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Shark Raw Helmet – Outstanding Quality – Review 9.3

Shark Raw Helmet – Outstanding Quality – Review


Shark Raw Helmet


Regardless of what you're riding, the Raw is a helmet for those who aren't afraid to stand out from the pack. Ride apart, ride Raw.

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Value Rating9.5
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If you have always desired to be a fighter pilot, however riding motorcycle bikes is the furthest you have gone, and then the new Shark Raw Helmet will fulfill that fantasy of yours.

The new Shark Raw Helmet effectively bridges the difference between the full faced traditional helmet and the open face half-shell helmet. Whether you call the Shark Raw Helmet a three quarter or a hybrid bike helmet, it sure oozes style.

It perfectly combines premium quality protection and style to cater to the metro city racer crowd. The thermoplastic shell made from resin is an extremely innovative design. It has detachable goggles and they can be detached from the ventilated face mask.

Therefore, if you only want to drive without the goggles or the face-mask on, it is an option. Moreover, Carl Zeiss design the optics on the face-shield. These anti-fog double walled goggles are the most splendid design that you can come across.

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Bold Look of the Shark Raw Helmet:

The Shark Raw is designed with special grade bamboo fibers and the interior section can be dismantled to induce cleaning. The motorcycle helmet also has the setup to include a Bluetooth communicating device while riding.

The cozy fit in between the goggles and the viewport, make the helmet extremely comfortable. The shell shape of the shark raw juxtaposed with a lightweight mask makes the riding experience very pleasant. The chinstrap on the Shark Raw uses an efficient double D-ring system with a snap with that helps to provide a comfortable grip to the chin.

The Shark Raw Helmet meets the DOT standards of the helmet industry and is highly popular amongst bikers.

The Paint Job of the Shark Raw Helmet:

The helmet is available in militarily themed colors such as Trinity, Michalak, and Soyuz. The helmet is also available in striped varieties and solid colors.

The designs on the helmet are highly unconventional. You will either hate it or love it. The decals, paints, and graphics on the Soyuz pattern are very sleek. The dark goggles, matte coloring, and the face-mask add a modern urban edge to the helmet. The shell shaped helmet is available in XL and XS.

Shark Raw Helmet Front

Ventilation of the Helmet:

The font is a three-fourth design, which will give you the perfect amount of ventilation. The mouth openings at the top and the bottom are mesh covered. The goggles and the face-mask block the air. The frontal part of the helmet has a large opened design with a plastic mesh to cover it.

The helmet is much better than an open-faced helmet. The vent on the top of the helmet is covered under a slot. The user has the option to manually block this vent with a rubber mat to prevent the wind from entering.

Noise Cancelling Helmet:

Engineers have tried and tested the aerodynamic design in windy tunnels. This is to mainly create to create an ultra-streamlined egg shelled design that gives maximum noise cancellation. Usually, open-faced helmets can prove to be very noisy, with no apparatus to effectively block out the wind.

However, the snug goggles and the aerodynamic design efficiently help to block out the noise. It should be noted that the perceptions of the noise level differ from person to person as well as the speed. Hence keeping the top vent shut is advisable at all times.

The Goggle and the Eye Viewport:

The goggles usually fit very well over the nose. However, the optimum comfort will depend on the size and shape of the person’s nose as well.

The goggles fit very well inside the eye port of the helmet and can seal out most the wind that enters helmet during high-speed travel. This also ensures that the overall noise levels are reduced considerably.

The straps attaching the goggles are a very clever design, which rotates down and up and is hidden under the area of the side plates. Moreover, shark raw achieves an impeccable look without compromising on the quality of the design.

Shark Raw Helmet Side

Shark Raw Helmet Pros:

  • Excellent noise suppression qualities.
  • Mind blowing paint and graphics.
  • Comfortable inner lining.
  • Reasonable weight and ergonomic design.

Shark Raw Helmet Cons:

  • Poor quality face attachment.
  • Loose pads for the cheeks.

Bottom Line

Regardless of the motorcycle, which you are riding, the “Shark Raw Helmet” is for only those who are not afraid to stand out inside the pack.

If you prefer riding during the summers, then the top open vents are perfect for you. This great military themed helmet is for those who want to make a statement. Go ahead, pick up one, and turn heads when you ride.


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