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Motorcycle Helmet Liner: What Purpose Do They Serve?

Motorcycle Helmet Liner: What Purpose Do They Serve?


Why do most cyclists choose to wear a motorcycle helmet liner? Probably because they are comfortable, reduce helmet itch and irritation, and because they are stylish.

A motorcycle helmet liner is often referred to as a “skull cap,” as they fit tightly to the head and, according to some, look better than a bandana or a scarf.

The purpose of using a motorcycle helmet liner, as cited by thousands of riders, is the liner’s ability to keep hair and sweat out of their eyes, and to hide thinning hair or a bad “do.”

Motorcycle Helmet Liner

Motorcycle Helmet Liners – Prices and Reviews

The most desirable motorcycle helmet liner is made of 100% pre-shrunk cotton or another fabric, such as Antron/Lycra, that offers comfort and sweat absorption. This material is soft and forms fitting under the helmet. It also serves to keep the rider cooler and to keep the interior of the helmet cleaner.

A motorcycle helmet liner has tightly surged seams to prevent fraying and to extend the life of the cap. Many are made with six panels to assure it conforms to the contours of the head and that one size fits all.

Some skull caps feature a hidden sweatband in the front to provide a sponge-like area for additional perspiration control. Most motorcycle helmet liners are conveniently machine washable.

Another characteristic of the motorcycle helmet liner is the tapered tail that ties at the base of the neck. This tie serves to hold the liner securely in place, as well as providing a large knot and tail to protect the rider’s neck against sunburn.

Helmets Liner

Skull caps are designed to fit shell, half, open or full-face helmets. Many include air holes that allow the liner to breathe. Motorcycle helmet liners can be worn as accessories while on or off the bike.

Prices for motorcycle helmet liners start as low as $5 and range upwards to $100 for a custom made and designed model. One company offers a “skull cap special” where they sell 60 different caps for $240 – a real bargain at $4 per cap!

A large part of wearing a motorcycle helmet liner is staying in style and expressing your own personality. For example, riders often chose a leather motorcycle helmet liner that matches their jacket, gloves, and boots, as well as their other motorcycle accessories.

Other designs include the American flag, solids, and paisleys, lightning, and flames, tie dye and denim, the U.S. armed services, camouflage, sports teams, and one of the standard biker sayings, “Born to be Wild.” Some bikers choose liners made of fleece, specifically for its absorbency.

Custom Helmet Liner

Because motorcycle helmet liners are worn both while riding and while off the bike, they are expected to elicit comments regarding the rider’s sense of fashion. For example, a cap featuring an 8-ball or “Bad Hair Day” may say it all for that particular rider.

While not a required accessory for motorcycle riders, there is no doubt that the motorcycle helmet liner or skull cap is something most deem as a necessary trapping. This garment or wardrobe item serves to provide comfort, perspiration absorption, protection and fashion to bikers around the world.

The motorcycle helmet liner is not just popular with bikers, athletes and teenagers wear them as well. For those who favor this type of headwear, liners or skull caps also make great gifts.

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