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Safety First for a Custom Motocross Helmet

Safety First for a Custom Motocross Helmet


Chances are a custom motocross helmet bought these days will be for a child or teenager rather than an adult. Motocross has a growing fan base and has been more mainstream in recent years, especially among the adrenaline seeking set less than twenty years of age.

How your custom motocross helmet looks is secondary to its safety. First and foremost is the reliability of the structure of the helmet. The Department of Transportation (DOT) has certain safety ratings. However, the Department of Transportation’s findings is often secondary to a Snell rating.

Named for the Snell Foundation, the Snell rating is the industry leader in helmet safety. DOT’s testing and requirements are not very stringent and are based on the helmet manufacturer doing its own testing.

To earn a Snell rating, the helmet manufacturer pays the Snell Foundation to test its products. The Snell Foundation puts the helmets through all sorts of tests and if the helmet holds up in good shape, then the manufacturer earns the right to put a Snell rating sticker inside its helmets.

Snell Stickers

There are many things to think about in your custom motocross helmet. First off, look for that DOT and Snell rating sticker. The sticker will let you know that your helmet has passed rigorous testing for safety. Secondly, do not buy a used helmet. You would have no idea of its integrity since someone else has used it and who knows, maybe crashed with it. If that did happen, chances are that the outward appearance may not have been affected but the inner structure could have cracks or wear and tear due to stress.

Do not skimp on the price of your motocross helmet. There are safe and reliable helmets in various price ranges. Because the market is so competitive, you will find a selection of custom motocross helmets that have a high safety rating, all without breaking your bank account.

Fox Racing Rohr Adult V2 Motocross HelmetAlso, make sure that you are buying a true motocross helmet. Your face should be almost covered by the helmet with a piece that encompasses your chin and jaw area.

The solid part that covers the chin area will most likely have vents as well as in other parts of the helmet. These ensure proper ventilation and allow for air flow. Motocross can be a rough sport and with a helmet on, you are guaranteed to sweat a lot. The vents will allow for some cooling off.

Your custom motocross helmet should also have an eye port (the area where a face shield would normally be in a motorcycle helmet) which allows for a better range of vision.

Goggles are normally worn with a motocross helmet, so there is usually a place on the helmet where your goggle straps go to ensure a secure, tight fit. And last but not least, your custom motocross helmet should have a lining that is removable for easy cleaning.

Now that you have a better understanding of the safety and specifications of the motocross helmet, you can think about “dressing” it up a bit. There are numerous sources in which to purchase sticker or decal kits. Airbrush painting is another option. It would cost more but definitely set you apart during the race.

So have some fun picking out your custom motocross helmet, but be safe too!


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