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How to Pick out a Good Motorcycle Helmet?

How to Pick out a Good Motorcycle Helmet?


So, you have finally bought your own motorcycle. Congratulations! It is beginning of a new life, an independent life in which you can go anywhere anytime without taking a lift from your friends or traveling on pathetic local trains.

Having a personal vehicle has its own charm especially for youngsters who do not like to remain dependent on their parents for traveling.

Be Very Careful:

The motorcycle is a good vehicle but it’s certainly the least safe mode of travel. It is because it has greater chances of getting damaged compared to a car or other vehicles. The car provides you more security as the driver is sitting inside so he remains safe in case of even serious accidents most of the times but this is not the case with a motorcycle.

I am not saying this to horrify you. The purpose of discussing these things is to emphasize the importance of driving safely on a motorcycle.

I Have a Solution For You!

Do you know that every year, roughly 25,000 people lose their lives in motorcycle accidents? If you are thinking of selling your motorcycle or replacing it with any other type of vehicle then wait for a second. It is not the motorcycle itself which is dangerous but it is the way we drive it that makes it dangerous.

My point is that you can remain safe while riding a motorcycle just by using a motorcycle helmet. So, never use motorcycle without wearing this protective gear.

But how do you choose the right motorcycle helmet?

Your Ultimate Guide to Motorcycle Helmets

Features of a Good Motorcycle Helmet:

Safety is the number one priority for anyone. In everything we do, we always think about our protection because that is the natural thing to do. We value our life and the lives of our family thus safety must be exercised at all times.

In fact, human beings love to live so much they spend countless money just to extend their lives but sadly the fountain of youth is still unreachable, for now. Companies realize our need to value life so they invented things to protect us from accidents.

Safety RatingsWith so many things that companies invented, motorcycle helmets are one of those protective gears that we still use until today. A motorcycle is one daring piece of equipment but it can also be dangerous so it is a must for motorcycle drivers to wear their helmets.

However, you can’t just buy a motorcycle helmet without any knowledge of the basic stuff. After all, we are talking about your safety here.

You need to know the basic features of a good motorcycle helmet to make your money worth it. Here are some of the things that you should know.

  • Buy motorcycle helmets that passed the standard of organizations that promote safety such as the Department of Transportation in the United States. The main purpose of motorcycle helmets is to protect the driver during accidents by lessening major injuries that could occur in the head or in the neck. Injuries in these areas can result instantly to death so it is important to protect these areas. You need to keep in mind that the motorcycle helmet that you will buy will help you protect your life.
  • Check the materials used in the motorcycle helmet that you are planning to buy. It is important that you are confident in the gear that you are going to buy to make your money worth it and your life in safety.
  • Try to wear the helmet and make sure that it fits your head well. A good motorcycle helmet fits snugly on your head and the strap would not easily come off especially during accidents. There are different sizes of motorcycle helmets to accommodate different sizes of heads to find a one that fits your head perfectly.

Casque Taille

  • Try to wear the motorcycle helmet to know if that is the helmet that you are looking for. There are motorcycle helmets that will make you feel uncomfortable or the design does not allow you to give the range of vision that you need when you drive. Being meticulous in buying stuff will help you in the long run.
  • Decide if you want to make your helmet to be customized. Motorcycle shops offer services such as customizing your helmet which can add joy to your riding experience. Aside from the protection it gives, motorcycle helmets can also make you a head-turner on the road.

Choosing the right helmet for you is vital because this gear will help you in the future. Be meticulous in buying your motorcycle helmet because safety should be your number one priority.

Shoei RF-1200 Motorcycle Helmet

Top Motorcycle Helmets – Difficult Choice:

Because there are literally dozens of motorcycle helmet manufacturers, both domestically and abroad, it’s an amazingly difficult task to choose which one is the “best.” Most bike riders would argue that they own a good motorcycle helmet. Thus, to even come close to deciding which one is the best motorcycle helmet available, a rider must set certain criteria to use in deciding.

Besides considering safety (the primary purpose of a helmet), a rider must also consider style, design, price, quality, comfort, and versatility – not necessarily in that order, along with several other elements that make a helmet the “best.” When defining “best,” it is also important to decide what is best for you.

Sometimes comfort alone is the primary consideration when selecting a motorcycle helmet. It’s almost like buying shoes. No matter how stylish and attractive they might be, if they hurt your feet you’re not going to wear them!

Price can also have a strong bearing on your decision. With costs ranging from under $100 to well over $750, riders must decide about included features such as padding, visors, and type of ventilation. As the saying in the industry goes, “If you have a $10 head, wear a $10 helmet.”

For some riders, especially those in the 18-24 age range, style and design is the most important consideration when deciding which is the right motorcycle helmet for them. They seem to favor the “Ninja” or more streamlined look and a variety of paint schemes that make the helmet stand out on the road or in a crowd.

Another important consideration is the type or model of the helmet. While most riders seem to prefer the full-face model, which offers the most protection, lots of others decide upon the ¾ or open face helmet. They frequently settle upon this style based on feelings of claustrophobia. The ¾ helmet looks like the full-face but has no chin bar or visor.

Motorcycle Helmet Types

Bell Rogue Motorcycle Half Helmet

  • Name a Few Possibilities:

Instead of naming an exact helmet as the very “best,” it is possible to narrow the choices down by choosing specific top-of-the-line manufacturers who are forward-thinking, innovative, safety-conscious and price competitive. There is no doubt that the following companies stand very close to the top when making the ultimate selection: Arai, Bell, HJC, and Shoei.

One important consideration is the longevity of the manufacturer.

Arai Helmets opened for business over 70 years ago and quickly evolved into a company whose structure was strongly based on innovation, design, and safety. The son and grandson of the original owners are still involved in this business that is headquartered in Japan.

Bell Helmets, too, has a long and stable history. Named for the city of Bell, California, this company first began selling motorcycle helmets in 1954. The “Bell 500,” named after the Indianapolis 500, proved itself by saving a driver from serious injury when he crashed head-on into a wall.

HJC Helmets, located in Cerritos, California, was established in 1971, and their sole product is motorcycle helmets. They claim they have been the number one motorcycle helmet manufacturer in North America since 1992.

Shoei Helmets opened for business, in Tokyo, over 60 years ago. Their focus became research, development, and design, as well as technical teams for the world’s top motorcycle racers. Shoei’s commitment is to produce the most advanced helmet in the world.

It should be noted that Harley-Davidson and BMW also rank high when considering the best motorcycle helmet there is.

“How to Choose the Right Motorcycle Helmet”

  • Is There Really a Best Motorcycle Helmet?

Choosing a good motorcycle helmet is like choosing the best car or the best book or the best stereo system. It’s really about choosing what’s best for you.

Maybe you’re happy with any helmet, as long as it’s decorated with bright yellow and orange flames. Maybe your economy priced helmet, priced at $49.95 is best for you because you’re strapped for cash. No matter.

Whatever helmet you choose and are comfortable with, that’s definitely your best helmet. Enjoy!


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