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Dirt Bike Helmets: How to Choose the Right One?

Dirt Bike Helmets: How to Choose the Right One?


Your dirt bike helmet should be of the utmost concern when you get into the sport of riding or racing dirt bikes. Most dirt bikers are of the younger generation. They can still handle the roughness of the sport, unlike some adults. When it is a child or teenager riding the bike, the dirt bike helmets takes on supreme importance.

Safety is number one when shopping for a dirt bike helmet. It needs to fit properly and have a good safety rating. Being lightweight is an important factor. These kids are riding dirt bikes through obstacle courses and off-road, so they need the agility that a lightweight helmet provides. It is easier to whip your head around looking for potential hazards with a dirt helmet that weighs so little.

So what are some other things to look for in a dirt bike motorcycle helmet?

Whatever you do, do not buy a used helmet, even if it looks unblemished. With used cars, you can order a report about the history of a car and determine if it has been repaired due to accidents. With a helmet, you have no such luxury. Someone could have an accident and not have their helmet marked up in any way. It is the internal reliability of the helmet structure that you have to worry about.

Make sure that your dirt bike helmet has a Snell safety rating sticker. When you see the sticker, you know that it has been thoroughly tested under strenuous conditions. The Snell Foundation has testing facilities and guidelines that have no peer. They are super tough on their requirements, so you can be guaranteed that any dirt bike helmet with the Snell sticker is top notch quality.

Snell Stickers

You may find many dirt bike motorcycle helmets on the market with a Department of Transportation (DOT) rating. The Department of Transportation does not physically test the helmets for safety. Rather, they give manufacturers a set of guidelines to follow and the public is supposed to just trust that the manufacturer actually produced their helmets to those guidelines.

Just keep in mind that some of these helmets do fail. Without proper governing, the DOT sticker on your helmet is not worth the materials it is printed on. Be safe than sorry and go with a Snell rating for your helmet.

Make sure your helmet fits securely without it being too tight or loose. Measure your head circumference to determine your size. However, be cautioned that ordering a helmet online is more of a pain than buying your new helmet in person.

Some manufacturer’s measurement charts run a few sizes too small to a few sizes too large. It can vary that widely. So, it is suggested that you at least try on helmets at a local dealer, then place a custom order or buy the helmets in person.

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Your dirt bike helmet does not have to be expensive to be safe. There are helmets in all sorts of price ranges that meet the high safety standards to earn a Snell rating sticker. If the helmet is really expensive, chances are that you are paying just as much for the artwork painted on it as you are for the helmet itself.

No matter what your preference of artwork is, just know that safety is the primary factor when buying your dirt bike helmet.

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Get the Dirt on a Custom Dirt Bike Helmet:

Dirt bike off-road enthusiasts need the protection of a custom dirt bike helmet. It does not matter if you race or if it is just a weekend hobby, riding your dirt bikes off-road can be dangerous. You need to be sure you are safe and properly shielded with the best gear.

Motocross has a big following so it stands to reason that some kids (and adults) would be interested in off-road dirt biking. With that riding hobby, there is some responsibility for safety.

Custom dirt bike helmets is a bit different from your helmets for motorcycles, both in looks and functionality.

Custom Dirt Bike HelmetsThe design of your custom dirt bike motorcycle helmet is distinguishable from other types of helmets because it is created for the sole purpose of protecting the rider. Sure, it can be flashy looking, but the design is pretty much a standard for the entire dirt bike or motocross industry.

The few things that are customizable are the color, artwork, and fit of the helmet. Your head and its contours could be measured so that a helmet could be made that is uniquely for you. However, expect to pay a pretty penny for that privilege.

Your custom dirt bike helmet has a chin bar which has a built-in vent designed for better ventilation. Other vents are built-in near the forehead area as well as in the back of the helmet. All these vents in your custom bike helmet allow for better air flow and cooling.

There is a soft, padded strap for your chin to secure the helmet to your head. Sometimes that chin strap is removable. The opening for your line of vision is wider to increase your range of view. There is also an adjustable visor in most custom dirt bike helmets. The liner inside the helmet is often detachable for easy cleaning. Your helmet will also most likely be very lightweight with some kind of injection molded material.

You can buy your custom helmet already in a variety of colors and artistic designs. Perhaps, you want something more than what is available out on the market. Standing out from the rest of the pack is understandable.

There are quite a few airbrush artists who paint exclusively on helmets and other gear associated with motorcycles and dirt bikes. Your best bet for unique airbrush artwork is to ask your local motorbike dealers who they would recommend.

Sticker and Decal kits are also available if you want to try your hand at creating a custom dirt bike helmet all on your own. For this avenue, it is wise to purchase the helmet in a solid color of your choice. That way you do not have to figure out how to apply your stickers and decals around existing elaborate paint work.

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Your custom dirt bike motorcycle helmet is a matter of personal preference. Just be sure that the helmet you select is (SNELL) or (DOT) approved as far as safety is concerned. Everything else is secondary. When you ride off-road in your styling custom helmet, you will know that you not only look good, but you are also safe too.

Used Dirt Bike Helmets:

Anyone who is an avid dirt biker will know the importance of finding the right used dirt bike helmet. There are many places you can look to start your search. It is suggested that you search at thrift stores, consignment shops, and Internet stores to find the right bike helmet.

It is best to begin searching at thrift stores for your used dirt bike helmet. Thrift stores will usually have a large assortment of used items that have been collected or donated to them. If someone is not sure where the local thrift stores in their city are located, a simple search in the telephone directory can solve this problem.

Since thrift stores depend on items donated to them, if you are looking for a particular brand of used dirt helmet, this might be hard to find.

If you are unsuccessful finding a helmet at the thrift stores, you can try looking at consignment shops. Consignment shops usually have better quality items than thrift stores and can find almost anything here as well.

Consignment shops, however, are different than thrift stores because people will submit their items to be sold. When it has been sold, the consignment shop owner will deduct a fee for doing this and give the rest of the money to the person whose item was sold. You can search in the local phone directory as well to find consignment shops that might carry used dirt bike helmets.

Youth Helmet

Other than consignment shops or thrift stores, it might be possible to find a used dirt bike motorcycle helmet by going to yard sales. If you arrive early in the morning, there are lots of treasures to be found at yard sales. You might be able to find a helmet there.

As well as yard sales, it would be a good idea to check out the classified ads section of your local newspaper. You might be able to find a used helmet being offered for sale here. If you live in a town where dirt biking is popular, there should be many helmets for sale in the newspaper.

Lastly, the best place to search for a used dirt bike helmet is on Internet stores. An Internet store dedicated to dirt bikes will have a much larger selection than a thrift store or consignment shop. You can find these stores by accessing the Internet.

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Youth Dirt Bike Helmets, Protect Your Child:

Kids and dirt bikes just seem to go together. There’s not a young boy alive (and many a young girl) that wouldn’t love the thrill of zooming through open fields and desert areas on a ripping, roaring dirt bike. For many children, a dirt bike is like a rite of passage, a catapult into adulthood. A very important part of this ritual, of course, is a youth dirt bike helmet.

Youth dirt bike helmets come in many sizes and styles and are available wherever dirt bikes and motorcycles are sold. Many are also available from online retailers who often charge considerably less for them. Wherever you decide to purchase one, however, there are a number of things to look for in a youth helmet.

  • Youth Dirt Bike Helmet Styles:

Motorcycle helmets, motocross helmets, and youth dirt bike helmets come in three basic styles. Each offers varying amounts of protection. These styles, in order of the most to least protective, are full face, face, and face.

A full face helmet offers the most protection available. It covers the entire head, includes protection for the base of the skull and offers a chin guard in the front. The better of these helmets will also include vents and filters to prevent the rider breathing dust particles.

A face youth dirt bike helmet also protects the base of the skull but does not have the protection for the chin. In fact, these helmets offer little protection for the face at all and should always be used in tandem with eye protection.

The face youth helmet offers the least protection of all, and most of them offer the minimum amount of protection allowed by law in most states. The face is similar to the face helmet, but it has a raised rear that offers very little protection to the base of the skull.

In youth dirt bike helmets a face style is preferable to the face, a full face style is preferable to the face, and the face style is preferable to no helmet at all.

Youth Dirt Bike Helmet

  • Youth Dirt Bike Helmet Safety Standards:

The most important thing to look for when purchasing a youth bike helmet is that it meets established safety standards. In the United States, all motorcycle and youth dirt bike helmets must meet minimum safety specifications set by the Department of Transportation (DOT).

The standards set by the Snell Memorial Foundation are stricter than those of the DOT and it is usually recommended that helmet purchasers look for the Snell label when purchasing youth dirt bike helmets or any motorcycle headgear.

  • Youth Dirt Bike Helmets Law:

Motorcycle and dirt bike helmet laws have been the topic of much debate over the years. Many countries have instituted helmet laws nationwide. This is not the case in the United States. Many states have youth dirt bike helmet laws and motorcycle helmet laws that require riders of certain ages to wear helmets when riding.

Other states have no requirements at all. Regardless of the youth dirt bike helmet laws in your area, you definitely want to make sure you get a youth dirt bike motorcycle helmet for your child and make sure the child wears it whenever riding.


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