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How to Measure Your Head for Motorcycle Helmet?

How to Measure Your Head for Motorcycle Helmet?


While trying to purchase a motorcycle helmet, it is of utmost importance for the individual to ensure that it is an appropriate fit. One should understand that not every helmet is created the same.

Hence, it is to be kept in mind that a medium helmet created by one manufacturer could be actually a large one of another manufacturer, although they might be of the similar physical size within the helmet.

For greater comfort and safety reasons, it is quite imperative for wearing the right helmet. This is not only to maintain the rules and regulations as set by the concerned authorities but also a protective gear that will keep the head safe from all unwanted incidents.

One should not take the label size for the grant, but do some research to avail the one that best fits the head.

  • Tips to Determining the Appropriate Size for the Head:

The first thing to be undertaken is to measure the head. Because of varying heads, shapes and sizes, a helmet that fits a person might not fit another. Any tape measure can be taken for the purpose.

The head circumference is to be measured at a specific point approximately an inch above eyebrows in front, including a point at the back of the head which results in largest possible measurement. Several measurements are to be taken to ensure that the largest one is found.

Measuring Head Size

Hat size: The hat size can be considered as another starting gauge to determine the helmet size.

Most helmets come printed with a sizing tag, either of the inside diameter of a hat size, helmet or every both. In case the hat size and measurement was taken are precisely between two sizes, then it should be rounded up to the next biggest size as the starting point.

With the helmet on head, the individual should now take a visual check. The eyes are to be in the center, the top edge of liner padding to be above eyebrows. A mirror can help the person to check if it fits correctly.

The check pads are to be checked if they are in contact with cheeks. There should not be excess pressure to the cheeks. Gaps should be checked for between brow pad and the temples. The helmet’s back is to be checked where neck roll is likely to make contact with the neck.

If the individual plans to purchase the helmet from the online store, then he should consider only those sites that provide sizing charge for a specific brand. One should not rely upon ‘catch-all’ sizing charts since sizes could vary as stated above.

The sizing chart is to comprise the associated helmet size and head circumference and probably hat size comparison.

“How to Measure Your Head for Helmet on Easy Way?”

Motorcycle Helmet Fit

Photo Credit: Motorcycle Helmet Foundation

If you don’t have a measuring tape, use a piece of string.

Use string to measure the circumference (around) your head (about one inch above eyebrows).

Then lay the string out on a table and measure tape with a ruler.


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