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Why Use Motorcycle Helmet Face Shields?

Why Use Motorcycle Helmet Face Shields?


Many people do not consider the importance of motorcycle helmet face shields. Most of these people, however, are not motorcycle riders. Most bikers could give you a thousand reasons a good face shield can improve your quality of the ride.

Motorcycle helmet face shields come in a variety of styles, tints, and sizes. There are numerous companies that manufacture motorcycle helmet face shields. If you are looking for a comfortable ride, you should certainly consider getting a good motorcycle helmet face shield.

Face shields are made to give protection to the rider’s face area. Shields were ultimately designed to be worn in natural weather elements such as rain or snow. However, with different tints being manufactured, the current face shields are also great for sun protection.

Some helmets make it uncomfortable to wear sunglasses with them. The tinted face shields, however, eliminate the need for sunglasses while riding.

Not only are they coated to keep the sun out of your eyes, but most of them are also coated with a UV protectant to keep harmful rays from damaging your eyes as well. Some helmets come with tinted sliding shields that can be slid onto your regular shield when the sun is out.

Motorcycle Helmet Face Shields

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A rider who has a face shield is more likely to ride their bike more. The face shield allows riders to be more comfortable, which enables them to ride longer as well. As well as protecting the rider from natural elements, motorcycle helmet face shields also protect the rider from insects while riding.

There is not much worse that riding along a peaceful road and a bumble bee getting trapped in your helmet. Using a face shield can eliminate this problem altogether.

Face shields come in several varieties. You can get snap-on shields that simply snap onto the helmet. You can also get bubble peak helmet shields or Vari-Shields. The snap on the shield is great for someone who likes to change their shields quickly. Some of them do not even require any tools. The Vari-Shield is great because it is on a track that allows you to slide it up and down as needed.

Face shields are not items that are meant to last a lifetime. It is suggested you change your motorcycle helmet face shield every 2 years.

When looking for a new shield, consider looking for those that are two-toned, UV coated, replaceable, interchangeable, and optically correct. If your helmet is optically correct you will be able to see clearer than with other helmets. Being able to see clearly will allow for less eye strain while riding.

In addition to all of the other choices you have with face shields, you also have the choice of size. Motorcycle helmet face shields come in several different sizes.

The 5 ½ inch shield will fall in your mouth for the rider who prefers to have a little opening. The 7-inch visors will fall at the bottom of your chin, allowing for more facial protection. It is up to each rider to decide which type of shield they prefer.

Most helmets will work with either size, but you should check with your local specialist to be sure before purchasing one. Overall, motorcycle helmet face shields are important parts of your riding experience.

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