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Ladies Pink Motorcycle Helmet for Every Budget 8.0

Ladies Pink Motorcycle Helmet for Every Budget


Pink Motorcycle Helmet


The pink motorcycle helmet is ideal for women since it is light weight and compact but quite sturdy to ensure 100% protection.

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Those who drive the motor bike without wearing a helmet in fact attempt for suicide. Helmet is to be considered as a part and parcel of motorcycle riding. We wear the helmet to protect our heads from severe damage and not just to avoid the penalty. Those who can buy a motor bike can buy one helmet also. In case one says that he can’t afford to buy a helmet, it is just like saying that one can buy a pant but can’t afford to buy a belt! The helmet does increase the longevity of one’s life because in the absence of helmet one may have to end his life on the road.

The Pretty Looking Helmet That is Strong Also:

The pink motorcycle helmet is ideal for women since it is light weight and compact but quite sturdy to ensure 100% protection. Now, let us go through the different models of the pink motorcycle helmet.

  • GLX Pink Butterfly Motorcycle Half Helmet

The very soft interior of this model makes it highly comfortable to wear. The liner can be taken out and washed thoroughly. The liner is made of polyester. This model comes in different dimensions so that one can select that suits to her head. The female motorcycle riders will like the color and design of this model. Apart from ensuring protection while driving, this half helmet fits perfectly on the head and the rider appears smart and elegant while wearing this helmet.

GLX Pink Butterfly Motorcycle Half Helmet

Those who daily go to the work place on a moped like this pink motorcycle helmet very much since it is light weight and does not cause headache. Thanks to sufficient padding inside, the helmet fits properly without slopping.

Women who wear this helmet enjoy the unique feel and they very much like the color. This pink motorcycle helmet is offered for an incredibly low price. This model is as protective as any DOT approved helmet.

It is provided with a double D – Ring protection for the chin strap. It is fitted with a screw-on visor with two shield options – smoke and clear. The sleek design and narrow look make it a compact as well as beautiful helmet. The ABS injection-molded shell made of thermoplastic makes it a low profile, lightweight and comfortable to wear helmet.

GLX Pink Butterfly Half Helmet

  • Adult Pink Motorcycle Helmet – DOT Certified

This is a new model of pink motorcycle helmet which is lightweight, very comfortable. This helmet is manufactured using an advanced venting technology. It has poly-carbonate shell design. The new type of padding makes it so comfortable to wear. The soft inner lining of this helmet can be removed completely, washed thoroughly and replaced. Another innovative feature of this helmet is the quick release visor. The average weight of this DOT certified helmet is not more than 3.6 lbs.

Adult Open Face Helmet DOT pink

Women motorcycle riders very much like this well constructed and elegantly designed lightweight pink helmet. This model of helmet comes in perfect size so that the bike riders never feel it too big for their heads. This helmet is designed in such a way that it is not pushed back by the wind thereby causing no discomfort for the motorcycle rider. The pink finish and special graphics make it an ideal women’s motorcycle helmet. The dual steel rings and the strong face shield make it a sturdy helmet though lightweight and compact. Bugs will not hit on the face of the motorcycle rider thanks to the face shield. The helmet fits perfectly on the head in spite of all the padding. Those who wear this helmet while riding their motorcycle are sure to feel something different. During the first inspection itself, one can identify the outstanding features of this helmet.

Adult Pink Helmet – DOT Approved

  • Gloss Pink Japanese Style Motorcycle Street Bike Full Face Helmet

This DOT approved pink motorcycle helmet fits perfectly to almost all motorcycle riders since its sizing is as per industry standard. One can select the helmet with appropriate dimensions so that they can have a tight fit or lose fit helmet according to their preferences. This helmet comes in small, medium and large sizes. The padding makes this helmet so comfortable and one can get it on and off with no hassle whatsoever. This helmet is quite sturdy but not heavy to wear. During winter, there will not be the problem of fogging of the screen and in cold season though it gets fogged, it clears up automatically. Hence, vision of the rider is not affected at all.

Gloss Pink Japanese Style

This pink motorcycle helmet effectively blocks the wind thereby keeping warm. The quick release visor and the sweat absorbing inner liner are the other outstanding features. This helmet is designed in such a way that while riding one doesn’t get the noise of the wind. The pads are removable as well as washable and it has a nice ventilation to ensure constant airflow. The lightweight ABS shell is provided with EPS Impact Absorption inner liner.

Gloss Pink Japanese Style Helmet

  • Matte White Pink Butterfly Full Face Motorcycle Helmet

This DOT certified pink motorcycle helmet is provided with Matt White finish. This is a lightweight full face motorcycle helmet which is made of ABS composite Shell. The cheek pads of this helmet are completely removable, washable and replaceable. The cushion that is provided inside the helmet makes it highly comfortable while wearing. This helmet fits perfectly on the head and one can choose the exact size according to her preferences. This helmet is provided with stainless steel Dual D-Rings Strap wit button.

Matte White Pink Butterfly

The motorcycle riders who wear this pink motorcycle helmet find it elegant, stylish, safe and comfortable. The helmet is provided with EPS Impact Absorption inner liner. This amazing helmet is offered for a very attractive price. The Matt White finish provides the unique appearance.

This helmet is designed strictly according to DOT safety standard. This model comes in small, medium and hat sizes. Though it is a full size helmet, it is lightweight and very comfortable. The ventilation system ensures sufficient air flow. Though the interior is provided with cushion, there is no slipping while riding.

Matte White Pink Butterfly Helmet


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