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Why Choose a Full Face Motorcycle Helmet?

Why Choose a Full Face Motorcycle Helmet?


When you are shopping for a new motorcycle helmet there are many styles available, from open face to full face helmets. But why should you choose the extra weight of a full face motorcycle helmet over a lighter model?

The primary job of a motorcycle helmet is to protect the head from brain injury. But more can happen to the rider’s head than the impact after falling off.

An open-faced motorcycle helmet will not protect the face while riding or during an accident. Neither will it protect the face from minor annoyances such as insects, the wind, and rain. A full face motorcycle helmet will provide all the protection you need, even when there is no likelihood of injury.

The usual objection to a full face helmet is that it gets too hot in the warm weather. But measured against swallowing a bug or losing most of your face sliding down a dirt road head first, a little discomfort on a sunny day seems mild.

Besides, motorcycle helmet companies have been busy tackling that very subject and have come up with a variety of ingenious cooling systems. Just pick the one that works best for you.

Things to Never Compromise Upon While Buying Full Face Helmets:

There are a few things you must check while buying a full face motorcycle helmet. Unfortunately, a majority of the people are not aware of this thing which is why I have come up with the following list.

  • Federal Approval:

The Department of Transportation (DOT) places their stamp of approval on helmets that meet or surpass the required safety standards. The stamp is located on the back side of the helmet. If the helmet does not have a DOT stamp of approval, it does not provide adequate crash protection.

DOT Approved

  • Impact Absorption:

Good helmet always has impact absorption ability. It is this ability that protects our head from injury. You must ask the seller if the helmet has EPS impact absorption lining within in or not.

  • Comfortable Interior:

I have personally seen a few full face motorcycle helmets whose interior was very rough. This sometimes gives a very unpleasant feeling to the user. So prefer buying a helmet having soft, cushioned and comfortable interior preferably made of foam or similar material.

  • Proper Fit:

Helmets are available in a myriad of shapes and sizes. Try on a wide selection of helmets and don’t settle until you find the perfect fit. Ask yourself: Does the helmet fit snugly, but without being too tight?

“Buying the Correct Fitting Motorcycle Helmet”

  • Face-shield Design:

Of course, the face-shield should also meet safety standards. However, you want to check to ensure the shield is clear. Naturally, you need to be able to see clearly no matter what weather you’re riding in. Your face-shield motorcycle helmet shouldn’t fog, and it should be able to keep the sun out of your eyes. The best motorcycle helmets even have UV-protectant face-shields so that you can feel good about your skin. We all need to feel good about that.

  • Breathing:

It goes without saying that good ventilation is absolutely essential. This is not only to ensure your comfort while riding, but it’s also to help block out other vehicles’ exhaust fumes. When you’re out on the open road with no vehicle to block the harmful exhaust, your helmet is the best line of defense between your lungs and toxic chemicals.

Furthermore, the best full face motorcycle helmet will be well-ventilated to prevent you from sweating profusely. Riders in desert-like climes should enjoy that aspect!

  • Consider the Cost:

There are well-known manufacturers of helmet nowadays. There is also a wide range of variety of styles and prices. But higher prices doesn’t automatically mean that it’s the best quality. There are certain brands that offer great quality full face helmets but not that expensive.

  1. Bell Qualifier Unisex-Adult Full Face Street Helmet
  2. Vega X888 Full Face Helmet
  3. LS2 Stream Solid Full Face Helmet With Sunshield

Expensive Helmets

Benefits of a Full Face Motorcycle Helmet Compared to Other Styles:

Well, there are three major styles of helmets available in the market; open style, flip-up or modular and the full mask helmets. However, each of the helmets comes with their individual and unique advantages, but the full face style beats other by a fair margin.

  • Comparison with Open-face Helmet:

Data shows from a survey that, few riders preferring open-face helmets because of getting a cooler sensation than the full face helmets. Additionally, it also offers better visibility while riding and reflects a stylish look right through. But, you should keep in mind that exposing your face for style can be very dangerous. If you experience an unpredictable collision with an open face helmet, your face could drag into the ground and you might receive severe injuries.

Another new variant of helmets in the market is the modular or flip-up helmet that offers almost same protection as a full face motorcycle helmet. These helmets have become increasing popular because of the stylish look along with necessary advantages. One of them is brand new Shoei Neotec. It offers you to flip up windshield at signals to receive cooling sensation and other advantages.

Some professional riders feel that this variant of the helmet could flip up in a sudden accident with terrible consequences. And, few riders believes that these helmets offer the best accord it terms of safety of a full mask helmets along with the cooling sensation with flip-up benefit.

Modular Helmet

  • Full Face Helmet: The Ultimate Winner:

But, we recommend you to believe in eliminating the risk as much as possible. So, the full face motorcycle helmet stands ahead of all other styles in our eyes, which is tested and proved to provide maximum protection in on-road and off-road biking.

Compared to other styles, this variant of helmet offers multiple advantages. It provides the best protection for your head and neck what makes them one of the best motorcycle helmets. It is also highly effective against dirt, dust, insects and sudden flying stones chips. You will get a proper sound insulation and it will help you keep warm in winter season too.

On top of that, the chance of helmet detachment of full face helmets is the lowest compared to other three variants provided it is strapped on properly.

In a random statistics, it was found that 60% of the most impact of a helmet receives impact somewhere around the chin area and above the visor portion. So, in order to provide maximum protection and eliminating the risk as much as possible, a full face helmet is always recommended by the professional riders. This variant is the one and only solution where you can keep your entire face protected in every aspect.

While buying a full-mask helmet, make sure it is well-ventilated. Ineffective ventilation will prevent visor from fogging and offers you a hassle free riding right through.

Now it’s Your Turn

So, if you choose the safest option that is the full face motorcycle helmet, you will become the ultimate winner. You can avail full-mask helmets with innumerable style and color variant at affordable rates. However, no helmets can assure 100% guarantee to eliminate your life risk, but if it is a full-face one and you wear it with proper strapped, you can reduce the chance of damaging your head during a severe collision. Now, it is your turn.


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