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Discount Motorcycle Helmets: What to Keep in Mind?

Discount Motorcycle Helmets: What to Keep in Mind?


Before you purchase any discount motorcycle helmets, do your homework! Make sure you know what you are purchasing and make a well-informed decision. Keep in mind that this one piece of equipment could likely save your life! That alone is worth the time and effort to make the best decision possible!

If you are a new rider, purchasing any of the many discount helmets on the market can be a little overwhelming, to say the least! You’ll want to study as much information as possible, ask a lot of people who have experience and do a fair share of window shopping. Don’t make buying discount motorcycle helmets an afterthought. It is definitely not something you want to just throw into the deal after buying your bike.

The right helmet will not only enhance your riding experience but as stated above, possibly save your life in the unlikely event that an accident may occur.

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Let’s check out some of the certifications and features that you’ll want to consider when buying discount motorcycle helmets.

Many sources argue that you are more likely to get into an accident if you are wearing a helmet. All the studies indicate that if you are wearing a helmet and have a crash, you are less likely to suffer long time impairment or death. A helmet that offers D.O.T. certification provides you with significant protection if you crash. This helmet will cut down on ambient wind noise and may even help you hear sounds better than if you were without one.

A full face helmet can help you from becoming distracted from insects. Choosing helmets that are bright in color will also make you more conspicuous to other traffic on the road.

Discount motorcycle helmets are of no use if they don’t offer adequate protection. The D.O.T. sticker on the back of the helmet ensures that it will soak up a significant amount of impact energy, prevent most penetration, and have a strap system that will withstand a significant amount of force. If the manufacturer of the helmet advertises that this helmet has met the stringent standards of the Department of Transportation (D.O.T.) and you want to make sure that the certification is accurate, results of testing can be found at NHTSA site. Most experts agree that the best helmets for purchase are those with a D.O.T. sticker on them!

Consider retention when shopping for discount helmets. A helmet is of no use at all if it doesn’t stay on when you get off suddenly or unexpectedly. Check for this with one simple test. After you fasten the strap, you should feel some force on your chin. Then grab the rear of the helmet and lift it up and roll it forward off of your head. Even if it hurts and you are using significant force, it should not come off.

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The fit is crucial to good motorcycle helmets. In a nutshell, your helmet should fit snugly. It should be stable when you shake your head from side to side, front to back and up and down.

A full face helmet should grip your cheeks and jaw and the sides and top of your head. A loose helmet may come off in a crash and one that is too tight will be uncomfortable and you’ll be less likely to wear it. A proper fit is one that is snug enough that your skin moves with it when you try to move the helmet on your head.

Comfort is paramount when buying a discount motorcycle helmet! An uncomfortable helmet simply won’t be worn! Take the time and energy to find the most comfortable helmet available. While many riders claim that there is no such thing as a comfortable helmet but we beg to differ. Check forums and reviews to get feedback from other riders. This may steer you in the direction of certain models and narrow your search. It has been proven that the well-known brands are more likely to be the most comfortable.

If you are buying discount helmets with face shields, check for certification information. The shield should seal all the way around the edges of the helmet opening and be easy to operate and stay in position. Try the helmet on and close the shield. There should be no optical distortion. It can be annoying and dangerous as well.

Check for convenience features. Look for an extra shield and a quick-change face shield mechanism. These are the best convenience factors out there.

Lastly, let’s discuss cost. The chances are, the most comfortable helmet, the one with the most convenience features, and the one you like is going to be more expensive than other ones. If you are willing to pay this, then go ahead and make your purchase. If not, then there are a few things you can do to bring the purchase price down a bit.

One, look for one with fewer graphics, this can raise your price quite a bit

Second, look for a model with fewer bells and whistles, but with the same fit. You’ll also want to make sure that the purchase price includes all costs associated with your purchase. Sometimes shipping costs and handling fees can significantly raise your price!

  • Discount Motorcycle Helmets – Online Shopping Tips:

When you shop motorcycle helmet sales, the choices are staggering. You can choose everything from discount motorcycle helmet AGV styles to discount modular flip-up motorcycle helmets.

There are many brands that are available, too – and you can shop for men, women and children motorcycle helmets.

The most important aspect of shopping for your motorcycle helmet online is to make sure you know what you need out of your helmet. There are many sources and stores online that offer motorcycle helmets at great prices.

Don’t just go for look – go for quality. Do your research and choose carefully, because your motorcycle helmet should last you for a long time.


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