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The Importance of the Youth Motocross Helmet

The Importance of the Youth Motocross Helmet


Youth motocross helmet is the single most important piece of protective gear that a child wears when competing in motocross events. Both bicycle motocross (BMX) and motorized motocross (MMX) events can be exhilarating and fun for children to compete in, but they are also inherently dangerous.

All competitors are required by the rules of motocross to wear knee pads, elbow pads, protective clothing, and, of course, a youth motocross helmet. It’s not just a requirement of the rules, however. It’s common sense to require a child to wear a motocross helmet.

  • Make Sure it is a Youth Motocross Helmet:

Little Johnny can’t wear dads helmet when riding. Even with an adjustable chin strap or some other mechanism to make an adult helmet seem to fit, it doesn’t fit.

Strapping an adult sized helmet onto a head that is too small will only serve to make Johnny’s ride that much more dangerous.

In a crash, his cranium will be banged around the inside of the oversized helmet like an egg placed in a slightly larger cardboard box and slammed into the wall.

To prevent your child’ brain from becoming like so much egg yolk in a plastic container, use an appropriate youth motocross helmet. Let Johnny finish the event over easy and not scrambled.

Youth Helmet

  • Make the Kid Wear the Helmet:

Children and teens who ride BMX bikes and MMX dirt bikes need proper protection for their domes whether they’re competing or not. Not all states require helmets to be worn on motorbikes of any kind and even fewer require helmets on bicycles.

Regardless of the laws in your area, make sure your child is wearing his youth motocross helmet.

If the child argues that helmets are not cool or nerdy point out to him or her that the popular motocross racer Ricky Carmichael advocates the use of youth motocross helmets for the kids who ride.

Carmichael and other racers also have signature series helmets and other gear available for purchase. If the child is a fan of motocross racing, he may want to be like Ricky and being like Ricky means wearing a helmet.

This is one area where parents need to lay down the law. Make a simple rule that if the child is on the bike, the child is wearing a helmet. If the child won’t wear the youth motocross helmet, the child won’t get to ride. It’s that simple.

Be strict with your child when it comes to helmet wearing. His safe and uncracked melon will thank you one day, even if he himself does not.

  • Youth Motocross Helmet Availability:

Youth motocross helmets may be purchased anywhere that bicycle (for BMX) and dirt bike (for MMX) parts and accessories are sold. They’re also widely available online, where they may cost considerably less money. It really doesn’t matter where you buy it, so long as you do.

The best youth motocross helmets can cost as much as a few hundred dollars. Lower-end models may cost between fifty and one hundred dollars.

As a parent, you will want to avoid any youth motocross helmet that costs less than that. You truly get what you pay for when it comes to youth motocross helmets and the cheaper models often offer the bare minimum of protection allowable by law.

Keeping your child’s brain safely inside his skull should be worth the extra money that you’ll spend on a quality youth motocross helmet.


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