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Everything You Should Know about Scorpion Helmets

Everything You Should Know about Scorpion Helmets


Scorpion helmets (in particular the EXO line) is a relatively new helmet brand focused largely on technology and innovation. Like the thrill you achieve from racing, the designers of Scorpion helmets put the same passion into the crafting of each helmet.

It all started with Mr. Jang Park – a man with the idea that premium products for motorcyclists can be available at an affordable price that even a novice rider can afford.

Basing his designs and research on his 30 years of experience in the motorcycle industry, Mr. Park was able to merge American, European and Asian helmet design to make a world-class quality helmet.

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Scorpion Helmets – Prices and Reviews

Scorpion USA is constantly improving in all aspects. In fact, the helmets and protective gear are all designed by some of the world’s most sought-after motorcycle gear designers.

Together with Mr. Parks own influence, the brand now has over 178 years of cumulative experience, with a desirable graphic design to make a unique appearance on and off the track. Aside from helmets the company also produces pretty good quality motorcycle apparel such as a jacket, pants, and gloves.

The main Scorpion Sports factory is staffed by over 400 technicians, each with a particular skill set to make the world’s best protective gear.

Just about every operation that goes into making helmets is located in this facility, ranging from the polycarbonate and fiberglass shell molding, decal production, dying rooms, EPS liner production, clean-room painting, assembly, liner sewing and even the packaging.

Unlike most helmet brands, Scorpion EXO does not manufacture in the generic mass manufacturers, instead one will easily find that all of the helmets are built close to their headquarters, located in North America and Europe.

Instead of just purchasing from a private-label company or selling off their helmets to smaller vendors, Scorpion EXO believes that a hassle-free process of buying and using your helmet is easier to come by as direct selling gives Scorpion EXO complete control of every detail.

This means that optimum quality, efficiency, and durability are insured in all of their products. What this means to one as a consumer is that if there is ever a question or request in Scorpion helmets, dealing with the warranty or product, you are guaranteed assistance and dedicated customer-service.

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There’s a little bit of something for everyone in Scorpion EXO’s collection of premium-quality helmets. In here, the consumer can find street helmets, off-road helmets, snow helmets, accessories and more.

Also, Scorpion features a women’s collection that is not simply pink like other brands – Scorpion EXO actually pays attention to the detail of each helmet.

Scorpion helmets are always coming out with new products tested and tried by MotoGP racers themselves. Sponsored riders include Aaron Twite, Aaron Hersh and popular female rider Krystyna Kubran.

The price range of their helmets in the US averages around $150-$400 so it’s certainly affordable. There are options within reach for college students as well as wealthier enthusiasts alike.

Scorpion EXO-R2000Each category of helmets is tailored to fit the needs of the rider’s activities in terms of comfort and support. For those who need a high-performance helmet, the EXO-R2000 series has various shapes and sizes to fit the unique contour of your head.

There are different graphic styles for the EXO-R2000 series, such as the Dispatch, Ion, Circuit or Solid. All of these styles differ slightly in structure, but high in design.

The designs of this series are built for flagship performance, with the base shell consisting mainly of a 5 layer blend of specially formulated fiberglass (organic poly-resin fibers and Aramid as well.)

This feature can be found in most of Scorpion EXO’s helmets. Since the EXO-R2000 series is mainly for street racing, Scorpion EXO has indulged in increased safety with minimal risks no matter the environment with an Ever-Clear No Fog Face-shield.

An EverClear face-shield means that the surface has been specially coated with state-of-the art fog-free technology as well as Pinlock 100% Max vision.

Scorpion EXO knows that having complete visual of your surroundings is the only way to avoid accidents, but sometimes even with the greatest of care, accidents cannot be avoided. That is why the AirFit Liner Inflation System and KwikFit cheek pad enhancers are included for optimal fitting. Features like these make for really cool helmets.

Sometimes having a good helmet can make the worst of situations seem bright. In the darkness of winter, Scorpion EXO’s helmets ensure that visibility never diminishes, even when you need it the most.

Many have found the EXO-900 Snow Ready helmet ideal in tackling the worst of winter chores. It is a helmet used solely for colder climates that call for UV protection, internal breath, and a fog-free vision to make it back home.

You’ll find that the EXO-900 helmet has a premium grade polycarbonate shell for increased absorption of force during impact. Just like the street racing brand mentioned previously, the EXO-900 also features AirFit, KwikWick, and EverClear.

Even if all the snow were to melt, Scorpion Exo provides its consumers with a growing collection of off-road helmets.

Scorpion VX-R70 Flux HelmetEach design has specific properties based on the activity that the rider will commence in. For instance, a rider may be interested in trekking the rocky hillside. The land is uneven, jagged and coarse, leading one to question the logic of roaming on such terrain.

With the VX-R70 Flux helmet, riders can conquer that rough terrain; know that the TCT composite shell and Titanium Double D-ring features of the helmet are sure to keep them safe. The advanced dual-density EPS is another safety feature added to help absorb impact from a heavy fall.

If there is a rider who challenges a rocky precipice and only seeks comfortable attire, the VX-R70 Flux comes complete with an inflatable cheek pad system, aero-tuned ventilation, and KwikWick II liner fabric. Even if the chin vent becomes damaged or dirty, it can easily be removed.

One can only conclude that no matter what season you are thrill-seeking in, Scorpion EXO provides one with the equipment necessary to have any type of weather at your beck and call.

Unlike other helmet brands, Scorpion helmets come complete with many useful features and a customizable graphic design. The price may be a bit up there, but the risk of accidentally damaging the helmet is basically non-existent.

As each year passes, manufacturers of sports vehicles are increasing the speed and versatility of their builds – sporting for optimal performance. When the performance increases, so do the risk.

Scorpion helmets ensure the safety of their riders with different and formulated composites for shells, as well as many features in aid of sight.

Overall, Scorpion EXO has made wearing helmets a more pleasant and appealing necessity of riding.

Here is a Couple of my Favorite Scorpion Helmets (Exo Line):

For more information, click on the helmet name.

Scorpion EXO-900XThe EXO-900X is unique in that it provides both a full-face and open-face option so you have the best of both worlds.

It comes with a detachable peak visor and a drop down sun visor which compliment it’s transforming abilities.

Very comfortable and full of features such as the Scorpion air pump, washable liners, and anti-fog visor.

Again, it’s like you’re getting two helmets for the price of one with the EXO-900X. Recommended.

Scorpion EXO-1100 SolidThe EXO-1100 was introduced in late 2011 and replaced the popular but heavier EXO-1000 from Scorpion.

It’s a sport-touring helmet with plenty of versatility and while it sits high up at the top end of Scorpion’s range it still represents outstanding value for money.

It’s about 4 ounces lighter than the EXO-1100 and carries both a DOT and ECE safety rating with a top class kevlar/fiberglass shell.

You’ll also find a more effective venting system and a nice, removable anti-bacterial liner. Great, great helmet.

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