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Old School Motorcycle Helmet – Take You Back Through Time
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Old School Motorcycle Helmet – Take You Back Through Time


If you want to ride in style and feel that full face helmet does not match your cruiser or Harley, old school motorcycle helmet can be your best safety choice.

These old, retro helmets are usually half shell and pass certain safety certifications; there are also widely available and are made by various manufacturers.

Also, most (U.S.) states require the wearing of helmets by law so you should always have one when planning long rides – especially those spanning multiple states (cross country).

If you are in the market for such, stay away from used helmets. Helmets have a lifespan and you can never tell if one is still safe for use because it is impossible to tell its history. Used helmets may also have been dropped once in their life – this is bad for safety because the protective shell can only be used once.

Old School Helmets – Prices and Reviews

Head injuries are very, very serious and should never be taken for granted.

When purchasing a retro helmet, always make sure to get from a reputable manufacturer. Most retro style helmets are available from novelty biker shops, these do not pass any sort of safety standards and are only meant as souvenir or display items.

Most old school motorcycle helmets are black in color. If you can get away with it, purchase one that has some color or is not entirely black. Black is nearly invisible in dark settings and color can help prevent possible accidents because they can be easily seen by vehicles from behind and in front.

The term old school is just a slang used in popular culture nowadays. “Old school” does not entirely mean old. As for helmets, the term is used because they were the only known kind of helmets back then. They were also very popular in the military during the wars.

Aside from “retro,” they are also sometimes referred to as “shorty” and vintage.”

Some known manufacturers of such helmets include HJC, Bell, Arai, and Shoei. They usually range in price below $100 but can go as high as $300 to $500.

Finally, make sure the helmet has a strong and secure strap. By the way, some of these helmets also have ear covers made of padded leather. Such can provide additional protection for cold weather and can also prevent further head and skull damage in the case of an accident.

Remember, your life is more valuable than anything. Always keep safety in mind. Wear a helmet. If you think it messes with your style, find something that can match your image.

Old School Motorcycle Helmets

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