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Motorcycle Helmet Types – What’s Your Style?

Motorcycle Helmet Types – What’s Your Style?


There are essentially 5 different types of motorcycle helmets that you can choose from, which include the full-face helmets, the modular helmets, the ¾ motorcycle helmets, the short and the off-road helmets.

Companies that make motorcycle helmets generally make all five different styles. Popular brands of motorcycle helmets include Bell helmets, Nolan helmets, Arai helmets, Shoei helmets and HJC helmets.

The most popular type of helmet, you can choose from is the one that provides you with complete protection of your head. A full face helmet is extremely popular among people who ride often and one of the most protection that they can get.

  • Full-Face Helmets:

Full face helmets are the most popular type of helmets. They cover most of the rider’s face and head, only leaving the eye port open, and offer the most head protection for riders whilst keeping the weight, visibility, and aerodynamics in mind.

They have a visor (a movable face-shield) which can protect the rider’s eyes when it’s closed. The visor is clear and offers optimal visibility while on the road.

The helmet has a chin bar, as part of its’ outer shell, which extends in front of the face and underneath, providing better stability and jaw protection in the event of a crash.

Many full face helmets include vents within the shell and at the chin to increase airflow to the wearer’s head. The vents usually have a sliding door for using during cold weather.

Full Face Helmets

Full Face Helmets – Prices and Reviews

These helmets have a sleek round shape with very little wind resistance, meaning that they do a great job when it comes to protecting the rider’s neck from muscle strains. They have a highly padded inner shell along with a chin strap for securing.

They’re generally well sealed against the elements, which means that the rider will be well protected from rains, the sun, bugs, debris and other harsh elements. They offer a quiet ride and allow users to tune out any deafening sounds.

  • Flip-Up or Modular Helmets:

Also sometimes called “flip face helmets” or “convertible helmets,” modular helmets are considered to be the bridge between the full face helmets and the open face helmets.

They have a chin bar which is movable (operated by a single button), and can slide up and settle on the helmet’s top portion, allowing access to most of the face like with the open face helmets; this is especially useful while you are riding and circumstances do not warrant its’ use.

That being so, the chin bar is very useful for jaw protection and absorbing frontal impacts. When fully assembled and closed, they can resemble the full face motorcycle helmets. Modular helmets are much safer than the half shell helmets because they offer face protection.

Flip Up or Modular Helmets

Modular Helmets – Prices and Reviews

Modular helmets are quite popular with adventurous and sport touring bikes.

Their versatility is convenient for those who occasionally like grabbing something to eat, talking to friends, or consulting a map; you can flip up its’ chin bar and accomplish such tasks without unnecessarily taking the helmet off. It’s also easy to remove and put on glasses while wearing this type of helmet as compared to the full face helmet.

Most models usually come with a built in sun visor for added comfort and protection from the sun’s glare while on road.

  • 3/4 Shell or Open Face Helmets:

Open face helmets cover the cheeks, the ears, and back of the rider’s head, but they lack the lower chin bar of full face helmets. They have a wider field of vision than full face helmets and are designed such that it makes it easier for riders to communicate with other riders.

Some feature a sun shade which can be easily pulled down, however, in general, this type of helmet does not offer the kind of eye protection which full face helmets offer.

Helmets without visors allow bugs, the wind, insects, and dust to distract the rider, which can cause discomfort, injury or even an accident unless used with a good pair of goggles. As such, it is recommended to use open face helmets with goggles for enhanced safety while on the road.

Open Face Helmets

Open Face Helmets – Prices and Reviews

Well, although they do not offer much eye protection from the harsh elements, open face helmets offer great visibility since riders can use their eyes to see the whole road and much further ahead without any obstructions.

They are lighter in weight as compared to full face helmets, they also offer better air flow and more freedom of movement without the added weight of the face-shied.

This type of helmet is popular among scooter riders and cruisers.

  • Half Shell Helmets:

Half shell helmets, also known as “skull caps” are popular with rockers, vintage riders, scooter riders, and cruisers. These helmets have essentially the same type of front design as the open face helmets, but without the lowered rear.

They cover the rider’s head from the top of the forehead to about half-way down the back of the head, leaving the lower area and the neck exposed.

They’re much lighter and are far more comfortable than both of the previously mentioned motorcycle helmets; there is no pressure on the rider’s head and are easy to wear and carry around.

Half Shell Helmets

Half Shell Helmets – Prices and Prices

Because of their design, half shell helmets offer better visibility than all the other types of helmets. They have a vintage, old school cool style, however, they do not offer much protection in the event of an accident. They also don’t offer much protection from the weather elements since their coverage minimal.

  • Off-Road Helmets:

Off-road helmets are probably a unique type of motorcycle helmets since they come with very special features which are meant for the riders who’re into motocross or racing.

Off-road helmets have a special ventilation system which allows heat to escape, and also regulate the humidity and temperature levels inside the helmet.

They’re recognizable by their long sun visors and elongated chin bars; the sun visors offer protection from harmful UV rays emitted by the sun, while the pronounced angular chin section is designed to protect the rider from debris, dust, and dirt while on the road.

This lightweight helmet has no face-shield which means it doesn’t fog during cold or rainy days and also improves the rider’s visibility.

Off-Road Helmets

Off-Road Helmets – Prices and Reviews

Last word…

Any time that you ride a bike, whether it is any bicycle or a motorcycle, you want to make sure that you are doing everything you can to stay safe. It is imperative that you use motorcycles helmets when you ride a motorcycle. Whether you are a passenger or the driver, you should understand your local motorcycle helmet laws, and why wearing the right motorcycle helmet can save your life.

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