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HJC FG 17 Full Face Motorcycle Helmet – Review 9.5

HJC FG 17 Full Face Motorcycle Helmet – Review


HJC FG 17 Helmet


This is a great helmet for beginners, because the price range is so low, even with all the features it includes.

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The FG 17 is a high-performance street motorcycle helmet made by one of the best helmet company in the world HJC. With a really solid build and lightweight protection, the HJC FG 17 helmet offers all the features you need in an affordable, safe motorcycle helmet.

HJC states that this helmet is race-ready, and it has been extensively winding tunnel tested for maximum rider protection, performance, and satisfaction.

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  • Outer Shell:

The FG 17’s outer shell is made from an advanced composite fiberglass material that was created to provide optimal fit and protection. This helmet is also very lightweight for its price, weighing less than 4 lbs!

It is available in many sizes from small, to 3XL, with even the largest helmets only weighing in at 3.86 lbs. This reduces strain on the rider’s neck, while offering solid protection.

  • The Interior:

The interior of the HJC FG 17 is what makes this helmet so comfortable, and so safe. The removable cheek pads are interchangeable with all sizes, meaning you will never have to struggle to find the right fit.

The interior is made with an antibacterial fabric, and the inner pads of the helmet are detachable and machine washable. They also feature a unique moisture wick material, that constantly keeps your face dry and sweat out of your eyes.

  • Ventilation and Quietness:

Ventilation is great on this helmet. The FG 17 features a bottom to top, front to back ventilation system that does a great job of keeping you cool. Unfortunately, when you are riding on the road with the vents open, it can be very loud. This is, however, one of the only flaws in this helmet.

ACS Ventilation System

  • Face Shield:

The attached face-shield has been optimized for superior visibility while riding, and the helmet features an easy, “toolless” replacement of parts. The face-shield also contains an insert for an anti-fogging attachment and has 98% UV protection, to maximize visibility and protect your eyes, even in the most hazardous of conditions.

  • HJC FG 17 Pros:

This is a great helmet for beginners, because the price range is so low, even with all the features it includes. The fit is superior and snug, making you feel safer while you are riding. The interior contours of your face over time making for an even more comfortable fit.

The helmet is very light, at less than 4 lbs it’s difficult to find a good helmet, that is this light and at this price range. The unique “tool-less” replacement system feature makes it really easy to change out parts as needed.

For a price of less than $200 it also comes with a manufacturer warranty of 3 years, which you can redeem by saving the receipt. This helmet has been both DOT and Snell certified, so you know the quality and protection are there. The interior also includes machine washable padding, which helps keep odors down and bacteria limited.

Unlike most helmets, you can actually remove scrapes and scratches on the surface with an auto polish. This has been recommended by the manufacturer, HJC, on all but the matte finished helmets, as this may produce an undesired shine to the paint.

FG 17 Colors

  • HJC FG 17 Cons:

As with most helmets, this helmet cannot exceed temperatures above 122 degrees (Fahrenheit), as this can alter the integrity of the material, and reducing its safety effectiveness. For this reason make sure you don’t leave it in direct sunlight, or in a hot car.

Another con when considering this model is that it does not come with an anti fog insert standard. It does come with the fitting for it in the helmet, but it must be purchased separately, and this can be confusing unless you very carefully read the description.


This helmet is a great purchase for the first time or beginning riders. The price is very reasonable at around $200, which is less than 1/2 of what the other more popular companies charge and its features are similar.

It comes in a wide range of sizes, is uniquely stylish, comes in many colors and has a great warranty from the manufacturer.

The HJC FG 17 won’t wow you but if you are looking for a helmet with a good amount of features at a lower price, then it is definitely worth considering.

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