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How Long Does a Motorcycle Helmet Last?

How Long Does a Motorcycle Helmet Last?


Our bodies are made up of bones, muscles and tissue masses. These are prone to get injured when we expose ourselves to live threatening situations. To some these happen by accident while others seek to find trouble for themselves. In doing so we are causing damage to our organs.

In the world of the motorcycle, the head or skull is the part which gets injured mostly. This is because the position in which a biker is sitting causes a direct head on collision. For this very purpose, there is a need to have a protective gear. Thus helmets became an essential part of the world of motorcycles.

  • Need:

People need protection for their skull. This is because when an accident occurs a certain blow to the head can cause damage or internal bleeding.

Medical problems like concussion etc can be caused as well. Skull being the strongest bone in the body still requires a shield and protection. By wearing a proper head gear one saves their own life and helps their loved ones from experiencing trauma.

  • Helmet Life Span:

5 YearsHelmets need to be kept in proper condition. Its purpose is fulfilled when the foam and the fiber are able to hold the shape of the skull properly. By cleaning it one can ensure that it can be used for a longer period of time.

How long does a motorcycle helmet last is the most asked question. The answer to this is, as long as one maintains it and or for as long as a period of 5 years. This is because after five years the EPS starts to tear.

  • Types:

There are many different types of helmets. Some can even get a customized helmet made.

The full faced and the motocross helmets are the most commonly used ones. This is because they offer a full protection right from the back of the neck till the chin in the front. These have a cutout in a band shape across the eyes and the nose. Their visor is usually made from plastic. These can swivel up and down.

The difference between a modular motorcycle helmets and a motocross helmet is that the latter has an elongated visor and a chin bar.

  • Time Period:

Using a helmet roughly will cause more damage than necessary. One must never buy a used helmet. Both these reasons can cause the helmet to become damaged easily.

The question as to how long does a motorcycle helmet last depends solely upon the way it is being used.

Firstly by buying a helmet from a reputed manufacturer and maintaining it will ensure that you get to use your helmet for a longer period of time. For personal hygiene reasons, people should not share their helmets. To keep the helmet for a longer period of time one can wash it every now and then.

Replacing the foam and the visor will give it a new look. Some people get their helmets painted as well. Having a helmet is the best accessory for a motorcycle.


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