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HJC IS-Max BT Motorcycle Helmet – Review 9.0

HJC IS-Max BT Motorcycle Helmet – Review


HJC IS-Max BT Helmet


If you’re looking for an amazing helmet that offers superior protection, Bluetooth connectivity and more features than you can count, I would highly recommend the HJC IS-Max BT.

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HJC has given us some of the best helmets we have seen and tested in the past, such as the RPHA 10, the ever popular CL-17 and the IS-33 open face. This time around we get to review the modular HJC IS-MAX BT.

We are going to test it, analyze it and tell you just how good or bad it is. We’ll focus on the level of protection, aesthetics, the ventilation system and all the special features you come to expect of helmets these days. With that, let’s jump in…

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Helmet Body:

Since safety always comes first, I decided to start out focusing on the helmet’s body. With several different styles on the market today a rider must choose what’s important to him/her.

To many, a modular helmet means the best of all worlds. As it’s modular you know that the face shield can be pulled up to allow for more airflow as well as improved visibility.

What I liked about the IS-Max is that with one single push on the button towards the front allowed us to quickly flip the top up. When it locked down, we noticed that it clicked in place and wouldn’t budge; a good locking system providing all round piece of mind.

HJC IS-Max Helmet

As for the shell, HJC uses the latest Polycarbonate composite here which is particularly effective. This not only makes the helmet very light, it allows it to remain rigid and amazingly strong. The pads inside the helmet, namely the cheek and crown pads are comfortable enough and could easily be removed and washed.

What I found interesting was the spring-loaded mechanism in the back which operates fluidly. It seems that with a simple pull or click you can bring down or retract the sun-shield in 3 different positions. This gives you the added benefit of protection from the sun without the need to wear or buy sunglasses separately.


For all of you out there that love a sexy helmet, you can rest assured that the HJC IS-Max BT has you covered – literally. The helmet is available in several different colors, including silver, black, anthracite, wine berry, and matte black. I found the paint quality to be very good and almost equal to the high-end helmets we see.

HJC IS-Max BT Helmet Chatterbox

What I really love about this helmet is that when the top is down, it looks like a premium racing helmet. With the top up and the sun-shield down, you will feel and look as if you’re the pilot of an F-22 Raptor! Overall very clean looks and a quality paint job makes it stand out from the crowd.


For any serious rider, proper ventilation is key and when it comes to the HJC IS-Max BT I was pleasantly surprised but certainly not wowed. Before I took a test ride I didn’t really think that the ventilation would work as good I thought it would.

All I saw were two fairly non-significant venting holes in the top which didn’t look up to much. However, upon testing I found the vents really did keep my head cool and breezy throughout the entire ride. I’ve had better but I’ve certainly had worse. Of course, once I flipped up the face shield everything got a whole lot better.

What I especially liked was the intake vent at the chin bar. Its placement ensured that my shield never fogged up during the ride. All in all, this helmet ought to keep you plenty cool on those hot summer days.


Again, I was happy to find that the noise levels were pretty quiet for this modular helmet. HJC has done a great job with noise suppression on this one and the balance of venting to noise appears to be pretty well tuned. Also, with the Bluetooth compatibility on this helmet, you can easily add some in-helmet earphones and listen to your music being streamed via Bluetooth.

HJC IS-Max BT Features:

The IS-Max BT is far from being short on features. In fact, there are so many features that I think it’s better if I simply list them. Here’s what you’ll find:

  • Single-button chin bar flip: Located at the bottom of the chin curtain, a simple press allows you to flip the face shield up and convert it into an open face helmet.
  • An integrated sun-shield with the 3-stage operation: One simple push on the spring-loaded mechanism is all it takes to bring down a comfortable sun-shield. It’s a simple operation too, even if you have gloves on, all you need is one hand to release the visor. You can easily change the visor’s setting to easily accommodate to your needs.
  • ChatterBox Bluetooth integration: The “BT” in HJC IS-Max stands for Bluetooth. As such, you can easily remove a side insert and add a ChatterBox Bluetooth communicator to the helmet.
  • Multiple intakes and exhaust vents which channel air through the helmet: By channeling air efficiently through the vents, you should never feel hot. The two front intakes do well to not only eliminate fog but keep your head cool.
  • Easy shield replacement: If the sun-shield breaks, all you need to do is simply pull the shield down to remove it and push it back up to install it – it’s that easy.
  • Easy usability even with gloves on the visor, buttons, triggers and ChatterBox integration has been designed so you will never have trouble operating them, even with gloves on.
  • Washable cheek and crown pads: If you ever feel that your helmet is dirty, or is starting to smell, simply remove the pads and wash them.
  • Large visor: The large visor ensures perfect view regardless of the motorcycle you’re riding on.
  • SilverCool fabric: This superior keeps your helmet’s fabric cool and free of odor, moisture, and bacteria.

“HJC MAX BT Helmet Liner Change Review”


Of course, when purchasing a helmet, I want to know if it is has been thoroughly tested and, as a result, has been certified. Well, the HJC IS-Max BT is DOT certified as you’d expect but NOT Snell.

In fact, you’ll struggle to find a modular helmet Snell rated these days so it’s not all that surprising. Still, the snug fit and quality overall construction left me feeling adequately safe in the event of an accident.


With so much to offer you would think that this helmet would be priced fairly high. However, you can find it online for well under $200 depending on your selection of color and graphics. Seems like great value for money to me.

If you’re looking for an amazing helmet that offers superior protection, an efficient cooling system, more features than you can count, and Bluetooth connectivity to boot, I would highly recommend the HJC IS-Max BT. Whether you’re a weekend cruiser or a street racer, you will find something to like in the HJC IS-Max BT.

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