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Terms of Service

Welcome to MHELMET. The following sections present terms of service of the website which serves to oversee your use of and access to this site. This also includes any associated websites, sub-domains services, and tools (the “Site”, “us,” “our” or “we”).

By agreeing to follow these terms of service (which includes the information linked within them), and by making use of this site, you are signifying that you agree to accept these terms of service as it relates to or concerns your use of the site.

This User Agreement is immediately effective upon acceptance, meaning that it will govern your use of the site as soon as you agree to it. If you cannot or will not agree to obey this User Agreement, we ask that you please decline to access, use or register with the site.

Before you become or remain a participant of this Site, you must read, agree with and fully accept this User Agreement of the site.

Changes to this User Agreement:

As a user of this site, you understand and agree that MHELMET has the right to give notice of any changes to the User Agreement that may either increase your duties or decrease your customer rights under this same User Agreement, in accordance with all and any terms.

You understand and agree that the Site, at its absolute will and without any obligation, can make changes that are not Substantial Amendments that do not require your further agreement at any time but can be brought into effect instantly by posting a notification of the changes or modification on the Site.

Use of the Site:

While using the Site, contacting us, posting anything on our social media pages or purchasing motorcycle helmets, you agree that you will not:

  1. Post information that we have the right to find, for whatever reason, untrue, phony, incorrect, misleading, derogatory, slanderous, threatening or that can be considered harassment of any kind;
  2. Post comments, queries or replies that meet one or more of the following: are untrue, racist, vulgar (including swear words), abusive, disrespectful or derogatory;
  3. Post information that we may see as culturally or religiously offensive to anyone in any way;
  4. Post information that can be considered to go against religions and any related rules, morals, ethical standings, and customs;
  5. Cause problems that may cause us to lose a part of or the entire services of our ISP’s or any other service suppliers;
  6. Take any action that we may believe can create an excessive burden on our infrastructure;
  7. Tamper with the workings of the site;
  8. Try in any way to gain use of another user’s account by hacking, or attempt to trick another user into divulging personal details such as their passwords and other info.


All of the content on MHELMET such as text, images, logos, icons etc. is the sole property of the site, its users, content providers or any licensors. This content is fully protected by copyrights, trademarks, and other property rights/laws.

The compilation of this content is the property of the site and is also protected by the above.


“MHELMET” and any associated designs, terms, and logos on the site are either registered or unregistered trademarks of the site. These are all protected by international trademarks as well as other property laws, and may not be used to promote or describe any product that is not owned by or credited to MHELMET.

All other logos and/or trademarks that are not owned by the site that may appear on the site belong completely to their corresponding owners. These owners may or may not be linked to MHELMET.

  • Liability: The Site does not control any transactions that will take place on the site. The Site has no control over the information provided by the user and he/she is responsible for any information that is provided to us; no representation of accuracy or reliability is made. It is user’s guarantee to provide us with the correct information.

The website may contain some inaccuracies or typographical errors and the Site does not take any responsibility for these inaccuracies. In case you believe something on the website violates the terms, please contact us and we will investigate and take proper action against them.

The advice that is provided to clients is purely informational and does not replace any professional guidance, so a client must understand this before undertaking our services. We do not claim any results; no any guarantee is provided.

Disclaimer of Warranty:

MHELMET does not warrant that the website will be operated error-free, or it will be free of viruses or malware, or even other damaging mechanisms. In case a user’s use of our website or the content results in equipment replacement or any other costs, the Site will not be responsible for any cost. The content is provided “as-is” basis and no any warranty of reliability, accuracy or completeness is guaranteed.

Disclaimer of Consequential Damages:

THE SITE and/or its partners will not liable for any damages (including, without limitation, consequential, loss, stolen data, or any other form of business interruption) to the fullest extent possible by law.

If there is any question regarding the terms, please contact us.

Last Updated: April 1st, 2018