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Stand out in the Crowd with Cool Motorcycle Helmets

Stand out in the Crowd with Cool Motorcycle Helmets


There are many lists out there about cool motorcycle helmets, but most of them you can’t even use because they’re not DOT approved. Sure some of them are pretty awesome looking, but they won’t be too awesome when they split open on impact. That’s why we have come up with our favorite cool motorcycle helmets that you can actually use.

All of these helmets are at least DOT approved and can be found on Amazon. Hopefully, you find them as cool as we do.

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Arai Corsair V RC Race Carbon FiberThe Arai Corsair V Race Carbon is considered by many to be the best helmet out there. It takes everything that the original Arai Corsair V has but instead of a fiberglass shell, the Corsair V Race Carbon is made of 100% carbon fiber. This makes the helmet ultra strong, light and extremely comfortable to wear. It’s a big reason why this helmet is very popular with professional racers.

It is also a big reason why the Corsair V Race Carbon is considered the most expensive motorcycle helmet on the market at around $4000. No, this helmet is not for the average casual rider, but for hardcore and pro rider it’s well worth the price.

Shark RAW Soyouz HelmetA unique goggle/mask combination, and a unique shape, along with a compact style, make this a great helmet. It features side vents and is made of durable thermoplastic resin for optimal durability.

A natural fiber interior provides optimal comfort, and with sizing for men and women, there is something for every customer. It features an anti-fog and scratch visor, along with quick release goggle design and a face protection mask keeps you safe, regardless of the road conditions you are in.

Bell Rogue Half HelmetWith an adjustable muzzle, you can select your comfort levels. A fidlock magnetic connection system is also in place, with integrated speaker pockets.

A lightweight composite shell is durable, comfortable, and provides overhead protection. There is also a removable and washable interior liner, so you can keep the helmet clean, and also help maintain the coolest temperatures possible with each ride.

Bell Vortex Flying TigerThe Flying Tiger design on the Bell Vortex helmet is a tribute to the 1st American Volunteer Group who fought in World War II. Their nickname was the “Flying Tigers” and they had the shark-faced design painted on their planes. The design is one of the most famous and recognizable in combat aircraft history. The helmet itself isn’t too bad either. It has a lightweight polycarbonate shell, adjustable air vents, and an anti-fog visor.

Inside it features contoured cheek pads for a comfortable fit and removable, washable liner that include speaker pockets for earphones. This helmet is also fairly priced, you could pick one up for under $180.

Nexx XR1R Full Face HelmetEvery rider knows the importance of having good protection when on the road. Having a quality helmet can potentially save one’s life should an accident occur. The Nexx XR1R full face helmet is large and covers the whole face, yet it is also very light and comfortable. The internal padding ensures that it can fit all users perfectly, irrespective of the shape of the head. The outer shell is made of carbon which makes it quite strong and resistant.

It costs $599 and is shipped free from Amazon. The manufacturers have gone out of their way to create a helmet that is attractive, modern and comfortable.

Airoh J 106You have to admit the Arioh J 106 is extremely cool looking. Airoh is led by Antonio Locatelli and has been churning out the style since 1998. The Italians know all about style and the Airoh J 106 is no exception. Sure, some say it’s a little tight with minimal padding and even somewhat noisier than most but this helmet offers something else. That something else is unrivaled class and style. Its thermoplastic shell does feel a little too plastic-like but the paintwork is outstanding. Ventilation is adequate and the chin bar is completely removable. The sun visor is internally housed and can be rotated into any position which is a nice touch. The helmet is fairly lightweight at about 3 lbs 2 oz. Remember, you’re buying this helmet for the cool factor… and for that it’s priceless.

Cool Motorcycle Helmets for Women – Suggested Brands:

My brother, who is a motorcycle enthusiast himself, recommended two brands of motorcycle helmets that can stand out from the crowd.

  • Icon Airframe:

The Airframe Pro model from Icon is on top of the recommendation list. According to the brother, this is by far the most stylish motorcycle helmet that he has seen in the market. He also advised that this is not cheap at all because the helmet’s suggested retail price starts at $400.

  • Scorpion EXO Series:

Another model that my brother recommended is Scorpion EXO-R410 which is also stylish but is much cheaper than the first one for about $200.

  • DIY Designs for Cool Motorcycle Helmets:

He also mentioned that in case the branded models of motorcycle helmets did not catch my attention, I can always opt for custom made helmets. Or since I am an artist, I can customize a motorcycle helmet all by myself.

  • Tattoo:

I love tattoos. The brother had this cool idea of having matching tattoos on my body and my helmet. The idea isn’t bad at all.

  • Mohawk:

A motorcycle helmet with Mohawk is another one of my brother’s crazy ideas. This will surely ensure visibility on the road which can result to lesser chances of getting hit by another rider or a car driver.

  • Personal Artwork:

The final suggestion from my brother was to have one of my customized artworks printed on the motorcycle helmet. He mentioned that I can show my love for skulls, hearts and musical notes by having these designs airbrushed on a helmet.

The Rest…

“Wait! What about those crazy cool motorcycle helmets we wanted to see?” If the cool helmets above weren’t enough… here’s a selection of “best” for you to chuckle at…




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