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Matte White Pink Butterfly Helmet – Review 9.0

Matte White Pink Butterfly Helmet – Review


Pink Butterfly Helmet


I have reviewed the features of this helmet and then compared it with other helmets available in the market. My research says that it is the best of all so it is highly recommended.

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Value Rating9.0
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The majority of the motorcycle helmets are designed for male customers. This can easily be guessed by seeing the design, layout, and color of the helmet. Sometimes, women also have to use these helmets which do not even fit well on them.

Matte white pink butterfly helmet is designed for both men and women. It looks a bit girlish for the first time but its matte finishing makes it a good choice for men as well. It is available in small, medium and large size.

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Following is a detailed review of this helmet.

Features and Specifications of Matte White Pink Butterfly Helmet:

Matte white pink butterfly full face motorcycle helmet is a symbol of style and quality. Its unique features distinguish it from other motorcycle helmets available in the market. Careful analysis has led me to reveal following of its features for you.

  • Light Weighted: The first and foremost thing that I personally liked just like several other of its customer is its light weight. Its light weight makes it easy to handle and wear even for several continuous hours.
  • Unique Design: Most of the helmets I checked before either had unique features or attractive look, this helmet has both. It has white pink butterflies all over its surface. These butterflies give it a beautiful look. A closer look of the helmet reveals various other patterns and designs on the outer area. The color of this helmet is also different from the ordinary helmet. Overall, this helmet has got style and beauty both.

Pink Butterfly Helmet

  • Extraordinary Finishing: Finishing plays an important role in the durability of any product. Rough finishing damages the product just after few times of usage. This helmet has a great finishing, a unique shape, and a stylish design. You will surely love its matte flat finishing.
  • Covers Full Face: Matte white pink butterfly helmet covers face fully but if you want to keep the face open then still it is fine as its visor can easily be moved.
  • EPS Absorption: Good motorcycle and cycle helmets always have EPS in them for additional security. This particular helmet also has EPS impact absorption in its inner lining. This lining protects the skull from any injury.
  • Great Interior: Its exterior is great, you can see it but what makes this helmet best is its great internal which is soft and comfortable. It is well cushioned to provide the feeling of comfort to the user.
  • Removable Pads: Its cheek pads can easily be removed and washed.

Pros and Cons of Using Matte White Pink Butterfly Full Face Helmet:

Following are the benefits and drawbacks of Matte full face motorcycle helmet.

  • The Pros

  1. Reasonable price;
  2. Fully washable;
  3. Has strap for proper fit;
  4. Durable;
  5. Stylish;
  6. Protects full face.
  • The Cons

Chain strap should be bit lower.

What Customers Say About Matte White Pink Butterfly Helmet?

Since, this helmet gives feminine look so most of the people bought it for their girlfriends, daughters, and wives. Some people liked it so much that they also bought one for themselves. Everyone liked the finishing, design, and graphics of this helmet.

In addition, they showed their satisfaction with the price as well. This helmet was a perfect fit for the customers as it was neither too small nor too large. I was unable to find any negative comment about the helmet except the one in which the customer complained about the chain strap. Overall, it received 4.4 feedback score out of 5.


I have reviewed the features of this helmet and then compared it with other helmets available in the market. My research says that it is the best of all so it is highly recommended.


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