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How to Clean and Maintain Your Motorcycle Helmet?

How to Clean and Maintain Your Motorcycle Helmet?


Many people simply do not show enough consideration for their motorcycle helmets and they do a whole lot of stupid things which cause unnecessary damage to such a motorcycle helmet.

Many people when they park will simply place the motorcycle helmet on the ground which could lead to scratching or other unnecessary dirt.

Others will use their motorbike mirror as a place to hang their motorcycle helmet but this could cause unnecessary damage especially to the energy absorbing lining. Others simply place the helmet on the motorcycle seat where it could be blown off by the wind or it will simply fall off the seat when someone bumps against the motorbike.

Some people think that it is cool to add all kinds of stickers and even paints to their motorcycle helmets but this is really a foolish thing to do because there are solvents in the glue of those stickers and also in those paints that could weaken the shell of your motorcycle helmet.

  • The Basic Do’s and Don’t of Helmet Care:

Motorcycle Helmet BagsWhen the helmet becomes dirty then you could wash the helmet and the visor with dish-washing liquid and water but during the process, it is better to use only your hands because it is well known that even a very soft brush will still cause scratches on the surface of your helmet.

For those who are serious about maintaining their motorcycle helmet in an excellent condition, they should consider investing in a helmet bag of protective material.

Most motorcycles have special helmet looks under their seats where the helmet could be secured against theft and the chances of that helmet dropping will be reduced.

  • Deep Cleaning Your Helmet:

Your motorcycle helmet is the most important piece of protective gear which you have and therefore it needs to be cared for in a special way. This should be done in the correct way without doing unnecessary damage.

If there is an accumulation of dirt or debris on your helmet you could rinse it thoroughly with lukewarm water. Should this treatment not be sufficient you could proceed to take a warm wet towel and place this over the helmet for a few minutes which may help to loosen tough dirt.

Every effort should be made to clean the helmet without the use of scrubbing materials which could lead to nasty scratches.

“How To Clean Your Motorcycle Helmet”

  • Deep Cleaning a Bike Helmet with a Removable Liner:

If you owe a helmet with a removable liner then those liners could be removed and washed which will remove all of the accumulated sweat and other dirt which may have penetrated those liners while the helmet was used.

Such washing will allow for a high level of hygiene and it will remove all of those nasty old smells which start to develop when such helmet is used a lot.

  • Deep Cleaning a Helmet without a Removable Liner:

There are some helmets without a removable liner and in these cases, the manufacturers suggest that the entire helmet is placed in a bucket of water with mild soap.

Thereafter it should be rinsed with running water until all soap has been removed. Then the helmet just has to be left to dry and some users suggest that a dry towel is stuffed inside a helmet to help with moisture absorption.

  • Preventative Maintenance:

There are some helmets that have a matte finish and these should only be cleaned with warm water and a natural detergent. There are some forms of plastic cleaner that can do a substantial amount of damage to the shell such as causing nasty blemishes and in some cases, it may also make the matte paint shiny.

Great care should be taken with some cleaning products because they can cause all kinds of problems with matte finishes.



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