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Shoei GT Air Full Face Helmet – Review 9.3

Shoei GT Air Full Face Helmet – Review


Shoei GT Air


The Shoei GT Air is a solid touring helmet that won’t disappoint. It has an impressive aerodynamic and lightweight shell design along with a good ventilation.

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One of Shoei’s most popular helmets, the GT Air is packed with features. From the beautifully designed shell to the improved ventilation and noise reduction, the Shoei GT Air has a lot to offer.

  • Outer Shell:

Shoei focused a lot of its attention on the shell of the GT Air. Hours in the wind tunnel helped them create a very aerodynamic and cutting edge shell.

An integrated spoiler helps to further increase its aerodynamics as well as vastly reduce lift and drag. This along with the lightweight fiberglass material makes for a more stable ride as well as reduces neck fatigue.

The DOT approved shell also comes in 3 different sizes for a customizable fit. It best fits those with intermediate-oval head shapes.

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  • Interior:

Shoei GT Air InteriorShoei adds their 3D Max Dry liner system to the inside of the GT Air. It does a great job of forming to the contours of the rider’s head making for a very comfortable fit.

The cheek pads also incorporate the 3D design and are available in 3 different thicknesses that can easily be swapped in or out for an even more customizable fit.

The Max Dry liner absorbs and dissipates sweat two times faster than normal interiors. Underneath all of that is a multi piece EPS liner which uses various densities of foam to improve impact absorption. Tunnels were also constructed into the EPS liner to allow better airflow through the helmet.

  • Ventilation and Quietness:

GT Air VentilationShoei also utilized their wind tunnel testing to engineering a top of the line ventilation system. Large intake vents at the top of the helmet allow for superior airflow.

The lower vent also includes a large shutter that allows the rider to adjust the vent with ease, even with gloves on. Rear neck exhaust vents along with the EPS tunnel design allow for optimal airflow keeping the rider cool.

Even with all of this ventilation, the Shoei GT Air does a great job of noise reduction. A dual ridge window bead provides a tight seal to protect you from wind and moisture while also helping reduce road noise. A chin curtain can be added as well to further reduce noise.

  • Face Shield:

GT Air CNS-1 ShieldThe Shoei GT Air features a CS-1 face-shield that is much taller and wider than their other models allowing for a much-improved field of view. Injection molding provides distortion free vision.

The QR-N spring loaded base plate system maintains a tight seal and protects the rider from all of the elements out on the road. The popular Pinlock system is also added to the shield, providing superior anti-fog protection.

Underneath all of that is easy to activate sun visor, allowing the rider to quickly protect their eyes from the sun.


The Shoei GT Air is a solid touring helmet that won’t disappoint. It has an impressive aerodynamic and lightweight shell design along with a good ventilation and quietness making the GT Air a solid all around the helmet. It comes at a fair price too at around $500.

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