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Things to Consider When Buying a Used Motorcycle Helmet

Things to Consider When Buying a Used Motorcycle Helmet


Purchasing a used motorcycle helmet may seem like the perfect idea when you are just starting to ride, however, there are some things you should know before doing so.

A used motorcycle helmet can certainly save you money; however, they are not always the best options. Depending on where you purchase the helmet, the condition, and size, you could be getting a great deal or a dangerous alternative.

Consider these thoughts before purchasing your used motorcycle helmet in order to make the best-educated decision.

Check Prices and Reviews at Amazon

Whether you are getting a good used helmet or not depends heavily on the seller. If you are purchasing a used motorcycle helmet from a specialty motorcycle vendor outlet, chances are you are getting a safe helmet.

Popular vendors such as these are very particular about the used helmets they sell and inspect each one very thoroughly. These outlets are offering gently used helmets at a discounted price. Some of the helmets may have been worn once or twice by riders who thought they would love motorcycle riding but decided against it.

When purchasing a used helmet from the previous owner, at a yard sale, or even on Amazon, you should be careful. The helmet may not be in the safe condition it appears to be in. Even if it looks OK on the outside, it is not necessarily flawless. Small imperfections in a helmet can really cause safety problems. So, be sure you know what you’re getting into before purchasing.

The condition of the used motorcycle helmet is the most important aspect of the purchase. If the helmet seems to have been in a crash, do not buy it. Even if they are giving it away, don’t wear it. Even when a helmet is in a minor crash that causes the helmet to hit the ground or anything else, the safety of the helmet is compromised from that point on.

Riders who have dropped their helmets or have been in a crash should consider either buy a new one or getting theirs checked by a certified safety inspector.

MH helmet

If the helmet is damaged, you may not always be able to see it on the outside. Specialists can tell upon inspection, however. It is not safe to wear a damaged helmet, as it will not provide you with protection while riding.

So, if you are unsure about the used helmet, consider asking if it has ever been dropped or in a crash. Most owners will be honest with you about it. If it has, then you need to move on and find a safer option.

Some people looking for used helmets are so excited to find good deals that they will compromise on the fit. Size and fit are extremely important in motorcycle helmet safety. If your helmet does not fit properly, then there is no need to even wear one because it will not provide proper protection.

Make sure any used motorcycle helmet you find fits properly before using it. This makes it difficult to purchase a used helmet online. So, it might be better to buy one in person.

The Motorcycle Helmet Buyer’s Guide

  • Selling Your Used Motorcycle Helmet:

Anyone who is looking to sell their used motorcycle helmet must be aware of the places you can list a classified ad to help your chances of having it sold. You can sell your used helmet in the newspaper, a bulletin board, newsgroups, on forums, and free classified sections in newsletters and e-zines.

First of all, the most common place that people put a classified ad when they are looking to sell something is the newspaper. You can call your local newspaper and find out what the rates are to list an ad there for a number of days or weeks.

Be sure to put the style and model of the helmet, and give a description of the used helmet as well. If you are able to include a picture, this is a great idea even though it might cost more money.

Other than the newspaper, you can try posting an ad that you have printed and photocopied onto a bulletin board around town. This will increase your chances of selling your used motorcycle helmet. As well you can try posting your add to online bulletin boards as well.

Another place online that is a great place to advertise you used motorcycle helmet for sale, is a newsgroup. These are many newsgroups dedicated to motorcycles, motorcycles accessories, or riding motorcycles. If you are fortunate enough to find one of these newsgroups, then you can announce that you have a used helmet for sale.

As well, the web forums that you belong to are also a good place to get your used motorcycle helmet sold. This is especially a good idea if the web forums are related to motorcycles. You can quickly get your used motorcycle helmet sold if you place an advertisement for a popular brand of helmet that is still in good condition.

If none of these areas are helpful to you, you can try the many different free classified sections online. These classified sections provide an area for anyone with anything to sell to post their ad to it.

Also, some people have had lots of luck by selling items in newsletters or e-zines. This is especially great if the newsletter or e-zine has a huge readership list. It is good common sense to list your ad in a newsletter or e-zine that has a large subscriber base that actually reads the newsletter or e-zine. In this way, you are almost guaranteed that your used motorcycle helmet will be sold in no time.


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