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What to Look for in a Motorcycle Helmet Liner?

What to Look for in a Motorcycle Helmet Liner?


A motorcycle helmet liner is an important part of the helmet. Not only does the motorcycle helmet liner provide cushioning and comfort, but it can also provide added safety.

Today’s liners are better than they have ever been. With innovative changed in care instructions, material weight, drying capabilities, and molding features, these liners are the top of the line.

  • Care Instructions:

When choosing a motorcycle helmet liner you should be aware of the care instructions. Although this may sound unimportant, you will realize that the care instructions can make the helmets cleaning a lot easier.

Many of today’s motorcycle helmets are being made with removable and washable liners. These liners make cleaning and helmet maintenance a breeze.

If you can find a liner that is removable and washable you will be able to keep your helmet from smelling like sweat and can have a fresh smelling helmet for every ride. This is especially great for bikers that enjoy long trips in hot weather.

“How to Clean and Maintain Your Motorcycle Helmet”RevZilla

  • Lightweight:

The lighter the fabric, the more breathable it will be. This is good for those who do not want the liner to trap extra heat. A lightweight liner can help ventilation and can keep the rider comfortable and cool.

If you have a thick liner, you will more likely be extremely hot during your ride. So, when checking out helmets, look for liners that are lighter and more breathable.

  • Fast Drying:

Some of the newest liners are not only washable and lightweight but also fast drying. This is another option that may seem unneeded for the average hobby rider, but for professional riders, this is a necessity.

When a professional rider is competing, he or she may be involved in several races throughout the day. Professional riders also sweat a lot when wearing their helmets. When the helmet is drenched with sweat after each race, it helps if the liner is fast drying.

With a fast drying liner, the helmet can be dry and ready for the next race in no time. Riders appreciate this capability because it offers them more comfort during their second and third rides of the day.

  • Molding Capabilities:

Whether a not a liner will mold to your head shape is important. To get the most safety from your helmet you must have a proper fit.

To get a better fit than normal, try a helmet with a molding liner. These liners actually conform to your particular head shape after a few uses. They may seem a bit uncomfortable and snug at first, but after the molding takes place, they are among the most comfortable helmets available.

Helmet companies realize the importance of having a great motorcycle helmet liner in each design. They target not only the professional rider but also the hobby motorcycle rider. With so many new innovations in the motorcycle helmet liner, there is something for everyone.

The washable liners are very popular as well as the molding liners for everyday hobby riders. All of the innovations appeal to professional riders as they wear their helmets five times more often than the normal bike rider.

Look for these great features in motorcycle helmet liners when searching for your new helmet.


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