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The GLX 339 Flip Up Motorcycle Helmet – Review 8.0

The GLX 339 Flip Up Motorcycle Helmet – Review


The GLX 339 Helmet


This product is clearly the best motorcycle helmet under $200, which is less than half of what the other more popular brands charge and its features are similar.

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The GLX 339 flip up helmet is a high-quality motorcycle helmet made by internationally acclaimed helmet company GLX Helmets.

Designed for great fit and comfort, this helmet offers all the features you need in an affordable, safest motorcycle helmet. It is really durable, lightweight and protects you in all situations.

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The Modular Design:

The 339 modular helmet is one of the most versatile helmets on the market and it got our attention with its modular design.

Many people prefer this modular design because of the benefits that it brings such as it can easily transform from a full face helmet to an open face helmet depending on the weather and your preference.

The Shell of the GLX 339 flips up helmet made from a thermoplastic that is tested and designed to withstand high impacts and collisions. These material are used in many types of helmets from big a brand like HJC, Bell, Shoei… so on.

GLX Modular Helmet


You will find more vents on the shell, it has the two front vents and multiple exhaust vents on the top and back of the helmet. You will feel cool because these vents push air down into the front of the helmet which then exhausted through the top middle exhaust vent and rear exhaust vents.

However, if these vents aren’t enough to cool for you, you just need to open up the chin guard and visor to let the breeze blow. That’s the convenience of this type of helmet.

GLX 339 Modular Helmet

Interior Venting and Padding:

Inside of the helmet, there are venting channels built into the lining and these channels allow the air to flow freely and cool the top and sides of your head.

The padding in the GLX 339 is also designed for comfort and additional protection. This padding is about 1-inch thick which will keep the helmet secure on your head and will protect you from any additional impact in the event of an accident or collision.

The GLX 339 helmet is also designed to be very comfortable and allow you not feel like your crammed while wearing it.

Pros of The GLX 339 Helmet:

  • High impact resistant thermoplastic outer shell;
  • Many sizes, many colors to fit your head;
  • The GLX 339 has an advanced channeling ventilation system;
  • Anti-fog/anti scratch face-shield;
  • Integrated sun shield;
  • Easily removable/washable liner;
  • The GLX 339 Modular helmet approved by DOT.

GLX Modular Helmet Ventilation

Cons of The GLX 339 Helmet:

  • The wind noise is pretty loud, however, it is a small defect and I’m sure it will not affect you.

Customer Reviews and Scores:

The GLX 339 flip up helmet has received 177+ customer reviews and the average score is 3.9 out of 5 stars on the highly trusted and well-known website Amazon.

It is quite clear that this helmet offers various positive traits, however, like every other product out there, it also has a few downsides that are important to learn about as well before you actually buy it.


Finally, this product is clearly the best motorcycle helmet under $200, which is less than half of what the other more popular brands charge and its features are similar.

And overall, this is really a very lightweight and well-constructed helmet. We highly recommend you click here to get it now!


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