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Sena SMH10R Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset – Review 9.0

Sena SMH10R Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset – Review


Sena SMH10R


The unit’s lighter weight, the broken up footprint and reduced profile, as well as the easy to use controls, even when wearing full finger gloves make it a wise buy for almost any biker.

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Bluetooth motorcycle helmet intercoms are not something that is new to the motorcycle world. In fact, helmet based intercoms have been a big thing for riders since the early 1980’s when helmet mounted radio systems overtook CBs with loud speakers as the preferred method of talking between bikes.

Before that, the only way to relay information was to either use hand gestures or to scream at the top of your lungs and hope that the other rider could make out what you had to say.

Today’s new generation of Bluetooth headsets, such as the SMH10R Low Profile Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset and Intercom offer a greater range of communication, clearer sound, and better battery life than any other systems offered in the past.

The best thing about this headset is that it is designed with sports bikers in mind.

Unlike other systems that are designed for cruisers or touring bike riders, this system has all of the features that one would desire for motorcycle helmets with Bluetooth in the fast paced and exciting sports bike community.

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  • Style & Ease of Install:

SMH10R InstallationThe system is sticky installed versus clamp on installs with the previous model the SMH10.

The other major advantage to this model over the previous model is that the battery is externally installed and uses a micro Velcro system to attach to the rear of the helmet instead of being internally installed. This allows you to remove the battery and charge it easily without having to plug in the entire helmet.

The core components are easy to install and connect together via USB. The entire install process takes less than 20 minutes.

The biggest thing that you will have to deal with is the choice of having the unit boom mic or boom less. Both options are included in the package.

For sports riders who prefer full face helmets, the boom less function is best and provides more clearance in the front of the helmet. Going boom less. The wiring does require you to remove the padding from your helmet so that may add a few extra minutes to the install depending on what helmet that you choose.

Also, the motorcycle helmet speakers are a little hard to position do it is suggested that you use duct tape to place them a few times before locking them down with the sticky pads included. With this, every helmet can be the best Bluetooth motorcycle helmet for you.

“How To Install Sena SMH10R Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset”

  • Ease of Use:

The system is very easy to use once you have read the owners manual. The main panel features a full set of controls that allow you to take advantage of functions such as the music player functions, provided via AVRCP, Call answer, touch to talk and more.

The system has a standard talk time of 6 hours (versus 8 in the previous full-size model) and a standby of 6 days (8 on the full size) but you are trading off those features for a much lighter weight, a slimmer profile and a broken up footprint that makes it worth the very slight limitations.

You also will not notice the difference in battery life due to the fact that this can make use of standard charging systems and a USB charger and car charger are both included in the package.

Most motorcycle helmets with Bluetooth that have additional function features can be hard to use but this system makes using the additional features easy with its three buttons (PLUS, MINUS, and MULTIUSE CENTER) configuration.

  • Helmet Compatibility:

SMH10R Main UnitSince this is a universal system that you can install yourself in less than 20 minutes in most cases with sticky tab install it is compatible with the most popular brands of helmets out there including Shoei, Nolan, Bell, and others.

The only helmets that are on the market that this system will not officially work with are Icon and HJC since those helmets are designed to work only with their propriety BT systems.

The motorcycle helmet speakers are a little tight in some of the slimmer fitting helmets but for the most part, they are able to fit into almost any helmet with no trouble.

In all honesty, however, this system would work fine on those helmets too with a slight adjustment to the placement of the outside unit. The unit has lots of cord give though so that is not a problem either.

Why pay a premium price for best Bluetooth motorcycle helmet when you could just turn your current helmet into one?

  • Voice Quality & Sound Clarity:

Voice quality is great with this system. The unit can perform four-way conference calls, access two-way communications, act as a Bluetooth headset for phone calls and GPS as well as provide music access with AVRCP, and can provide full streaming chat over 900 yards with privacy.

The clarity even at high rates of speed can be incredible, much better than most other similar systems. Even the best Bluetooth motorcycle helmet on the market can’t match this kind of range. The motorcycle helmet speakers provide crystal clear sound with almost no hiss or buzz.

  • Value for money:

SMH10RThis is a great system in terms of value for the money. You get a high-quality system that is water resistant, externally mounted with a low profile and a broken footprint, a long range of communication, a multipoint headset system and a simple sticky install.

This is one of the best systems on the market and its no wonder that it comes from the guys at SENA.

They have been leading the pack in Bluetooth systems for helmets and have made a lot of major advances in the market in terms of catering to the sports bike rider in recent years.

The price for motorcycle helmets with Bluetooth is high but with this system, you can turn any quality helmet into a Bluetooth motorcycle helmet easily.

  • Sena SMH10R Pros:

The pros to this system are obvious. The unit’s lighter weight, the broken up footprint and reduced profile, as well as the easy to use controls, even when wearing full finger gloves make it a wise buy for almost any biker.

Adding to the fact that it can be used for almost every helmet and includes a boom mike option for those who prefer open face styles, this is a great system that offers long range communication, multi-point access, and easy install.

  • Sena SMH10R Cons:

If there have to be any negative statements about this great system it comes from the fact that as compared to the full-size model (SMH10) the SMH10R has a reduced battery life overall in both talk time and standby.

Also, the sticky installation is plagued by the same curse of all sticky installs on motorcycle helmets in that the glue does break down quickly due to the exposure to heat, cold, water, and UV radiation from sunlight.

The Bluetooth motorcycle helmet speakers can be a bit tight in some helmets but this is not a major issue and the boom mic can be a bit janky if the helmet has a swooping front panel but again not a major issue in most cases.

Sena SMH10R Low Profile Motorcycle Bluetooth Intercom


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