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Roof Motorcycle Helmets – A Brief Overview

Roof Motorcycle Helmets – A Brief Overview


The Roof is a relatively, not-so-known helmet manufacturer. They are, in a way, new in the industry, being only born in 1993 – under 30 years is still young in the helmet manufacturing industry.

Part of their somewhat semi-unknown status is because we do not see the brand engaging in major Motorsport events – I do not think I have seen a rider sporting a Roof helmet in MotoGP or in WSBK.

Roof, or ROOF, is a French brand. They produce what the industry refers to as nontraditional helmets. However, with their great reputation and excellent product offerings, they produce exceptional, functional, and very protective lids. The ROOF brand stems from experience.

Its founder, “Claude Morin”, started out as a motorcycle and car racer, and a true Motorsport fanatic. He also realized his passion for innovation, and to this day is known as the first person to create a motorbike chassis from composite materials. His research and interest in protecting riders eventually led to helmet design and the ROOF brand.

In 1993, powered with a wealth of experience, he launched his very first model – the ROOF Roadster. And now, 23 years later, his company has stood out, producing original, non-traditional, safe, and comfortable helmets.

“Below is a 1997 poster for the Roof Roadster helmet”

Roof Roadster Helmet

Their product catalog consists of four main categories: mini-jets, jets, full-face, and versatile.

Jets and mini-jets are otherwise known the industry as half-face helmets. This category also includes the aforementioned Roadster helmet. Versatile helmets are what you might consider as modular helmets of flip-up helmets.

Possibly the most unique and original feature of their modular helmets is the ability of the lower part to go all the way to the back, presenting a usable, makeshift jet or open-face helmet.

Below is a photo of their versatile (modular) helmet with the mouth shield retracted all the way. Shown is the Boxer V8 model.

Roof Boxer V8 Helmet

  • Pricing:

Prices for Roof motorcycle helmets are awkwardly placed between the semi-affordable between expensive helmets. For example, one of their most affordable models – the Roof Rider falls in the vicinity of $280.

It is also important to note that the Roof line of products has not totally invaded North American shores. Most, if not all, online retailers of Roof helmets are located in Europe.

Final say

Roofs innovative designs and ideas are a very refreshing change in the world of motorcycle helmets. If you are getting tired of the usual racer designs offered by household helmet brands, a Roof lid (no pun intended) could be just what you need. Their designs, which I wouldn’t dare describe as ugly or weird, is for me, just different.

In fact, they have some models that struck the aesthetic side of me, especially with the obvious uniqueness and non-standard graphics and colors. With such cool concepts, they’re really worth a look.


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