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Nolan N104 Evo Outlaw Motorcycle Helmet – Review 9.5

Nolan N104 Evo Outlaw Motorcycle Helmet – Review


Nolan N104 Helmet


This helmet is much lighter compared to the N103 because it weighs only 7oz. It is lightweight and has better aerodynamics due to the injected polycarbonate.

Quality Rating9.0
Value Rating10.0
Reader Rating: ( 1 vote ) 9.8

The Nolan N104 EVO Helmet comes as an update of the N104 but mirrors it largely in terms of the design. Nolan has made some noticeable improvements which are majorly aimed at designing a much quieter helmet not mentioning one with a better vent and clear vision.

The brand has done a commendable job of changing the neck curtain, improving the inner padding as well as modifying the air intake vents to make it even better. Here are the features of the Nolan N104 EVO:

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  • Nolan N104 Ventilation:

The N104 comes with an AIRBOOSTER airing system to adjust ventilation whenever you want. The system is equipped with an air intake in its chin bar, in the brow, as well as two extractors in the back. The helmet also has two venturi exhaust ports on the back and a ventilation duct made of plastic in the EPS that accelerate the distribution of cooler air. With all these, you are guaranteed a cool ride regardless of how hot the weather gets.

  • Face-shield Features:

The face-shield of the Nolan N104 Evo helmet is sized to fit two shell sizes; that is the 2XS-LG and the XL-3XL. It comes with a pin lock and a push-button mechanism for instant retraction, and also features a vision protection system which helps in bringing down your sun shield. For increased visibility, this helmet is fitted with a huge eye port opening, making it the largest of all in the Nolan Helmets category.

  • Shell Features:

This helmet is much lighter compared to the N103 because it weighs only 7oz. It is lightweight and has better aerodynamics due to the injected polycarbonate. It features quite a lower profile with the use of multiple shell sizes, including the XL-3XL and the 2XS-LG. To offer these two sizes, this helmet manufacturer employs a two shell engineering. Its VPS lens has a sturdy build to protect it from scratches and improve visibility even when riding through a foggy weather. Your nose and chin also get enough breathing space for the helmets are dimensionally sized.

Nolan N104 Evo Outlaw

  • Inner Liner:

The inner liner acts as an excellent wind protector and a neck roll. It features detachable cheek pads for easy cleaning and is antibacterial. Both the internal padding and the neck roll are easily removable, meaning that your comfort during warmer months is a guarantee. The inner liner is made to facilitate glasses, meaning that you can wear glasses or put on sun shades if you want. Most importantly, the reflective insert in the roll neck helps improve your visibility during the night.

  • Chin Bar Features:

The chin guard has a special mechanism designed for dual action opening to allow you to use only one hand when unfastening it. However, this mechanism requires you to open it simultaneously to prevent any chances of accidental opening.

The Nolan N104 EVO integrates seamlessly with the N-Com B4 communication system. Its design configuration eases the installation process taking you only a few minutes to complete. Its overall look is sleeker compared to other Nolan Helmets, but its unique logo allows you to differentiate it from the rest.



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