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Custom Motorcycle Helmets: Be Unique on the Road

Custom Motorcycle Helmets: Be Unique on the Road


When carrying out certain activities, most people have their own protective gears and equipment, motorcycling is no exception. According to US Department of Transportation, every rider must have a helmet.

However, this doesn’t mean that you have to stay with the boring designs and traditional helmets which people mostly use since the introduction of motor vehicles. In fact, some motorists already found a newer way to reinvent their helmets thus making these items as custom motorcycle helmets.

So, what is a custom motorcycle helmet?

A custom motorcycle helmet is something different – it’s made SPECIFICALLY for you. It’s one-of-a-kind: everything from the texture of the helmet to the design of the pattern — the color(s) you choose, both exterior and interior.

People who create a custom design helmet are considered airbrush artists whose focus is on attention to detail, great finishes, unique designs and customer taste. Comparing a custom helmet with one purchased directly off-the-shelf is, according to some, “Like comparing daylight to nightlight.”

Custom motorcycle helmet artists work throughout the United States, as well as in Japan and Europe. They are primarily available via the internet. They usually work on commission, rather than a flat fee, because of the time they must invest in each project.

Custom Motorcycle Helmets

Custom Motorcycle Helmets – Your Choices:

Custom motorcycle helmets are usually airbrushed, although they may also use reflective decals only, or transform the helmet to a Comic Character or Superhero.

  • Airbrush Motorcycle Helmets:

Airbrush motorcycle helmets are one of the most popular ways for motorcycle riders to make their own individual mark on their motorcycle accessories. Some riders choose to place stickers on their helmet, while others prefer this more expensive artwork.

Most riders like the fact that with custom helmets, their helmet is one of a kind. No one else in the world would have one exactly like theirs. This is a big thing for motorcycle riders as they feel their motorcycle accessories is an extension of who they are.

Unless you are an airbrush professional, you will need to take your helmet to a specialty airbrush shop to get your motorcycle helmet airbrushed. The artists at these shops are extremely talented and professional and can offer you suggestions of what to get.

If you already know what you want, then go ahead and bring a picture with you so that the artist can get an idea of what you are looking for. It is always better to provide too much information as opposed to not enough information when it comes to things like this:

Strange Motorcycle Helmets

These stores are offered in most cities. There are an abundance of airbrush outlets on the beach. Almost every beach on the East Coast offers at least three airbrush shops. Since there are a lot of motorcycle festivities, like Bike Week, at the beach, then stop by a shop while you are there and check out their work.

It is always good to check out previous work by the artist. Since helmets are not cheap and airbrushing is not very reversible, then you want to be sure whoever does your motorcycle helmet airbrush work is talented enough for your taste. Most artists will have portfolios or examples hanging around for you to examine before you commit to their work.

Airbrushing is not very expensive. An artist will charge between $50 and $100 to airbrush a motorcycle helmet. The costs all depend on the design you choose, the colors needed, and how large it is. The more time it will take the artist, the more he or she will charge. If there are a lot of colors, it will cost you more. If the design is large, it will cost you more.

Airbrushing a motorcycle takes a short amount of time, so don’t be surprised if you pay $50 and it is done in fifteen minutes.
  • Some Interesting Customization Ideas:

Owning a custom motorcycle helmet is an amazing experience. It provides the owner with a unique statement while riding their motorcycle. At the same time, the use of quality paint and clear coats gives it a top-class finish that is not commonly found on traditional off the shelf helmets.

There are several customization ideas that motorcycle riders can use to give their ride a whole new meaning and experience.

One of the most popular customization ideas is skull designs. These look fabulous on a motorcycle helmet and can also be done in a wide range of different styles. A motorcycle rider can have one or many skulls featured on their helmet.

Another customization design that is perfect for motorcycle helmets is flames. Having a flame design on their helmet makes a motorcycle rider look like he/she means business! At the same time, there is something about this design that seems to work perfectly with speed themes.

HJC CS-R2 Flame Block

HJC CS-R2 Flame Block Motorcycle Helmet

Fantasy designs are also a great idea for customizing a helmet. These come in a wide range of designs from very masculine to ultra-feminine themes. Really the only thing that limits this design is the helmet owner’s imagination.

Race graphics are also perfect for a customized motorcycle helmet. Indy logos, motocross logos, and race-related designs are just some of the themes available. We’ve also seen people customize their helmet to look like a baseball cap! This is a great way to show the world their love for their team as they cruise their bike down the road.

Airbrush motorcycle helmets are personal ways to add an extension of yourself to your helmet. Having a helmet that mimics no one else is a fun and unique thing. This is especially true if you thrive on being different.

Race Graphic Helmet Design

  • Where to get Airbrush Designs?

Consider these locations for airbrush designs you can send to the companies or get done yourself:

  1. Your favorite tattoo parlor. If you don’t have one, find someone who has a nice tattoo you like and ask them. The artist at the parlor can sketch it out for you for a small fee.
  2. Airbrush tattoo artists at the beach or similar. They are familiar with what an airbrush can do and provide a sample drawing.
  3. A professional artist you find online
  4. Photo’s from your favorite movie or fan art you find online.
  • Watch Videos Online:

There are cases when motorists would think of the costs of having their helmets customized. There are those who try to watch videos online instead, there are tutorials available which can help one design his or her own helmet.

A medium used may vary from airbrush or paint. Some videos may give you step by step techniques on how to make designs using other materials so as to come up with a comic character, superhero or another cartoon character.

“Airbrush Helmet Smiley Face Monster Paint Artist”

  • Motorcycle Helmet Decals:

Motorcycle helmet decals have become very popular because they provide a way for motorcyclists to express themselves and make their motorcycle helmet more personal.

There are so many decals available that it is hard to decide the right one. The helmet decals can be grouped into many different categories such as those that are school or sports related. There are also decals that are placed in the miscellaneous category.

The school decals for a helmet are popular with new and old students. If you are attending a university or college or you are a university or college alumni, you can purchase your favorite school’s logo to add as a decal to decorate your helmet. This is a great way to show your school spirit as you drive down the highway. Also, these decals make a great gift idea for soon to be or recent graduating students. They will enjoy receiving motorcycle helmet decals as a gift.

Motorcycle Helmet Decals

Another reason to buy a decal for your helmet is if you want to promote your favorite sports team. The sports-related decals are especially popular with men. The decals can usually be bought in your favorite basketball, baseball, football, or hockey teams. As well they make a great gift idea and can especially be used when a rival team is playing your favorite team.

A really popular motorcycle helmet decal to buy falls under the category of special or popular phrases. These include phrases such as “I Love You”, “I Love Mom”, and “Don’t Worry Be Happy”. These are phrases that are not reserved for bumper stickers but can be purchased as decals for your helmet.

The last category to mention consists of miscellaneous decals. These decals are things like trees, animals, suns, cartoon characters, or flags for example. This type of decals can provide a very personal touch to your helmet because they will show what your personality is like.

Therefore, whether you choose to buy a motorcycle helmet for yourself or someone you know that enjoys motorcycles, there are many different categories such as school and sports related, special or popular phrases, or miscellaneous categories of motorcycle decals that you will surely enjoy purchasing.

“How To Apply Helmet Decals?”

  • Transform to a Comic Character or Superhero:

If a motorist wishes to pursue a much more complex design but a very stylish one, then he or she may opt to buy the personalized motorcycle helmets in various online stores which have built helmets out of the faces or masks of various comic characters and superheroes. It may also be the case that some motorists can buy a plain full-faced motorcycle helmet and give it to the custom shop, don’t forget to give your chosen design or character so that it would be easier for the artist to make the design.

Face it, you know you want to look as awesome as Iron Man, as sexy as Wonder Woman, faster than Flash or rugged like Wolverine.

Superheroes Motorcycle Helmets

Photos Credit: Airgraffix

How to Decide on a Design for a Custom Motorcycle Helmet?

Design custom motorcycle helmets are fashioned according to user specifications. Although there are several helmet designs in the market, sometimes putting on what really suits your specific needs is the best.

  • Budgeting for Design Custom Motorcycle Helmets:

Finding the best quality design airbrushed motorcycle helmets is often a massive challenge. Most of the companies that deal in helmets do not offer customization and even the ones that offer this service may not satisfy your specific wants.

The extent of customization depends on your budget. Individuals must first consider the amount of money they intend to spend on the helmet and use this figure to rule out either more expensive or low-priced poor quality options.

When your budget is large enough, you can focus on top brands such as Shoei, Bell, and HJC helmets for customization. These brands of helmets are usually more expensive than Scorpion, Rodia, and other brands but may give you the best custom quality motorcycle helmets.

Budgeting Custom Helmets

  • Security and Comfort Considerations:

Security and comfort must be considered when choosing quality motorcycle helmets for customization. You do not have to go for expensive brands to achieve exceptional comfort, but you really need to find out as much information about each helmet type.

While you customize your helmet, remember that the more you make it lighter the more are you likely to remove inner shells and bulky components that can protect you during high collision situations.

So the novelty helmets, with their glossy and low profile look, may never be completely safe. Besides, the half helmets come with inner protective lining for securing your skull but will not protect your most sensitive facial parts of the head.

  • Following the Riding Style:

Your riding style is hugely essential when designing a custom helmet. The way you ride will always determine your comfort and safety with every helmet you wear. For instance, individuals who prefer the hard-nosed, bad-to-the-bone biker style are served better by novelty helmet looks or half helmets.

Such helmets are smaller and sleeker and offer a wide variety of shapes and styles, including the classic USA, German, and Polo styles among others. By adding stickers, paint jobs, logos and any other items to the helmets, they can portray your intended attitude while you are riding.

The conservative rider, who does not trust their security and safety to the helmet, should consider buying three-quarter or full face motorcycle helmets. These helmets can also be customized to suit any needs and will protect the whole head. So conservatives can also customize their helmets and still feel absolutely secure.

  • Matching Helmets to your Preferences:

The rider’s preferences are very critical during helmet customization. Some riders prefer to have spiked helmets, some peeled off stickers, and others prefer Mohawks. Adding spikes to your helmet will call for drilling the top end to create holes for fitting bolts but this form of motorcycle helmet artwork can boost your riding pride.

Spiked Motorcycle Helmets

Voss Gladiator Motorcycle Helmet

In other cases, graphics, ghost effects, metallic flakes, and artistic flames can be added to your helmet to make it suit your preferences. You may be required to send in your photos, design ideas, drawings, and logos to the customization company and instruct them on how to make design custom motorcycle helmets.

How to Customize a Motorcycle Helmet?

Customizing a helmet gives the motorcycle rider a chance to extend the personal statement that their bike makes. When customizing a helmet, people should always think about the motorcycle and other things that are usually worn when riding. An excellent custom motorcycle helmet will look great with the jacket, bike and any type of bag used.

The first step in customizing a helmet is to choose one that perfectly fits your head. It would be a waste of money to purchase one that will not fit and give the head the protection that it needs. Always remember that the primary reason for wearing a helmet is safety.

Casque Taille

The next step is to plan the primary design and color. Similar to clothing, motorcycle helmets come in a wide range of colors. A person should always remember that it is always good to select something that will perfectly fit every outfit. At the same time, they should choose a safe primary color such as white or black. Blue and red are also very popular options.

After the color has been selected, it is time for the helmet to be painted with unique designs. When selecting a design, you should always ensure that it fits your personality. You can also depict your interests in the helmet’s design. Most paint jobs these days are done using an airbrush. Make sure you find a quality airbrush and someone with the required skills as they are not all the same.

A person can still customize their helmet if they find painting to be an expensive proposition and if they are artistic enough.

Women’s Custom Motorcycle Helmets:

Nowadays, it is common to see a woman under the control of a motorcycle with an appropriate women’s custom helmets. Helmets first job is a safety but for the women out there, you want to look good doing it.

  • Ways for Women to Customize Their Motorcycle Helmets:

Get a bright color! Men tend to get just black and if they customize it, it usually involves skulls, flames or brands. Go bold with your fingernail polish and get a neon green or pink helmet. It will increase your safety with visibility and show off your feminine spunk. Examples on Flickr are here.

Girlie Decals: You can find stickers or decals of your favorite cartoon character, flowers, or anything else you can imagine if you just want an inexpensive customization to an existing helmet.

Custom Airbrushing: You can get custom airbrushing on an existing helmet with artwork more appropriate for a woman with TV characters from “I dream of Jeanie” to “Wonder Woman”.

Scorpion EXO-R410 Novel Street Motorcycle Helmet

Scorpion EXO-R410 Novel Street Motorcycle Helmet

  • Things to Consider in Purchasing Women’s Custom Helmets:

Removable lining: If you wear makeup during riding it will get smeared on the padding inside of the helmet. This also goes for normal hair oils. If you find a helmet with removable lining, it will be easier to keep the inside clean and that old body soil off your skin.

The perfect fit: is the most decisive steps you should take into consideration. Helmets effectiveness and safety depends its size to fit correctly to prevent. Make sure that the helmets fit snugly in your head, it should have an adjustable strap, and it should sit low on your forehead with its edge just above your eyebrow. If you have long hair allow for some extra room if you will be putting a braid in there.

“How to Fit a Motorcycle Helmet?”

Safety and comfort: comfort is essential, but safety should be your top priority. A helmet is useless if it does not provide safety and protection you need. To make sure that you are complying with the DOT laws is to purchase it with the DOT’s approval and certification. You will ensure that your headgear is reliable when you consider these guidelines. If you have long hair a higher base at the neck will accommodate for ponytails and braids.

Considering Cost: in choosing these helmets, it is best no just go for the cheapest option because it would not serve its purpose well and instead search for a good deal. Decide carefully first according to your price range before making a purchase. Rest assured that you could find the best helmet that is within your price range.

Retention: a helmet is useless if it does not stay on your head in unexpectedly getting off. A simple test to ensure that this helmet will stay on your head is to check its chinstrap you are holding. Keep in mind that its retention depends on the adjustable power of its chinstrap.

Riding and Communicating:

Most often than not a reason for riding a motorcycle is to get away from the busy life and just to go out in the world with thoughts filling one’s head and the rush of the wind gushing through one’s face. However, it is not without any doubt that there are those who would still like to involve their family and friends to the picture of their travel.

There are a lot of electronic devices and equipment which you can customize your helmet with. However the latest and most inexpensive is the custom motorcycle helmets with Bluetooth. This is for those who would like to multi-task while traveling the road. Share their daily experiences about where to go, eat or stop for a break.

Bluetooth Custom Motorcycle Helmets

Sena SMH10-10 Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset

What Model Helmet is the Best?

Part of the custom motorcycle helmets process is choosing what model is best for the customer. Besides selecting a full-face, open-face, ¾-face, shorty, etc., it is also necessary to decide whether or not the helmet will meet DOT safety standards.

Helmets that do not meet these guidelines are known as “novelty” helmets. Customers are warned that these helmets are not considered legal in most states and, therefore, are not permitted to be worn when riding on public streets.

Nonetheless, “novelty” motorcycle helmets are very popular and adapt themselves very well to custom graphics, airbrushing and decals. “novelty” styles include chrome, marble, leather, carbon fiber, solid colors and German shapes. Those purchasing these helmets are warned that they are not designed for safety, as they will not protect the head on impact.

Where to Buy or Find Custom Shops?

If you’re having a hard time looking at the various motorcycle stores in your area. There are a number of motorists who have set their own online stores and you may view the product which they sell. The products range from various motorcycle helmets which are all of the good quality. Similarly, you can transact with lesser worries and hassle given that you are doing it online.

There are websites which have shipping fee in some areas but there are those which don’t charge shipping fees. Also, you may check the brand and quality by looking at the various reviews on these websites. Listed below are the top websites which motorists usually visit and check out for their custom motorcycle helmets.

  1. RevZilla
  2. Airgraffix
  3. Graf-X – UK
  4. DB Customs
  5. Savage Designs

For some starters or those who are new to buying helmets online or for those new in custom motorcycle helmets. There are some shops which have a turn around time of 2 weeks so as to ensure that you will get quality helmets. Be patient in waiting for the equipment. Remember to follow up and keep in touch with the layout artist as well to know if he or she has done it right most especially if you have special requests.

Also, some motorists find the time to shop for their motorcycle jacket first before ordering for a custom made the helmet or before they customize their helmets. This gives them time to mix and match their outfit especially for the women motorists who are into matching their outfit with their headgear.

There is also a technical support group to help those who have other inquiries. Just check the website which you have visited and contact the support group. Some motorists even try to contact these people when they have complaints about the design, so there are no worries if you go for the online custom shops.

Summing it Up

There are dozens of reasons that customers choose a custom motorcycle helmet. They set riders apart from the crowd and establish their personality. They project the image they want, particularly if they run the customization through to their bike.

One of the most common comments made by riders with custom motorcycle helmets is that they “got better results than (they) expected,” even though this type of helmet is “much more pricey” than the standard, off-the-shelf motorcycle helmet.

Top Funny & Crazy Motorcycle Helmets:

Funny Motorcycle Helmets 01

Funny Motorcycle Helmets 02

Funny Motorcycle Helmets 03

Funny Motorcycle Helmets 04

Funny Motorcycle Helmets 05

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Funny Motorcycle Helmets 10

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Funny Motorcycle Helmets 12

* Green Smiley Face Image Credit: Blaze Artworks


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