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Shoei Qwest Helmet – Budget Friendly Choice – Review 9.4

Shoei Qwest Helmet – Budget Friendly Choice – Review


Shoei Qwest Helmet


The Shoei Qwest Helmet was built with a focus on minimizing helmet weight, decreasing noise and optimizing fit, comfort, and protection to bring a new level of comfort to touring helmets.

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The most critical piece of safety equipment in the motorbike rider’s arsenal is the street bike helmet. The brand Shoei has become synonymous with building top-notch comfortable helmets for the rider. However, amongst all the helmets, the Shoei Qwest has been deemed as the finest helmet for touring.

The Shoei Qwest effectively replaces the TZ-R Helmet in the touring category. Engineers have honed this street bike helmet to provide long-range ride comfort.

As compared to the TZ-R, the Qwest claims to have a 2.2-decibel sound reduction rate. This is amazing 40 % decrease in the noise cancellation rate. The Qwest’s design is shell shaped to block out the wind noises on the road.

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The Design of the Bike Helmet:

The main aim of building the Shoei Qwest helmet was to minimize the weight of the helmet. Additionally, the aerodynamic design of the helmet efficiently reduces noise and provides an optimum fit.

It brings to the adorner a level of protection and comfort that is revolutionary in the field of touring helmets. The adjustable chin skirt and the cozy neck roll should be mentioned. These are highly effective in blocking out the wind noise.

The Qwest’s streamlined aerodynamic design cuts through the wind brilliantly, without buffeting. The oval shaped helmet comes in four different shell sizes. This keeps the helmet very low profile. It is a well-known fact, that the smaller the size of the helmet, the lower is the weight.

The visor technology, with the advanced QRSA system used by the Qwest, enables an efficient seal of the face-shield by pulling the face-shield back to enable contact with the opening seal.

The wide viewport adds extra peripheral vision enhancement to the helmet overall. Moreover, the DOT ratings ensure that there is no compromise by the Qwest when the question of safety arises.

Shoei Qwest Matte Full Face Helmet

Aerodynamics of the Shoei Qwest:

  • The Dual layered EPS liner efficiently enhances the ventilation and impact absorption.
  • The 6 EPS liner and 4 shell design sizes increase the options and improve comfort for most head sizes.
  • The expert feedback from professional riders helps to maximize the aerodynamic properties and wind tunneling technology.
  • The air spoilers are molded and lift and drag according to the speed of the wind.
  • The excellent design helps to reduce pressure on the neck while driving at high speeds.

Exceptional Ventilation System:

The ventilation system on the Qwest helmet is truly revolutionary in the street bike helmet category. The Qwest intelligently makes use of a bigger lower shutter vent just under the face shield. While the upper wind intake vent is placed in such a way, to maximize the wind volume inside the interiors of the helmet.

The massive interior vents are well placed in order to efficiently maximize the performance of the helmet in windy conditions.

The venting system is very simple to operate and highly ergonomic in design. The defroster on the vent increases ventilation and reduces fogging of the visor. The interior air can be exhausted through the neck and rear outlets.

Helmet Ventilation System

The Quick Release Self-Adjusting System:

The fiber materials which are combined with the elastic organic the fibers to create a durable and resilient shell structure is also extremely lightweight in nature The Quick Release Self Adjusting System is a spring-loaded system to make sure that the seal is watertight during wet conditions.

You are bound to experience a completely leak free ride even while driving in the wettest of conditions. There is a lever on the left side, which has three settings.

One is that you can completely lock the face shield down and make it airtight. The second option is to opt for the neutral setting, which allows the manual movement of the shield. The third one is the cracking open the bottom part to encourage ventilation.

Shoei Qwest Helmet Pros:

  • It has a scratch free coating.
  • The face shield provides 99.99% protection from the UVA and UVB rays.
  • Installing and dismantling the face shield is easy.
  • The breath guard and the chin curtain and cleverly placed to optimize the comfort.

Shoei Qwest Helmet Cons:

  • The noise suppression is not so impressive.
  • Rear vents are not so effective to block the wind flow.


The Shoei Qwest is the sleekest and modern looking helmet, that you will come across. It is not only exceptionally durable. It will also prevent injuries when you are involved in an accident. The helmet is designed with excellent quality fibers to provide optimum noise control and comfort. It is definitely a benchmark street bike helmet and worth the price. It a must buy for all the urban street bikers who love to race.

“Shoei Qwest Motorcycle Touring Helmet Overview”


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