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Shoei RF-1100 Full Face Helmet – Review 9.3

Shoei RF-1100 Full Face Helmet – Review


Shoei RF-1100


This great helmet is very affordable; its aerodynamic design and safety features make it worth your purchase.

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Value Rating9.5
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The Shoei RF-1100 full-face helmet has the best features that could ever be incorporated into a helmet design in a long time. It is light as a feather while not compromising its comfortable features.

Manufactured by Shoei, a company that has been manufacturing helmets since 1959 in Tokyo, Japan, the helmet has incorporated a vastness of experience to its making.

The helmet is quiet and comfortable, that one can be able to hear ambient road noise while listening to music at low levels. The case of wind flap and buzzing is long gone. The aerodynamics on the helmet is so efficient and effective that one can say the technology is beyond any other in this price range.

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Riding in soaring temperatures is no longer an issue, as the ventilation system is so good with the liner soaking up any sweat. The helmet strong points include the knowledge that it comes with the Snell 2010 rating, hence observing safety first.

The Snell rating is significant since the foundation has independently tested manufacturers’ helmets for safety standards since 1959. The design comes with a wider strap system, helping in easy securing of the strap and tightening.

Price and Main Features List:

This product will go for a price of $329.79, but no other helmet in this price range would come close to the features that this one has.

Shoei RF-1100 comes with a number of features. Some of the main ones include:

  • It comes with a 5 Year Warranty.
  • Standards are approved for safety first: Snell-M2010, DOT.
  • Its construction incorporates the Advanced Integrated Matrix i.e. a combination of the Fiber * reinforced plastic, the compound structure and a specially modified resin for the outer shell.
  • A light weight of approximately 3.54 lbs or 1604 grams.
  • Compatible with Pin lock Shield and Anti-Fog.

Shoei Solid RF-1100

Who is it For?

It is all about comfort and safety and so it is best suited for anyone who worries about visibility, extreme temperatures in the helmet, distracting noise especially wind-buzz at high speeds, and the safety cautious, due to the high technology invested in the AIM plus Multi-fiber construction of the helmet. It is also very convenient for people who wear glasses. This is because it has two built-in channels, helping one to easily slide in the glasses over the ears.

Pros and Cons:

The helmet has a wider field of view, and the ventilation is great. The ear pockets allow a close fit for better safety while relieving pressure off from the ears.

However, when purchasing the helmet, its visor should be adjusted by the dealer to completely get rid of wind noise. The lining gets stuck to Velcro especially if one puts their gloves on the helmet.

Why Should You Buy It?

It is the best in terms of safety due to the technology in its construction. Comfort has been emphasized, and it is lightweight and has a very wide FOV. It is all that one could ask for in a helmet.


The Shoei RF-1100 helmet is very affordable; its aerodynamic design and safety features make it worth your purchase. Compared to the other helmets in the same price range, this helmet is unquestionably worth the investment.


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