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Picking the Right Helmet – The Layman’s Guide

Picking the Right Helmet – The Layman’s Guide


We have at one time felt the adrenaline rush that comes with driving a motorcycle. The wind beating our jacket and the thrill of going over 100 miles per hour on the highway is just too golden to pass up.

However, you should always be conscious of safety when you are going at neck breaking speeds. Hence, you should always ensure that you strap up. A motorcycle helmet is one crucial component that you should have.

  • The Right Helmet, it is All About the Fit:

When it comes to selecting the best motorcycle helmet, you should always ensure that it fits properly. A loose helmet means a very severe head injury when you encounter a sudden impact.

Hence, you should make sure that the one you buy fits snugly when you attach the chinstrap. That way you avoid getting your head smashed to bits.

How does one know whether or not a given helmet size is his?

When you get into a motorcycle shop, you will waste a lot of valuable time looking around. Instead, you should ensure that you wrap your head up to the eyebrows with a towel. This should provide a semi accurate reading of your head size plus the padding your motorcycle helmets should be.

When you buy a helmet, you should always ensure that you are very comfortable in it. There is nothing more distracting than having to constantly think about whether or not your helmet will fall off.

You have more grave concerns than that; keep your eyes peeled while on the road. The leading cause of motorcycle accidents is people getting distracted for no apparent reason.

Motorcycle Helmet Fit

  • What do you do When You Walk Into the Shop with Your Measurements, What Next?

You should always pay attention to the kind of helmet you buy. There are some motorcycle helmets designed for aesthetic purposes.

Novelty helmets should on no account be worn when you are on the road. Those things will crumble like dried toilet paper at sudden impact. That is the quickest way to lose your life. This step is to make you aware that no matter how glittering or shiny a helmet is, make sure that it can protect you.

Secondly, when you are buying a helmet you should always make sure that the one you buy is approved for the road. In recent times, there has been a spike in the counterfeit market sector.

More and more counterfeit products are finding their way to motor cycle shops. A motorcycle helmet is an example of this. Fake helmets do not follow the stipulated manufacturing standards.

This shoddy job is the one that might end your life prematurely. Good motorcycle helmets should be approved by the motorcycle governing body in that particular country. Most of them will have a seal of approval for wearing and so on.

  • Care and Maintenance:

When you have a motorcycle helmet, you should take care of it regularly. Over time, the helmet will lose its ability to protect you. This does not mean that you should hasten the progress.

The following section covers what you need to know about taking care of a helmet.

The first thing you should do is never share the riders’ helmet with anyone. A motorcycle helmet’s lining is shaped to accommodate the different contours of the head. This means that over time, the helmet takes the orientation of the rider and it loses the ability to protect you as you wear it.

Make sure that the helmet you wear is yours.

You should avoid dropping it haphazardly as this will interfere with the lining inside. In addition, you should make sure that the interior of the helmet is cleaned with disinfectant once in a while to avoid the accumulation of germs and dirt.

A motorcycle helmet is a riders best bet for safety against head injury. You should always ensure that you have one when you are on a motorcycle.

“How To Clean & Maintain Your Motorcycle Helmet”


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