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How to Clean Your Motorcycle Helmet?

How to Clean Your Motorcycle Helmet?


To ride a motorcycle is to expose oneself to the various dangers in life. Today bike racing is no less than a career choice in itself. People who love this adventure sport risk their lives for the very thrill of it. Adrenaline junkies and sports enthusiasts always expose themselves to dangers. Today accidents happen more so in sports arena. Road mishaps are no less. The very purpose of these machines is the need for speed and style.

Helmets are the only thing that saves the lives of these people. A strong sturdy helmet proves to be of utmost importance during unfortunate incidence. Having a helmet does not mean that one is going to go through an accident. It is only a precautionary measure. These head gears should be kept in proper conditions.

  • Helmet Care:

Helmets need to be taken care of. With time the inside of it tends to get assimilated with dust and dirt along with sweat. This does not help in maintaining the foam properly so then the question of how to clean your motorcycle helmet arises. For a helmet to be useful the EPS and the shell should be in good condition. To ensure that helmets are kept well one must wash it from time to time. The inside of the helmet is made of delicate material.

“How to Clean and Maintain Your Motorcycle Helmet”

Any harsh treatment to it might cause tearing and breaking. This will expose the skull to the hard shell covering. So if a person meets with an accident then they are at a higher chance of hurting themselves seriously. In some helmets the EPS can be removed and replaced. By investing in a good quality helmet one can know that it will last longer.

  • Helmet Types and Cleaning:

Different types of helmets should be taken care of differently. Some helmets like the modular or flip up helmet require cleaning of the bends and groves as well. Wiping the exterior will clean the dust this will keep the inside free from contamination. Some helmets have grooves embedded in them for ventilation. To clean this one can use a tiny piece of cloth or an ear bud and run it across them. Sometimes insects also get caught in it. To avoid rashes and other problems maintaining a proper hygiene and keeping your helmets clean becomes important.

  • Maintaining a Helmet:

By knowing how to clean your motorcycle helmet one can prolong its life span. Using scrubs and metal brushes can damage the helmet. The visor should be cleaned and wiped with a soft cloth. One must ensure that it does not get scratches. Damage to this can cause problems in seeing clearly. Modern helmets are made from plastic and fiber. This makes cleaning them much easier. After washing the helmet make sure that the foam has dried properly.


Helmets help in saving lives. Based on a study it is noted that people using helmets have 69% of chances of saving themselves from devastating accidents. To keep oneself and their family and friends safe always use helmets and advice others to do the same.



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