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LS2 Helmet 569 with Sunshield – Review 8.9

LS2 Helmet 569 with Sunshield – Review


LS2 Helmet 569


I must say I enjoy this helmet, and I have a fresh taste for LS2. This helmet is extremely functional and a tremendous value for my money.

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The LS2 Helmet 569 is an EXCELLENT helmet which only goes for a few dollar. Today, happy can’t express my feeling when I remember how I almost missed the golden opportunity of using one.

For the cost – damn! You can’t possibly find a product which beats its great features and designs, not even at twice the cost.

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The LS2 Helmet 569 Features:

  • Its open face, 3/4 design shell offers protection combined with a broad field of visibility.
  • Flip-up, optically perfect shield, plus built-in Ergo Touch Control sun visor do it easy to regulate adequate air and light you deal with.
  • 3-point chin straps with quick-release buckles for a secure fit that will stay in your head.
  • Flexible, flow-through ventilation so you can have some control over the elements.
  • HPTT composite shell and DOT/ECE approval provide added confidence.

Two-in-One: Open Face, Full Face:

After enduring the heat and perspiration for a long time, I began turning my attention to 3/4 open face helmet designs. They are mostly full face helmet without the chin bar.

After trying a few, I wasn’t ready to make a switch because full face helmets were already part of me. I was shocked at seeing an LS2 569 version of open face helmet, which sports a removable chin bar!

After attempting in vain to search for reviews of this particular model and thought about it for several weeks, I made the bold move of forking out of my pulse to give it a trial.

LS2 Helmets 569 Front

Initial Impressions:

The helmet was shipped to me for free and fast. It was neatly packaged in a shipping carton and was sealed with a packing tape which was LS2-logo-branded. In the shipping carton was the regular retail box, and inside the retail carton, was the helmet, nicely wrapped in a useful fabric storage bag.

In the storage bag, the helmet was likewise wrapped in a thin sheet of pad wrapping. Beneath the wrapping, static-cling promotion sticker was used to prevent the sun and visor shield of the helmet from scratches. Certainly, regardless of the low cost, LS2 is not taking shortcuts in ensuring the helmet reaches the consumer in the pure state.

General Fit and Finish:

On the general fit and finish, LS2 Helmets 569 Open Face Helmet nicely takes on any other sub-helmets comfortably – as well as some at that price point.

The glossy finishes and matte black both seem fantastic. The design of the helmet is quite appealing. It is built of polymer, not fiberglass. It feels sure as sturdy and stiff as other helmets of the build.

The internal padding was put into thought during the design process, with soft perspiration-winking material and cutouts to support good airflow.

Ergo Touch Control Flip-Down Sun Visor, Face Shield:

The face shield is distortion-free and clear. Additionally, it is lower and reassuringly firm to make it simple to lift and prevent it from vibration. It is clearly better than some shields I have had on helmets within this budget.

Apart from the totally lowered position, it’s three other decent places: about a third of the way up, about two-thirds of the way up, and totally lifted. The Ergo Touch Control flip-down sun visor is likewise excellent. This is controlled by a big, simple-to-access lever on the left cheek bar.

LS2 Helmets 569 Back


Aside from the removable chin bar, what attracted me to this particular LS2 Helmet is the face shield. Looking carefully at images of the 569, you will note that the face shield extends lower than those on competing versions from Bell, HJC, etc.

This means high wind deflection at highway speeds, as I expected. When the face shield is completely lowered, like all full face helmet I’ve used, it deflects wind wonderfully well! When traveling at a speed less than 33mph, lifting the face shield makes for a nice and great “open-air” encounter.

Even above that speed, raising the shield to the initial detent position (1/3 lifted) will enable pretty enough air flow to smash up into your eyes.


This isn’t a silent helmet, but it’s far from being the loudest helmet around. Although there’s lots of wind noise, the sound, however, never rises above the moderately loud.

Final Verdict

I must say I enjoy this helmet, and I have a fresh taste for LS2. This helmet is extremely functional and a tremendous value for my money.

Essentially, you get a well-made, versatile, “two in one” helmet with excellent peripheral vision as well as the exceptional convenience of a ratchet style chin strap and flip-down sun visor.

In the event, you are used to full face helmets, and have always desired to give a 3/4 helmet a shot, believe me; this is a fantastic option! I highly recommend this open face helmet.

Buy one on Amazon if you’re ready to give it a shot.


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