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HJC Helmets – Innovative Designs and High Quality Helmets

HJC Helmets – Innovative Designs and High Quality Helmets


HJC sells more helmets in North America than any other brand. The reason they are able to do this is because they combine innovative designs and high quality manufacturing processes with very reasonable prices. Sometimes we are astonished at the low prices you find on many of their helmets. These not cheapo low-grade helmets but instead feature packed models which are created under high quality standards and rival many of the high-end brands which sell up to three or four times the price. We take our hats off to HJC for being able to do that.

HJC started back in 1971 and has focused solely on motorcycle helmets since that time. You’ll notice several of the other big brands produce other types of helmets too such as cycling, skateboarding and skiing … but HJC has chosen to stick only with motorcycle helmets. They became the top selling North American manufacturer way back in 1992 (over twenty four years ago now!) and have earned the respect and confidence of both beginner and world-class riders throughout that time.

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HJC claims to be one of the few motorcycle helmet producers that has its own wind tunnel for testing ventilation, noise levels and aero-dynamic abilities. Most of their helmets are produced in either China, Vietnam or Korea which is where their state of the art factories are based. You’ll find most brands position their factories in Asian locations like this as they are able to take advantage of low labor rates and yet maintain high quality standards using today’s technologies.

HJC has produced some excellent helmet lines over the years including our favorite the CL-17 and the formidable IS-MAX series. More recently, they launched the RPHA 10 line which is a full-faced helmet that claims to be one of the lightest helmets to carry the 2010 Snell approval rating. HJC signed up professional motorcycle road racer Ben “Elbowz” Spies who now wears the RPHA 10. The RPHA 10 really is an excellent example of HJC offering top class performance for a price that most consumers can afford.

Overall, we give much praise to HJC for providing fine quality, comfortable and superb looking helmets for a very reasonable price to average Joe’s like us.

Below are some examples of great motorcycle helmets produced by HJC.

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HJC’s IS series is a step above the more popular CL series and accordingly it’s a little more pricey. The IS-Max is an excellent modular helmet with a host of awesome features. The advanced polycarbonate composite shell carries a DOT rating and comes with the standard EPS lining on the inside. The flip-up chin bar can be operated single handed using the convenient flip button. This helmet is Bluetooth ready and includes speaker cavities on the interior and can accommodate the ChatterBox XBi2-H Bluetooth unit. Advanced ventilation system, integrated sun visor, removable linings and an easy shield replacement mechanism top off the feature list. Overall a classy helmet with everything you’re likely to need at a price under $200.

HJC Solid Men's RPHA-10

As described above this is a world-class helmet offered at a surprisingly low price point. RPHA is HJC’s high end line aimed at racers, professionals and those generally wanting the best of the best. The carbon fiber composite shell construction is extremely lightweight and meets both DOT and Snell ratings. The advanced channeling venting system is top notch and will keep you cool and comfortable. The shield is optically pristine and can be replaced in a snap with HJC’s RapidFire technology. The RHPA 10 is certainly built for speed and performance and comes highly recommended. At under $350 you’ll be hard pressed to find something in this class with another brand.


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