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Top 8 Motorcycle Helmets for Women in 2018

Top 8 Motorcycle Helmets for Women in 2018


When it comes to motorcycles, it may seem like riding street machines like this is mostly a man’s world. However, men aren’t the only ones who are serious riders. And to ride safely, you have to have a proper helmet.

But considering that women are, by and large, on the smaller side, physically, it follows that they need helmets that are constructed for them, and good cyclists of both genders know you need a helmet that will keep you safe.

Whether you’re a first-time rider or a seasonal cyclist, below are a list of best motorcycle helmets for women you can try.

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Motorcycle Street Bike Pink DragonThis DOT-approved helmet is full-face, meaning it covers the entire face when you put it on.

There are only two available sizes – medium and large – but the specs are more than decent.

The interior shell is removable and washable, plus the outer shell is both lightweight and durable with aerodynamic thermoplastic as its makeup.

The finish is UV-protective, with the total weight only adding up to 5 lbs. This would potentially be a good starter helmet for a new rider.

  • WOW, Motorcycle Street Helmet:

WOW Motorcycle HelmetJust like the previous helmet, the WOW Street Helmet has many of the same attributes, and only there is a wider selection of sizes: the range is from small to extra-large.

Small = 20.9” and X-large runs to about 23.6.”

Be sure to measure your head before ordering. You want the helmet to be neither too small or too big.

Like the previous helmet, this one is also lightweight, weighing in at about 5 lbs, as well as durable and DOT-approved.

LS2 Helmets Stream WindYou might want to have a longer look at this helmet because while the cost is a bit higher, you’re getting more for your money.

You’ll be getting a “Twin Shield System Drop” sun shield that protects your eyes when you need it, and retracts when you don’t with a flip of a switch.

The helmet has a quick release strap, making the helmet easier to keep secure on your head, yet easy to release.

Like the other helmets, the lining is easy to remove and wash.

Bell Vortex Unisex-AdultThere aren’t that many specs available for this particular helmet, except the size: XXL and the fact that this helmet has two major options:

You can get the clear default shield, or you can select a tinted shield.

This item has been out since 2012, yet there are no written specs to help people decide what to purchase.

But still good products you can choose.

Shoei Neotec M HelmetThis sleek-looking modular helmet has specs on it that are well worth the cost.

You’ll get the safety and protection of a full-face helmet, plus features that are non-existent on a cheaper model.

Features include a 360-degree pivot locking system made of stainless steel components and a large release button made for taking off the helmet with gloves on, plus a safe and secure closure when the chin bar is in a locked position.

All this and a washable liner. This is a high-quality item and belongs to the list of best motorcycle helmets for women.

Bell Qualifier Momentum HelmetUnlike the Bell Vortex Helmet, there are wonderful specs to recommend it.

Among them is a padded wind collar to reduce road noise, which is always helpful when traveling at high speeds.

Secondly, there is an adjustable ventilation system for cooling comfort – helpful in hot weather, of course.

The downside with this helmet is that it is on the heavy side: about 16 lbs.

So while this helmet’s cheaper than the Shoei, it’s a workout just to wear or carry it.

Shoei Duchess RF-1200Like its Neotec counterpart, this helmet’s on the pricey side, and it’s heavier than the Bell Qualifier by about four pounds, for a total of 20 lbs.

However, the weight of this helmet is worth it, because you’re offered four different shell sizes for a custom fit.

Plus, with this helmet, they improved the design so you’ll have less wind noise, but you won’t have road noises blocked, plus peripheral vision ability is superb as well as the helmet having an emergency quick-release system.

HJC CL-17 Mystic HelmetIf you want lots of quality but don’t wish to lay out the cash for a Shoei, the Mystic’s amazing specs range from being lightweight and CAD-designed to interchangeable cheek pads for best comfort.

Everything in between includes a face shield with 95% UV protection, and a shield replacement system that makes replacing your face shield easy – no tool needed!

For the summer-only riders, the Mystic has a superb ventilation system that directs heat and humidity up and out.

These are some of the best full-face helmets out there designed for women. Some are fairly cheap, with the Pink Dragon on the low end, and some are truly worth a hoard of dragon gold, like the two Shoei helmets.

They’re high in quality. You get the best “bang for your buck,” spec-wise, but you also aren’t paying for a low-end model, either.

Motorcycle Helmets for Women – The Buying Guide:

Are you a freedom rider at heart? That is admirable and Lovely. However, are you prepared well for your trip ahead? Yes, bikes are different from four wheelers, and a bit dangerous. So you will need to be on your guard, buy a helmet is what we are trying to say.

Therefore, without any further due, following is your guide to buying best motorcycle helmets for women.

  • Types:

There are many options including Three Quarter Shell, Modular, Off Road, Full and even Half Helmet. You can choose between these options depending on your needs and preferences. For instance, you can choose modularly and Hall helmet if you don’t want a face-shield.

You can choose three-quarter and full helmet if you are conscious about safety. Don’t forget; Off Road will keep you away from all the dust. So, check on every option before making your decision. Snell is another name worth mentioning, but it’s a non-profit unit, which lags behind DOT.

  • Helmet Size:

Not everyone has the same head size. Try different helmets for a perfect fit. Make sure the helmet is comfortable, safe and it will protect you when needed. Look at the following sizing to get a basic idea:

  1. Extra Small: 20 ⅞ -21¼
  2. Small- 21⅝-22 Inch
  3. Medium 22⅜- 22¾
  4. Large: 23¼- 23⅝
  5. Extra Large: 24- 24⅜
  6. Extra Large: 24¾-25¼
Remember; Helmet Manufacturers hardly use different measures for the sizing standard. Still, this chart will give you an estimate.
  • Approval:

This promises quality. The Safest helmet is an approved one. Certification such as DOT shows that the helmet meets the least safety requirements set to ensure your well-being.

Despite DOT, you also need to keep an eye open for other Approvals that can be awarded depending on their safety capabilities. However, DOT is the most trusted and you should trust this above all other certifications.

  • Your Bike:

It sounds odd, but your bike dominates your helmet choice. For example, you should choose Modular Helmet if you have an Adventure Tourer as it raises face shield and a center front segment of the helmet.

Get a Half Shell Helmet for a cruiser because it’s casual. Buy an Open face helmet for Old School bikes as they offer better protection. Last but not least, get a full face helmet if you have a sports bike for all around a product with solid built.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

  • Are You Going to Ride with a Group? Riding in ground improves your overall experience. If you aren’t in one, you will find it by riding around. Get off the ground and learn to adapt.
  • Will You Ride like hell or just go to work? If you ride for transport and enjoy weekly trips, then you need something better than ordinary. Try spending some extra bucks on it.
  • Are you a Newbie? If you are new to this game, a high-end product is not your best bet. Instead, you should go with something light and affordable.

Final Word

If want to ride a bike, you can do a few things to protect yourselves with a helmet. Helmets protect you from the impact of the crash. It also protects you from a scrape, breaks, and concussion. Besides, being a woman, you should be happy you got another accessory to worry about.

Yes, you can add your style sense in your choice after making sure your helmet meets the above-mentioned requirements. Not to mention, you can always work your magic on these.


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