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The Hawk H510 Bluetooth Motorcycle Headset – Review 8.0

The Hawk H510 Bluetooth Motorcycle Headset – Review


Hawk H510 Helmet


Often, people associate quality with a price; however, that is not always the case. Low price doesn’t always mean poor quality, and the Hawk H510 is a perfect example of that.

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When it comes to things we use or plan on using regularly, we have a tendency to be ridiculously picky. And when it comes to Bluetooth headset, buying one allows you to finally replace those uncomfortable motorcycle helmet headphones.

Finding out where to buy motorcycle helmets and actually buying one is an example of this. This is because every time you take out your motorcycle for a ride, you will need to wear a helmet (unless you’re a daredevil).

Obviously, you’ll want to buy one of the top motorcycle helmets out there, since you’re using it so often. Besides this important aspect, there are quite a few other factors that make it tremendously important for one to choose the appropriate helmet, as helmets differ so much more now than they did back in the day.

For instance, people used to think that motorcycle helmets with Bluetooth were expensive. The Hawk H510 is a Bluetooth motorcycle helmet here to prove everybody wrong. It is offered at a price where you can purchase a pair of motorcycle helmet headphones. But instead with the H510, you can have the safety aspects and other features it comes with.

Despite coming at a lower price point, it still offers a wide amount of features while being of top quality.

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This is probably the reason many people simply consider going for some of the most expensive options out there. People believe that just because a product is expensive, that means it’s of good quality.

However, unfortunately for them, it doesn’t always turn out to be that way, as not all helmets will appeal to everyone. Just like almost everything else, helmets to come with a unique set of their own pros and cons, and unless they manage to meet your desired criterion, you won’t like them regardless of what you’ve paid.

Even if you do, you will end up wasting a lot of money, as you may never need the things offered by such expensive helmets. On the flip side, a product which is value for money may meet your needs better, and allow you to go for newer options whenever you feel like, without regretting wasting a lot of money when you do so.

This brings us to the Hawk H510, a product with a surprisingly low price tag. It may seem cheap, but it does the job well and replaces the need for motorcycle helmet headphones.

Well, as far as the reviews and specifications are anything to go by, it’s far from being a cheap product. The below given are some of the major reasons backing our opinion about it.

  • Design:

Hawk H510 DesignDespite being such a low priced product, it comes with a rather surprisingly appealing design. In fact, those unfamiliar with the top motorcycle helmets are bound to think that it’s one of the more expensive options out there.

The visor specifically is anti-fog, anti-scratched, and provides riders with a wide range of vision, allowing them to see more of their environment.

Furthermore, the Hawk H510 is constructed with a flow through the ventilation system, giving the rider as comfortable a ride as possible. The helmet also includes a removable liner which is washable, allowing maximum comfort for the rider’s head at all times.

The helmet weighs in at 6 pounds, which is a little heavier than some of the over helmets we’ve reviewed. This is simply because the price the manufacturer is selling the helmet for does not justify the top quality materials that go into other motorcycle helmets in higher price ranges.

  • Sizing & Comfort:

Regarding the sizing with the Hawk H510, owners of the helmet report the sizing to be smaller than listed. This means that you should consider sizing up one size from your usual size.

For instance, if you’re a size medium, consider purchasing a size large for maximum comfort instead. Having a properly fitted helmet is key to preventing injuries to your head in the event of any accidents.

Customers who purchased the Hawk H510 say that when the helmet is properly fitted, the comfort level of the helmet is surprisingly decent for its price. If one does not purchase a size which corresponds to the size of their head, it could either be loose fitting or too tight, both of which you do not want in a helmet.

  • Bluetooth Capability:

Hawk H510 BluetoothBluetooth has been a serious issue with quite a lot of Bluetooth integrated helmets out there. Many usually opt for motorcycle headphones, but with the Hawk H510, you can finally throw those motorcycle helmet headphones away. With that being said, people who purchase this helmet are surprised to find that the Bluetooth capability is comparable to helmets in a higher price range.

Ultimately, the H510 comes with excellent sound quality and exceptional Bluetooth connectivity, far surpassing other helmets in the same price range. This is the largely the reason why customers are so loyal to their Hawk’s helmet.

Venturing into a field of motorcycle helmets with Bluetooth, the H510 is an affordable alternative which still manages to be just as good, if not better than those Bluetooth motorcycle headset that is significantly more expensive.


Often, people associate quality with a price; however, that is not always the case. Low price doesn’t always mean poor quality, and the Hawk H510 is a perfect example of that.

A company would have to have connections with suppliers and efficient production lines to be able to offer a quality product at a low price point; Hawk is a company like that.

Despite being offered at a price not much higher than helmet accessories, let alone helmets, the Hawk H510 surprises on almost all fronts, including design, durability, features, and quality. It is a definite no-brainer to pick the Hawk H510 if one were on a budget.

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