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What Exactly are Novelty Motorcycle Helmets?

What Exactly are Novelty Motorcycle Helmets?


While you should be more concerned about the safety of your motorcycle helmet than the way it looks, there are many people that enjoy getting novelty motorcycle helmets when they ride their motorcycle.

A novelty motorcycle helmet is one that is made to feature certain pictures or graphics that suit the tastes of the rider. Novelty helmets vary a great deal in style, price, and even safety ratings.

If you are looking to make a fashion statement the next time you are on your motorcycle, then you might want to consider getting a novelty helmet.

Novelty Motorcycle Helmets – Prices and Reviews

  • The Rise of the Novelty Helmets:

Because of the lack of safety equipment like those found in cars, bikers like us need to wear particular safety gear for protection in the event of an accident. And among all of these safety wear, the most visible and widely used is the helmet.

In fact, in practically every place in the world, wearing a helmet when riding a motorcycle is mandatory for both driver and passenger. This is because both experience and studies have shown that wearing a helmet can greatly reduce the chance of injury of even death in the event of an accident.

As such, the helmet has become the most visible part a typical biker’s getup. Because these helmets are the most visible part of a biker’s attire, some bikers decided to put a twist on how helmets look. And the result is the novelty motorcycle helmet.

  • So, What is a Novelty Motorcycle Helmet?

Hot Leathers German Style Novelty HelmetQuite simply put, a novelty motorcycle helmet, which is sometimes referred to as a beanie, is a helmet that is worn on a motorcycle that is more for looks, than it is for safety.

In fact, novelty motorcycle helmets are usually not referred to as official motorcycle helmets, and they are usually not certified or tested for safety standards.

You may wonder why anybody would want to wear these helmets. The reason is that they look good, they are inexpensive, and they give it the look of wearing a helmet, which often complies with local and state laws.

Novelty helmets are very light weight and do not offer the best protection while you ride your motorcycle. Children should never rely on wearing a novelty motorcycle helmet when they are passengers.

About the only thing novelty motorcycle helmets can accomplish is protecting your head from sunburn while you are on your motorcycle. It does very little to protect your head from serious injury if you are in a crash.

  • Are Novelty Motorcycle Helmets DOT Approved?

The short answer is most novelty helmets are NOT DOT approved. This simply means that they don’t have the safety values needed to increase your chance of getting away from an accident unscathed.

Because of this, they are considered to be unsafe for use in real-life driving situations. This is partly the reason why these helmets are generally less expensive than their conventional counterparts.

However, with the help of modern materials and construction techniques, some novelty helmets do pass DOT and even Snell standards. These helmets are more costly to acquire, but people are willing to buy them for the sake of their own safety.

  • Where to get Novelty Motorcycle Helmets:

You can find novelty helmets at just about any place that sells motorcycle helmets. The Internet is a great source for finding a wide variety of interesting looking and customized helmets.

You can find plain looking novelty motorcycle helmets for as little as $35 and you can customize them with your favorite decals, paint or graphics. You can also find novelty helmets that are already painted and decorated and ready for you to wear.

Even if you choose to wear safer helmets when you are on your motorcycle, you still might want to collect this kind of helmets, which is a popular pastime for many motorcycle riders. You can also look on websites such as Amazon, to find your fun and unique novelty helmet to add to your collection.

“The Importance of Real Helmets”

It’s Time to Go the Novelty Route

For a motorcyclist, no piece of clothing can complete his/her get up quite like the helmet. Not only does it provide the looks, but it also provides protection. If you want a look that is out of the ordinary, it’s time to go the novelty route.

With so many potential places to purchase them, finding novelty motorcycle helmets should not be all that difficult.


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