callers clearly and vice versa. A good motorcycle helmet should also have an automatic volume adjustment feature. This is helpful because the level of noise can vary with the riding terrain.

  • Battery Life

If you intend to use you helmet over long distances, make sure that it has a long battery life. Ideally, it should have a talk-time battery life of around six hours before recharging.

To find a good product, you must do the mandatory legwork, compare products, and only choose a Bluetooth motorcycle helmet that is comfortable and can withstand adverse weather.

Tips on Identifying an Ideal Store to Buy Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet From:

There is nothing that makes communication easy like a Bluetooth helmet while you are riding on your motorcycle. Bluetooth for motorcycle helmets allows the user to easily answer, reject, redial or listen to voice commands thus reducing disruptions that might end up causing accidents.

There are a variety of shops selling Bluetooth enabled helmets, but finding the most ideal one to shop from is sometimes a problem. So, what should you put in mind before choosing to buy from a given store or shop? The following are simple but important tips that can help you conveniently shop for Bluetooth motorcycle helmet.

  • Consider Shopping Online

Online ShopThere are several selected online sites that deal in Bluetooth helmets but not all of them sell the same kind of Bluetooth motorcycle helmets. The good thing with shopping online is that you have a chance of comparing the specifications of the helmets sold by different dealers and identifying one that is fit for you.

Depending on the purpose and environment in which you are going to use the helmet, you might need to consider specific features in a helmet that will make your riding experience easy.

With online shopping, you can easily compare the quality and specifications of the product in different stores over a short period of time. Additionally, online shopping allows you to purchase the helmet from wherever place you are and you can be sure of having it shipped to you as soon as possible.

  • Carry out an Extensive Price Comparison

While you would like to purchase the best quality of Bluetooth motorcycle helmet, the price at which you are going to buy it is very important. Taking your time to visit the various local and shops and comparing the quality and pricing of their Bluetooth helmets can help you identify one selling quality helmets at cheaper prices. This can go a long way in saving you extra cash, which you could have otherwise used in buying the very same quality and brand of Bluetooth helmet in other stores.

  • Consider the Most Reputable Bluetooth Helmet Store

The reputation of any given store is usually as a result of the kind of products and services it offers to the customers. A highly reputable Bluetooth helmet store will usually deal in genuine and high quality Bluetooth helmets and the terms of purchase of the same are also convenient. If you don’t want communication breakdown because of faulty or counterfeit Bluetooth helmet, then consider purchasing one from a reputable store.

Moreover, such a store will tend to deal in a variety of Bluetooth motorcycle helmets hence you can easily choose one that is fit for you in terms of convenience in use and the price at which it is sold. You can find out about the most popular store by taking time to look at the customer reviews and testimonials in various online sites selling the product. A store that has more positive feedback and recommendation from customers can be the best to shop from.

  • Select a Store That Provides Efficient After Sales Services

How fast you need the Bluetooth motorcycle helmet and the resources you have at hand can make you think twice on the most ideal store to purchase from. A store providing efficient and reliable shipping of Bluetooth helmet can make it convenient for you to acquire one. Take time to identify store providing free shipping and making deliveries within the shortest time possible. This will make you save on time and cost you are going to spend in acquiring your Bluetooth motorcycle helmet.

Our Top 5 Recommended Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets:

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TORC Full Face Modular Helmet

Lightweight ABS with chin straps for more comfort and stability. Torc T27 allows you to take calls and make them, listen to music, and even listen in to GPS directions loud and clear.

There is a two way communication system which will allow you to connect to another biker, so long as they are within 100 feet of where you are when you are riding. The flip helmet design also provides more comfort, wind protection, and a shield for certain weather conditions.


Taking a long drive on a motorcycle can be an activity that is fun and boring at the same time. First, it can be fun if the road is fairly empty and you enjoy the view; especially if you are passing by natural sceneries that you do not see every day in the city. However, it can be boring if you feel alone or the road is not enjoyable at all when you are driving on busy hour through the downtown.

Thanks to technology development, Bluetooth motorcycle helmets are not just some science-fiction movies fantasy now, and you can actually get one for yourself. If you are not sure which product will give the best quality, we recommend you to try HJC CL-MAX BT II Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet.

GLX Modular Helmet

A built in Bluetooth communication system easily allows you to connect, from far distances, and allows you to make or receive a call. You can also stream live music and you can stream a GPS device as well, if you are on an unknown road.

It has a built in microphone speaker on the side, for clearer communications, and it has the open face design, with fully adjustable shield, so you can cover your face, and ride in optimal comfort, no matter what kind of road conditions you run in to when you are on your bike.

BILT Techno Bluetooth Helmet

This system has a built in intercom for rider to rider interaction, if you are on the road with other bikers that own the same helmet. It also allows you to make and receive calls, to listen to messages, to auto redial a number, or to stream your favorite mp3 tunes when you are on the open road.

GPS navigation is also possible, if you would like or if you need to get directions and have a GPS system set up on your bike. This makes for clear and easy communication, and you can easily hear the directions, as the head piece is built in to the helmet, so you won’t have to worry about static or other forms of irritation when you are on the open road with this helmet.

HJC Helmets IS-MAX BT Helmet

Ready for Bluetooth communications, this is one of the best Bluetooth motorcycle helmets for the money that you can find. You can quickly and easily answer or reject a call when you are on the road. If you are need to make a call, there are voice activated features which will allow you to do so, as well as listen to messages that you have stored on the phone.

If you need directions, and have a GPS on your bike, you can sync both, so you can clearly and easily listen to directions in the speaker; there is no interference when you hook them up.

Top Choice

Of these, the top rated Bluetooth motorcycle helmet of the bunch is the BILT.

When you are buying a helmet, the Bluetooth feature is a great option for you to have. Although they are a bit pricier than a model that does not have them, they are ideal to keep in touch, and to communicate with others that you do go riding with if you happen to get lost. They are also a simple way to get directions and even listen to your favorite tunes if you are out on the road for an extended period of time, or choose to take a detour when you are out on your bike.

BILT Techno Bluetooth Full-Face Motorcycle Helmet

These are a few of the best Bluetooth motorcycle helmet options available to you. When you use online consumer reviews, and use information about these helmets, you are not only going to find it easier to choose one, but also find the one with the best built in features for a price you can afford to pay.


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