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Taking Care of Your Leather Motorcycle Helmet

Taking Care of Your Leather Motorcycle Helmet


Regardless of what price you pay for your new leather, taking care of it will determine how long you will be able to enjoy it. The leather is a special material and this article will provide the necessary guidelines to ensure your leather motorcycle helmet looks as good as the day when you first bought it.

Because leather is a special material that does not retain moisture if you do not take care of it, you will notice that this will occur to your motorcycle helmet as you use it.

The first guideline to preserving that new look is to remember to keep the helmet clean. Unlike, regular helmets that can be wiped off with a damp cloth after riding, leather helmets are different.

“How to Properly Clean Your Motorcycle Helmet”

There are various brands of leather cleaning solutions that you can buy to clean your helmet after riding. Be responsible to read the directions for the cleaner correctly, and be sure to do a test spot before applying the leather cleaner to the whole helmet. After you have cleaned your helmet, be sure to let it dry.

Just like your hair, leather needs to be conditioned as well, if you are fortunate to be a 2 in 1 leather cleaner and conditioner for your leather motorcycle helmet, then you don’t have to purchase a separate conditioner.

However, if you are not so lucky, there are many conditioners available as well as cleaners for your leather helmet. They will work the same way that hair conditioners work, to treat the leather, provide moisture, and shine to the leather.

The leather material will absorb the nutrients located within the condition and this will extend the life of the material.

Helmet Cleaner

After the conditioner has soaked through and dried, you can give it a good polish with a polishing cloth. A nice shine will do wonders to a leather helmet. You can use your strength to buff it to a shine or use one of many leather polishers that are available. But make sure do a test area first.

The next step in taking care of your leather motorcycle helmet is to seal the moisture in and prevent excess moisture from entering. This is especially necessary if you ride in the rain.

Protecting your leather helmet by waterproofing it is a great idea. Excess water can enter and when the water dries, it can cause the leather to become too dry and crack. There are many sprays that can be used to spray on your new leather motorcycle helmet. These will provide some of the best protection for your leather helmet.

With constant repetition of the guidelines above, your leather helmet will retain its new look for years to come.


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