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Scala Rider G9x Bluetooth Communicator – Review 8.7

Scala Rider G9x Bluetooth Communicator – Review


Scala Rider G9x


All in all the system is great. The controls do take a bit of a learning curve but it comes quickly as the key sequences are very intuitive.

Quality Rating8.3
Value Rating9.0
Reader Rating: ( 1 vote ) 9.4

For those who in the market for Bluetooth motorcycle helmet, features are a major factor. Today social networking is just a part of our modern way of life. No one says though that being on the open road means that you have to be disconnected from the social networking that you crave.

The new Scala Rider G9x Bluetooth Communicator bring to the motorcycle world a whole new idea in social networking, and it involves a kind of sharing that doesn’t need a mouse click.

This system proved you with the option of communicating up to one mile with up to 8 other riders. This means that you can take the party along with you no matter where you go.

Music can be shared over the communication stream and a nice touch that use to be common among headsets but has since fallen out of favor is the A/B channel switch allowing you to have a gang conversation on one channel while communicating privately with your bike’s passenger on the other.

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  • Scala Rider G9x Pros:

All in all the system is great. The controls do take a bit of a learning curve but it comes quickly as the key sequences are very intuitive. The system does have a long range but it comes at the price of having to have an external antenna, but the design of that antenna is very good.

The system is priced right with a wide range of features that offer you the ability to communicate with up to two mobile devices, 8 other bikers, and stream music from both MP3 and FM sources and more.

Cardo Systems Inc G9xYou can even share that music with the other riders in your communications group if you want. The dangling grape motorcycle helmet speakers provide great sound quality and can be placed where they work best for you.

In terms of conversion devices for turning standard helmets into motorcycle helmets with Bluetooth, you are getting a great deal on an awesome device that offers features only out of the box motorcycle helmets with Bluetooth have offered before.

These are the kind of features that you are used to finding in the best Bluetooth helmet models but at a fraction of the price and in the helmets that you already have and love. With this system, you can turn your favorite helmet into the best Bluetooth motorcycle helmet for you.

  • Scala Rider G9x Cons:

When it comes to motorcycle helmets with Bluetooth this is a great system to buy but the external antenna might be a downside for some. Others may find that the large footprint and profile are not a good fit for their personal style.

As far as the functions of the device the only real downside is that the battery could be a little better in terms of charging time, although it does provide a great deal of talk time, it takes up to seven hours to get a full charge on it.

For those who are looking for a straight out of the box Bluetooth helmet system, this is a not a great choice but it’s perfect if you are ready to move to a Bluetooth motorcycle helmet system that offers more advanced features and are willing to put out the effort to learn it.

Scala Riders

  • Value for Money:

In terms of value for the money, the Scala Rider G9x Bluetooth Communicator is a great bargain. With the advanced digital connection technology that is available on this device, you would expect to pay a much higher price tag.

The music sharing and mobile phone interlink features alone would send other Bluetooth helmet communicators to a higher price range.

The best feature, however, is not included in the actual device but with the company behind it. With the Scala provided Cardo Community web platform you can connect to other bikers and make new friends. Invite local ones along for the ride or plan meet ups along the way for your next road trip.

The journey is best when it’s shared and with the Scala Rider G9x Bluetooth Communicator and the Cardo web platform, which is included at no charge to all Scala owners, the sharing just got better than ever.

  • Style & Ease of Install:

Installing the Scala Rider G9x is a piece of cake. The system is easily installable in most full face helmets in less than 10 minutes using very strong sticky installation tables.

The semi rigid boom mic, while not officially spec for open face helmets, can be used as such with little to no problems (the design does not lend itself to “shorty” or “brain bucket” helmets, however).

The cords are nice and long, but not too much so and are easily placed under the helmet’s padding. The exterior unit is attached with a very strong hook and loop fastener that makes removal for charging or updating the firmware easy.

The antennae, while an external one, is thick and not easily breakable. It also being external allows you to get a full 1-mile communications range.

“Cardo Scala Rider G9x Unboxing”

The styling is sleek and modern. It looks great on any helmet and matches well with sports bikers as well and cruiser guys. The deep gray color and charcoal buttons are a nice addition to any color scheme and the footprint, while a little larger than most is not obtrusive at all.

  • Ease of Use:

Cardo Scala Rider G9XThe Scala Rider G9x is without a doubt one of the easiest to use devices on the market, especially considering all that it does.

The instruction manual makes it easy to learn the controls, which are based on a six button system. the buttons are large and well-spaced making them easy to use with gloves on sweaty fingers.

The majority of functions are carried out using voice command, but the key sequences, while they may seem daunting and complex at first, are actually very intuitive once you get used to them and you will soon find that using the device is second nature. This will occur faster the more that you use it.

There is even a quick start and reference guide that can easily be carried in your vest or jacket (or placed in your tank or saddle bag) that you can use to help you get through till you have it committed to memory.

  • Helmet Compatibility:

This system is compatible with every full face helmet on the market. The system can with a little creative attaching be also used with many open faced helmets thanks to the flexible boom mic. This application is not officially supported though and an alight decrease in voice quality due to wind noise pick up will be noticed as expected.

  • Voice Quality & Sound Clarity:

Voice quality is amazing on this system. Again this is one of the advantages gained by the slightly larger footprint and profile.

The motorcycle helmet speakers are micro sized but deliver big sound and no matter if it’s another biker’s voice, a call from your phone or your favorite tunes that you like to rock out with while riding, you will hear it all in crystal clear high quality.

Placement of the speakers is up to you as the “grape” speaker pods are loose on their wires allowing you to easily put them where they are the best fit and provide top sound for you. This is a great feature that you don’t find in motorcycle helmet speakers which use solidly backed speaker pods.

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