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IV2 Matte Black Dual Visor Modular Helmet – Review 7.9

IV2 Matte Black Dual Visor Modular Helmet – Review


IV2 Matte Black Helmet


When it comes to durable, cheap and stylish helmet then Matte black seems to lead all other helmets.

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When it comes to durable, cheap and stylish helmet then Matte black seems to lead all other helmets. Most of the people like Matte Black Dual Visor Modular Helmet in the very first look due to its extraordinary finishing, great color, and unique design.

This helmet received a very warm response from the customers which is a clear proof of its durability. Its unique features make it one of the best motorcycle helmets currently present in the market. Following is a detailed overview of the features, pros and cons and customer reviews of this helmet.

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Features and Specifications of Matte Black Helmet:

Matte black motorcycle helmet has all the features that should be present in a good helmet. Following is a brief overview of the highlighting features of this helmet. This will give an idea to the readers about the product.

  • Can Switch Full Face to Open Face:

This motorcycle helmet is equally useful for people living in all areas. If you live in a cold area and cold wind bothers you while driving motorcycle then you can cover full face with the visor but if you feel irritated with the full screen then you can simply switch to open face by just pressing one button with your hand.

  • Extraordinary Inner Lining:

This helmet has expanded polystyrene absorption lining inside it. It is a thick lining that serves two purposes. Its first purpose is to provide protection to the skull and its secondary purpose is to keep the internal of helmet comfortable and soft for the user. EPS absorption keeps us safe from head injury in case of any accident.

  • Sweat Absorption Feature:

Another distinguishing feature of this motorcycle helmet is that its inner lining absorbs sweat so that the user may not feel irritated with wetness.

Matte Black Helmet

  • Fully Washable:

Most of the motorcycle helmets are not washable but this helmet can easily be washed. You will be glad to know that its internal lining can easily be removed for washing purposes. You may wash it regularly to remove odor that causes due to sweating sometimes.

  • Has an efficient ventilation system:

This helmet, unlike most ordinary motorbike helmets, has an efficient ventilation system. There are several openings for passing air. This makes it easy to wear for a long time.

  • Advanced Technology:

This helmet has an advanced thermoplastic shell that adds to the security and comfort.

  • Dual Visor:

This helmet has a dual visor for more security and convenience. The sun visor is made of special material which cannot get scratched. This is also a positive point about this helmet.

Pros And Cons of Using Matte Black Helmet:

  • Pros of the Helmet:

  1. Light weighted.
  2. Cheap price.
  3. Durable.
  4. Made of high-quality material.
  5. Has to strap with a button for proper fit.
  6. Stylish.
  7. Has chin protector.

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  • Cons of the Helmet:

  1. Does not have bike hook.
  2. A bit noisy.

What Customers Say about this Helmet?

Customers never lie that is why it is highly suggested checking customer comments before buying any product. To my amazement, Matte Black Dual Visor Modular Helmet received a great feedback from almost all its customers.

It received a positive feedback score of 3.9 out of 5. Not only this, customers showed their likeness for this helmet in their reviews. They were very happy with it. People particularly liked its inner lining and its overall look. One customer complained that there is no bike hook attached to it.

Overall, most of the customers recommended this helmet to everyone.


After analyzing features and reading customer reviews, I myself also highly suggest buying this helmet as it is almost impossible to buy any other helmet with same features at such a low price.



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